Splinter Cell Blacklist - 4th Echelon Logo Debrief [UK]

Uploaded by ubisoft on 24.09.2012

What’s going on… I’m Zack Cooper, your Splinter Cell Community Developer and this
is the logo you, as a community, chose to represent the newly formed Fourth Echelon.
Let’s break it down and tell you what it all means…
If you’re familiar with the Splinter Cell Franchise, you’ve at least heard of the
5 freedoms – the foundation for the Splinter Cell directive’s original mission.
Former U-S President, Franklin D Roosevelt – or FDR – articulated in 1941 the four
freedoms were:
The Freedom of speech and expression
The Freedom of worship
The Freedom from want
and The Freedom from fear
This fifth, most prominent star represents
the Fifth Freedom… namely, the freedom to act in defense of the
other four.
The talon is a legacy element from the 3rd Echelon, and it stands for two things: The
first of which is continuity between the Echelon units. And while the talon of the bird symbolizes
the way the agency does business: with an airborne headquarters, and the ability to
strike – silently, suddenly, and with deadly precision.
As for the shield, the representation is that 4th Echelon’s mission is ultimately defensive. Their
mandate is to protect the Four Freedoms, shielding them from those who would otherwise disrupt them.
The grid overlay on the satellite view map
is a nod to 4th Echelon’s technological bent: it represents the Strategic Mission
Interface (also known as the SMI), and the fact that 4th Echelon operates by wedding
analytics to action. Without intelligence and analysis, Sam Fisher’s heroics would
be directionless. Without Sam to act, the best intel in the world does nothing.
This is the logo you chose. Now you know what it – and fourth echelon – is all about.