Amerindians Are Been Missrepresented - Census of 2010

Uploaded by srikrishnajay on 04.06.2009

on April first twenty ten coronation will be counted
every person
whoever they are
for every King live
and what we learned will transform what we know about ourselves
the twenty ten cents
it's a new portrait
it's important for the future of every community
it's imperative that we have reliable
to know how to address the needs of the Hispanic community and to of better %uh determined
the kinds of programs development we may need to help advance that
the candidates with their tribal members
but that's just in the local for of being at home
on if the we want to include the population that's outside of our communities to be it
be taken by a third of the population
there's about sixty percent of voting in population within the have been others and so it's important
for them to be counted as well
the twenty sound
the new portrait of America