Low Cost Video Marketing Still Works | Example

Uploaded by webvideoblog on 16.01.2013

Hi there, Chris Sandford here from Action Video
During the week I was looking for some carpet
and I came across this website and there was something about it that I just wanted to
show you
It certainly wasn't the logo
i have no idea
what it stands "I no you no"
I assume that says
not quite sure the background to that one but
what did find interesting
uh... other than how
ugly the website really is
is they had some videos
so testimonials side they got
these testimonial videos here
and so I started watching one and ended up on the their youtube channel
when you get to their youtube channel they've actually got a lot of videos
there is probably a good
twenty-five thirty videos in total
so I started watching some of them just to find out a little more about this business
and that's what I guess captivated me was
not the quality of the videos because
the quality is
very poor
it didn't
matter when i came to selling me the product
I was looking for cheap carpet
and to watch some of these videos where
the owner
explains how to install carpet he explains how to clean carpet
he goes through his warehouse and explains
the different products he's got
the different carpet tiles
it just proves the
concept that's you don't have to have
polished video to
to get your customers attention
a lot of people say, well video costs too much I don't know what to do
well this guy
doesn't seem to know what he's doing
but hes at least doing something and seems to be doing it pretty well
just in terms of he just pulls out a video camera
some of them look like they been shot on an iPhone
or a phone in portrait mode which is some what annoying but as long as you're giving
your customers or you website visitors useful information information that
they're likely
uh... looking for or don't already know
about yourl product or service then it doesn't
have to be polished
to give them the information they want and to get them to buy
now the owner of this business
seems to have a good sense of humor
and so some of the videos are actually quite hilarious just to watch
and so I think it just proves the concept that
you don't have to spend lots of money
to do something now there's lots of things that they could do to their videos
to polish them up a little bit to make them
look more professional make the business look more professional
but it's better to do something than nothing
and I think this is a good case example of someone who just whipped out
any type of video camera
and walk around, filmed themselves filmed their customers coming in just randomly
walks up to them with a video camera
and asks them how their day is
and what they think if his service and then uses it as a customer testimony
and I think it's really powerful for the visitors that see that
and so I just wanted to encourage you
that you don't have to spend a lot of money
just to get started, there's lots of room for improvement, but it's better to
have some video
than no video