How to poach eggs with Curtis Stone - Coles

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Now, I'm sure you've all heard
about poaching eggs
with a little vinegar in the water
to acidulate the water and to help the egg hold together better.
Let me show you one more little trick.
If you've got a little cup like this,
you just pour just half a tablespoon
of the vinegar into the actual cup
and then crack your egg into there.
What will happen is you'll find
that your egg will hold together even better
than just acidulate in the water.
Once you've cracked your eggs
into just a tiny bit of vinegar in your cups,
gently, gently lower them
into that water
that's not quite boiling yet.
And what's going to happen is those eggs are going to lift back up
and get back around that yolk
and you're going to end up with a beautiful poached egg.
So once your eggs have been in for a few minutes, 2.5 or 3,
just pick it up.
You want to just feel that it's still nice and soft, OK?
And then just remove it from the water using a slotted spoon,
and then I just get a little knife
and just sort of trim up any of those little wispy bits of eggwhite
that are hanging off the edge there.
Bring it over here.
Now, here's a little trick to stop your toast from going soggy,
'cause there's nothing worse than soggy toast.
You get yourself the crust of a piece of bread
and you just place your egg on that crust
and that fresh bread is going to absorb all of that extra moisture.
You then transfer it over, pop it onto your toast
and you should have this beautiful runny yolk.
There's nothing better than a poached egg,
especially when the yolk looks like that.
PEOPLE: Ta-da!