Greetings From Shane

Uploaded by RIDOfficialChannel on 07.01.2013

Hello, my name is Shane Feldman.
I was recently appointed by the RID Board of Directors to become your executive director for RID.
I feel honored by this opportunity to join in leading the profession.
I am truly committed to ensuring our members can provide the highest quality of interpreting services
and successful communication between signers and non-signers.
We are also committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect between the Deaf and interpreter communities.
I want to make sure you can trust and depend on our certification
and represent your interests on national, state and local levels.
Since the announcement was first made I've received many wonderful questions from the community!
While I already jumped in at RID, this is my first official week.
I'm impressed by the wonderful staff here at headquarters; a group committed to working so RID can attain its goals for the future.
I have dubbed the first few months here as the RID Learning Tour,
using the time to talk with the Board, volunteers, committee leaders, different organizations, and also our members,
so I can incorporate your ideas, perspectives and vision for RID.
The Board provides a strategic plan, and as Executive Director it is my responsibility to uphold this plan,
but I want to include your ideas and feedback so I'll know how to best support the strategic plan.
All this information is included in your Winter VIEWS which should arrive in your mailbox shortly.
I encourage you to grab your copy and read the interview with me, which includes questions from the staff at RID headquarters and our members.
It's a good read!
Just so you know, that interview in VIEWS and this video are not the only communication I plan to have with you.
I will continue to communicate to you through virtual chats online, through questions, e-mail and a variety of other avenues;
any way I can interact with you, including social media- I am committed to that.
I hope ITP's, businesses and other organizations will invite me to come and present
so I can interact and get to know our members, and future interpreters, better.
And don't forget, RID headquarters is your home.
We invite you to come visit us; meet our staff, see the building where we work, interact with us.
Please, contact us and let us know if you'd like to visit us here in Alexandria, VA.
Oh, and I'm so excited I almost forgot to tell you, don't forget about the RID conference this August 9-14, in Indianapolis, IN.
It will be a great time for everyone to come together and celebrate the kick-off for RID's 50th Anniversary celebration!
What we'll have there is a perfect opportunity for you to meet and get to know me, and for me to meet and get to know you and
hear your ideas and feedback for this organization.
I'm really looking forward to serving as your Executive Director and am committed to doing the following together:
Raise the bar of the profession;
build strong partnerships with various groups and individuals; and
lastly, engage members in shared responsibility for pursuing excellence in the profession.
Thank you!