Joining Forces with Major League Baseball PSA (60 seconds)

Uploaded by whitehouse on 20.10.2011

Mark Teixeira: My dad was in the Reserves when I was born.
At a young age, my father engrained in me how important
it was to respect and to give thanks to our
military personnel.
Johnny Damon: My relationship with the military started with my father.
He served our country for 20 years and 20 days.
He loved serving our country.
Mark Teixeira: We're always paying tribute to our service men and women,
whether they're home -- whether they're overseas.
Johnny Damon: But we also have to thank their families for
allowing them to keep our country safe.
Mark Teixeira: People call baseball players heroes.
We're no heroes.
The real heroes are the ones that protect our freedom.
(crowd cheering)
Mark Teixeira: There's always ways for us to give back -- to give tribute to
those men and women because we owe so much to them.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Let's all join forces and show our thanks.
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