Bride, groom, best man die in Brazil wedding slaying

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Bride, groom, best man die in Brazil wedding slaying
North of Brazil's second largest city, Rio de Janeiro,
in Casa Grande
a wedding turned ugly last Saturday.
The groom, Rogerio Damascena, after shooting his bride Renata Alexandre Costa Coelho
and best man Marcelo Guimaraes, committed suicide
causing 3 deaths and 1 injury in total.
A tragic ending to a supposedly joyous event.
The groom had apparently planned the act,
hiding the gun in his father's car
while attending the 200-guest ceremony.
Everything seemed normal, but then
just as the ceremony was about to end:
[Groom] "I would like to give everyone a surprise"
Not long after,
the groom returned with a .38 caliber revolver,
shooting the bride, then the best man.
The two died instantly.
The groom then committed suicide.
Friends and family members at the scene were traumatised.
The groom's older brother was also caught in the crossfire.
Police say that
they are still uncertain of the groom's motives.
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