KT Tape: ITBS at Hip

Uploaded by LumosInc on 21.01.2010

ITB or iliotibial band syndrome occurs down by the knee
though you can also have ITB issues up by the hip causing hip pain or greater trochanteric bursitis-
there are some good techniques for this.
We can place that hip in again a stretch over the ITB.
And I am going to take one piece of tape- tearing it in the middle-
and in this case I am actually taping over shorts, but doing this at home you would do this directly to the skin.
And I am going to take this piece, put 75% to full middle tension on the tape
and you can find find that bony prominence on the side of your hip- that's actually your trochanter
and place the tape right over that.
As I lay the tape down now, I am actually easing up on that tension and just
just laying the tails down with zero tension and take the paper off.
You can try this first and see if this works for you,
if you need additional taping you can try this technique.
Tear another piece- just like the first- and again with full middle tension on the tape
(75%-full) I am going to cross over that first piece.
Again, I am just laying down the tails without tension.
We are going to take a third piece and we are going to repeat the process.
Again 75%-full middle tension on that tape- laying the tails down with no tension.
And the last of the four pieces has the same technique.
Full middle tension, again crossing over that point of pain with
75% to full middle tension with no tension on the tails.
We will bring that hip out of that position.
I find this technique works fairly well for that lateral hip pain-
definitely go ahead and try this if you are having those symptoms.