Rediscovering the Kingdom ~ 4 of 12 ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

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Myles Munroe (MM): Rediscovering the Kingdom.
Benny Hinn (BH): Okay, great.
MM: This is volume two. This is called 'Kingdom Principles.' This one teaches about the 26
concepts of a kingdom. Everyone should read this book to reconnect to their kingdom mindset.
BH: And these are published by whom?
MM: These are published by Destiny Image.
BH: These two?
MM: These two. And this one is Kingdom Principles – this deals with how kingdoms work. Very
important. So this is one, this is number two.
BH: And to Jesus be all the praise! Listen – we are in the Bahamas. As Myles Munroe
says, this is God's country here.
MM: It's where God lives.
BH: Hey, listen. This is gorgeous – I mean honestly. We've been talking about the Kingdom,
in the Kingdom. I mean, this is God's Kingdom. This is heaven.
MM: Now you see why I live here.
BH: Wow. Beautiful blue water behind us. Incredible. Wow. Well, listen – if you were watching
yesterday, you know what we're talking about. God's Kingdom. I have never heard truth as
I have heard again yesterday. I mean I have heard Pastor Myles a few times, but every
time I'm with him, he's saying something new that just blows me away. I don't know how
to say it – you amaze me. Yesterday, you were talking about 'there are no members in
a kingdom...'
MM: Absolutely. This is powerful stuff. The moment you reduce the message of the bible
to a religion, then you have to consider its concepts like membership, because you can
actually join a religion. You cannot join a country. A kingdom – let me define it
for you in this program – is the governing influence of a king over a territory, impacting
it with his will, his purpose and his intent, producing a citizenry of people who reflect
the king's culture and manifests his nature. In other words, a kingdom is expressed through
the people speaking of the king's mentality...
BH: And nature.
MM: And his nature.
BH: And culture.
MM: So they begin to show his glory.
BH: Exactly. That is above all. I mean, did you precious people hear what he said? Would
you mind repeating that slowly, in case somebody had missed it yesterday?
MM: This is the first book 'Rediscovering the Kingdom.' I've tried to recommend the
western world to the biblical concepts; the number one concept in the Bible is very simple
– it's about a King, a Kingdom and His royal family.
BH: Exactly.
MM: And it's about a King desiring to extend His heavenly kingdom to an earthly realm through
his sons. In other words, He wanted to colonize earth. So a Kingdom is actually a government,
not a religion. In Isaiah, chapter 9, it says, "For unto us a child is born," speaking of
the Messiah, "unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon its shoulders." And
it says in the next verse, "His name shall be called 'Wonderful Counselor', 'Mighty God',
'Prince of Peace', 'Everlasting Body'," et cetera. Then it says, "And of his government,
there shall be no end and it shall increase."
In other words, once it comes to earth, it's like yeast. Sounds familiar? It keeps on spreading.
Why? Because Jesus came to earth to bring a Kingdom. A kingdom is – let me repeat
it – the governing influence of a king over a territory, his territory, impacting the
territory with his will, his purposes and his intentions, producing a citizenry of people
who reflect his culture, his nature and his glory. So a kingdom is not a religion, nor
is it a democracy. It is a government of a king, impacting his domain.
That's why you have a king, which is the person – and the domain is the dominion. The domain
is the dominion; so when you put king with his domain, it's called a king domain – kingdom.
That's why Jesus says, "I have come to bring back to earth the King Domain of God." That's
what Adam was given. The first thing God gave Adam was dominion. The Hebrew word for dominion
is the word 'dawao'. Dawao is also referring to the word 'mamlakah' – both mean kingdom.
So Adam was given a kingdom. He's given a government administrative authority to administrate
the kingdom of heaven on earth and develop a colony of heaven on earth, so that earth
will look just like heaven. You are in the Bahamas right now. The Bahamas, when I was
born here in 1954 used to be a kingdom. I wasn't born in a country. I was born in what
they call a colony of a kingdom.
Every morning, we sang to our king and queen – as students in the schools. We had to
pray for our king and to our king and queen every single day. Why? Because the Bahamas
was a kingdom. Even though we were far-away from our kingdom, thousands of miles away,
we ended up with the kingdom's culture.
BH: Wow.
MM: We speak English. We drink tea. We drive on the left-hand side of the street. We have
roundabouts. We literally eat with knives and forks from age four and five. And we know
the history of England back and front. Why? We've been completely colonized. That's what
God wants to do with earth.
BH: Can you explain the concept of crown and land, in the kingdom? And then, I want to
ask you something about prophesy. All this fits with it, but please go ahead.
MM: I've mentioned to you that in a kingdom, the king owns the country.
BH: That's right.
MM: No president owns a country. No prime minister owns the country. The king is the
only ruler that owns this country personally.
BH: Personally.
MM: Very important. Everything in a kingdom is property of the king. Whether it's a tree,
a river, a mountain, an animal, a bird, a flower... whether it's a road, a street or
a person. This is why in my book on the kingdom, I explained the second concept of the kingdom
– and that is lordship. Let me explain it. The word 'lord' is the Hebrew word 'adon'
or 'adonai.' The Greek word that we use is 'basilea,' which means kingdom. The word 'lord'
is referred to in a kingdom because the word 'lord' means owner. 'Adon' means 'mighty owner.'
BH: That's right.
MM: There's only one lord in America left and that is the one who owns the apartment
you're renting or the building you're renting – he's called the landlord. Why? He's the
land owner. See the word 'lord' came from kingdoms. Now, why is a king automatically
a lord, Pastor Benny? It's because the king owns the country, so you've got to call him
lord because he is the owner. The Bible said, "The earth is the Lord's," and the fullness
thereof and the world – which means the systems in it – and they, the people that
dwell therein. That's why you don't make Jesus Lord. He is Lord by creation rights. He owns
the country.
MM: That's fabulous.
BH: This is why – in the Bahamas, when I was born – all the land in the country was
called 'crown land.' Why? It was owned by the crown of our kingdom.
MM: It wasn't called Bahamas?
BH: It wasn't called Bahamas. Crown land. In other words, all issues with a kingdom
are only delegated to the king. Everything in a kingdom, we are users, we are stewards...
This is why every day in the kingdom, you've got to keep saying, "Thank you!" because if
you drank water from a tap, you've got to say, "Thank you!"
MM: This explains why we give thanks.
BH: The bible says, "Bless the Lord." What? Bless the Lord, the owner. Why? "Oh, my soul!"
Why? "His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Why? Okay, let's take a deep breath.
Come on, take it. Now, who does that oxygen belong to? God. He says, "When you take my
breath," on your way up, "you've got to say, Praise the Lord!"