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I am test-riding the GSX1300R HAYABUSA of Suzuki.
However, it is a very special HAYABUSA.
The "ADVANTAGE" which exists in Amagasaki in Hyogo Prefecture carried out full customization of it.
The company is very famous as a tuner of the Chassis of a motorbike.
The motorbike which the prominent tuner customized is tested thoroughly today.
The engine and mainframe of this motorbike are not processed.
Therefore, it is equivalent to a standard motorbike.
However, the ride quality is ultimately comfortable.
This front suspension is an upside-down front fork made by ADVANTAGE KYB.
The diameter of an inner tube is 43 mm, and a stroke is 120 mm.
DLC processing is performed to the inner tube right face.
And KASHIMA-COAT is given to the friction part in a suspension unit.
Therefore, the work completely differs from a general front fork.
This rear suspension is also a special article made by ADVANTAGE KYB.
KASHIMA-COAT is given like the front to all the friction parts in a suspension unit.
Anyhow, the friction evasion in these suspensions is perfect.
These have brought about this comfortable ride quality.
For example, even if it overcomes the joining section of a highway, a front-and-rear tyre does not separate from a road surface at all.
Although I have ridden on various motorbikes, such a good road surface tracking like this is inexperienced in the past.
So, it is wonderful.
Only the suspension has not realized it.
The stamp-forged-type wheel assembly made from a magnesium also contributes to it.
A wheel assembly is a product of ADVANTAGE EXACT.
These are not necessarily simply light.
The weight of the rim is optimized and an ideal steering sensitivity is obtained.
Many informations over a steering sensitivity are felt.
Moreover, the rear swing-arm rear end part made from an expensive duralmin called 7N01 is characteristic.
It is re-welded to ready-made swing arms.
The tenacity of purpose over a rear axle is felt.
There is the feature also in a clutch.
This motorbike has an FCC traction control clutch.
It is not an electronic traction control.
To the last, it is the product which pursued the accuracy and the feeling.
It is an excellent piece although the configuration is orthodox.
A clutch is very exact and operates sharply.
This exhaust-gas system is the total product made from titanium.
It is the total genuine product made from titanium whose nameplate is also made of titanium.
It has only intention of the improvement in a horsepower of about 3 H.P.
However, the torque of a low speed and medium speed is improving greatly.
The exhaust sound is quiet.
If a right hand is moved quickly, an engine will react immediately.
It is making the merit of a motorbike and a suspension conspicuous.
Furthermore, compared with a ready-made article, it is light 10 kg in the right-and-left sum total.
In the lane change of a highway, or a travelling of a winding road, it will become arms.
Riding is carried out by the usual winding road.
This road surface tracking performance does not become a thing compared with an ordinary motorbike.
Various irregularities exist also in the road surface which looks smooth.
However, the tyre is forced on the road surface very strongly.
It is very comfortable to ride in.
Although such paint on the street is stepped on, these tyres do not tend to separate from a road surface.
A brake is also wonderful.
It is the same technical specification as many racers.
I think that a racer is enviable.
Floating of the front side brake disk is carried out without using a pin.
The diameter is 320 mm and the effect is greatest.
The rear brake disk is also a floating type.
Since I overwork a rear brake, this is kind.
A front-and-rear caliper is a special article of ADVANTAGE Nissin.
Front side calipers are machining products.
This rear caliper is also the same.
It is easy to treat the same brake system as a racer, and it is powerful.
Especially a front brake is wonderful.
It reacts correctly to a delicate input power.
I advance into a curve, applying front brakes.
And the input power is canceled gradually.
Delicate operation can be performed freely.
A rear brake is not powerful like a racer or a super sport motorbike.
However, the control performance is the best.
I overwork a rear brake for a long time.
Therefore, brake performance changes in many cases.
However, such a thing does not happen by this motorbike.
Therefore, also in such a winding road, riding can be carried out happily safely.
The wonderful brake is closely related to a delicate suspension.
The wonderful brake system is combined with the suspension which took the thorough measures against friction.
These performances are of art.
An FCC traction control clutch is also wonderful.
In a winding road, a clutch is operated frequently.
If a little clutch lever is operated, a plate will separate sharply like a dry type clutch.
This clutch equivalent to a racer is wonderful.
Mr. Nakanishi who superintends an ADVANTAGE talked.
Only the wheel assembly which is simply light is not good.
A steering sensitivity will also become excessive if the weight saving of the rim is carried out too much.
The magnesium wheel assembly of ADVANTAGE EXACT is optimizing the weight of a rim.
Therefore, a steering reacts to a rider's intention faithfully.
The ADVANTAGE makes tuning of the chassis the main theme.
Those themes are embodied faithfully.
The chassis of a motorbike tends to be the target of a cost cut.
Therefore, if it is tuned up, cost is required, but the performance of the whole motorbike is raised.
I think that the idea is right.
If interested in tuning of the chassis of a motorbike, ADVANTAGE will give advice.