Maquillaje de Noche -Velvet Glow- Night Makeup

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Night makeup: Velvet Glow
Hello all! How are you? :3 I'm here today to show you this makeup
It's a night makeup, to go on party or whatever ; )
It's a makeup with purple shades and highlights at the eyes
I will upload some photos so you can see with detail how it looks
Also, all products used will be all listed with all detail on the web
where you can buy them, etc...
I will zoom in so you can take a closer look at the makeup...
Alright... the eyes...
Well! I leave you watching how to do it!
Step 1: We apply the correctors
I will apply the correctors for the redness I got
I have a couple of red spots over here...
I will apply a green corrector to neutralize them
I will use a synthetic brush ending with a tip
so I can apply with better precision
there you can see that the corrector is green
what I do is take a little on the brush tip
without brushing, just pressing against the area
so it merges better with the skin
I will continue with the rest of the red spots...
I will get a brush of this type and some loose powder
with this I will seal the green corrector I have used
I will leave it sealed so I can continue with the makeup
I just press on the spot, do not brush or you will spread the corrector all over ; )
I just press a bit with the loose powders
I will now continue with the eyes first, this is because I won't have the chance of messing up the makeup if done last
The rest of the makeup is done after the eyes : )
Step 2: We makeup the eyes
I will now apply a pre-base for shadows
I haven't applied any corrector to the ring bags
I will do it later
I will apply the pre-base for shadows over all the eyelid
We apply some at the bottom too
I will use this synthetic brush and a black pencil
I will use the black pencil to outline the upper side of the eyelashes
I will draw a thick stroke
Now with our synthetic brush I will brush the outline upwards, blurring it
I will brush it up to the eyesocket
brush also a little "over here"
It's now well faded
So just a light base is achieved
so we can apply shadow on top later
I will do the same on the lower eyelid, I will outline the waterline of the eye
I will continue to draw more to the outside, on the eyelashes
I will blur it with the same brush
If I see the brush is getting too dark and the blur is too intense I can lighten it on a paper towel like this
You have to achieve a greyish base more or less like this one
If you feel the look is too intense you can use a "ear stick" to cleanse the area
I will use this black base shadow with mauve and lilac highlights (like very thin glitter)
I will use this natural hair flat brush
to apply this shadow
Get some product... and apply it over the base created before
what I do is to "lean" the brush, do not drag
if not, glitter will be falling over the face
I will now apply the shadow on the edge of the brush for my lower eyelashes
I will just get some with the edge...
and I will continue to deposit the shadow on my pencil base
Right now I will not fade any lines yet
I will repeat the same with my other eye
I will now use this pink shadow
Use a natural hair flat brush
get some shadow on it
I will apply it exactly on the outer corner of the shadow I previously did
I will deposit little by little
I will now use this brush for fading/blurring
we now fade together this two colors
I will fade them together little by little and be careful not to brush outside the area
I will apply some more pink shadow
....continue to blur...
apply some shadowing on the outer corners of the eye
do the same below the lower eyelid
I will now get a shadow with this color more or less
to lighten up the eyebrow's "banana"
I will use a natural hair flat brush
I will apply it just below the eyebrow arch
I will use another clean "fader" brush
and will now blur the edge between shadows
like this until we can't perceive any edge or "cut"
I will now use a slanted brush
and a black mate shadow
what I'm going to do is to outline the upper eyelid
to stress even more this area of the eye
with the black shadow you can still see highlights, but the look is more intense... ... than the other one
we brush it upwards to blur all this "cut" here
we do the same on the lower eyelid
I will outline the eyelashes once more
I use the same shadow on the waterline
I will apply some volume effect mascara
Let's apply a second layer...
Some could now choose the insert some false eyelashes, I won't do it this time, but you can do it without any trouble
I will now apply the makeup base and also some corrector for the rings under the eyes
and later will work on the eyebrows
Step 3: Face makeup and use corrector for eye bags
I will apply the makeup base
Where I got my red spots I'm careful not to brush to much so the corrector stays in place
I just press...
I will apply a corrector for eye bags I will place a little here and here...
and now with this brush I'm going to fade it thoroughly
I will apply some powder with a "skunk" brush to seal all the makeup base
I will do my eyebrows now
I will use a slanted brush and will fill in the gaps with less hair on the eyebrows
Alright! The eye makeup is finished! Let's zoom in for a better look...
Step 4: We apply makeup on the cheeks
I will now apply makeup on my cheekbones using this pinkish shadow
I will use this brush... ... get like this just a little
As it's shadow
as it's a shadow you have to keep in mind it colors powerfully
I will apply it on the cheekbone
so it fades nicely...
alright, you have to achieve a blushing look
I will use another shadow to end with
this will be the one used in the same manner as the previous one (see how it glitters?)
I will just apply on the brush very little quantity
Only to give a slight touch
Apply it on the center of the cheekbone to give more intensity
you can't see a lilac shadow, but the combination with the pinkish gives a nice look to the cheekbone
Step 5: Makeup the lips
I will apply two things on my lips: this pink lipstick
if you like your lips like this, you can just leave it
or leave a more neutral tone or nude
or, as I'm going to do now, apply a sexy gloss ; )
is an intense purple...
I will apply it with the brush
So! This is how it would look! I will give you a zoom so you can see better....
I hope you liked this tutorial! Any doubt, just leave me a message here
The product used you know they are listed on my web
if you follow the link below you will find all the products
And as always... thank you so much for watching me and see you in the next video. Kiss! Bye bye
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