RIT on TV: Imagine RIT Preview

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 08.05.2012

>>ANCHOR: Creativity and Innovation on display this weekend at RIT. Imagine RIT is a campus
wide event that really showcases everything great about RIT. Stacey Pensgen tells us what
we can expect. >>STACEY PENSGEN: There is a lot to see and
experience here at Imagine RIT including, the RIT Pep band. Hit it!
>>MUSIC>> >>STACEY PENSGEN: You usually see them pepping
up the crowd at hockey games but tomorrow they will be energizing thousands of kids
and families at the hands-on science fair. >>PAUL STELLA: We are heading into our 5th
year here at Imagine RIT. 360 exhibits across the campus will be on display, 40 or so of
them here, in the Gordon Field House and as you move across campus you will find exhibits
that represent the variety, diversity of the disciplines here at RIT.
>>STACEY PENSGEN: Disciplines like math, engineering and computer science. Dan Sternfeld and Frank
Difano will be showing off their gaming app called ‘Fade’ available on iTunes.
>>DAN STERNFELD: You have to guide this detective through these obstacles by fading parts of
the world in and out of existence. >>STACEY PENSGEN: But this is kid-friendly,
complete with a mouse detective. >>DAN STERNFELD: We did want to make a game
that was more about the player’s cognitive abilities. There are special reasoning skills
and problem solving rather than something that is just about a distraction or violence
or anything like that. >>STACEY PENSGEN: And of course there is the
swarm of tiny autonomous robots that at the moment are playing humans vs zombies. Yep
it’s all at Imagine RIT. So by tomorrow morning this entire field house will be filled
with exhibitors. Reporting in Henrietta, Stacey Pensgen News 8.