Behind the Reply Girl Phenomenon (Extended Cut): My Life Online

Uploaded by vice on 12.05.2012


ALEJANDRA GAITAN: So hi, everyone.
I just saw this video of a dog--
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: --at a vet's office--
MEGAN LEE HEART: --giving the person behind
the register a receipt.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: It's just really, really--
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: So, anyways, yeah.
TIM SAVAGE: There's a trend happening on YouTube right now
which, basically, is just a bunch of fat-titty girls
making stupid-ass reply videos to everything that comes out.
MALE SPEAKER 1: They're flipping everywhere.
Even on this video, because it's about reply girls, there
will be about five down here to the left of me.
You look down at the related videos, there will probably be
some reply girls there.
THE LUCHADOR: They do shitty videos.
They're completely terrible.
TIM SAVAGE: Just these girls yapping nonsense for long
enough to fit an ad in so they can make money.
THE LUCHADOR: People take hours, and hours, and hours to
produce a quality video and original content.
And they just pretty much watch it, reply, and they get
100 times what I would get in views-- and like this.
MALE SPEAKER 1: The end result is almost painful to watch.
MALE SPEAKER 2: Oh, hey guys.
MALE SPEAKER 3: Oh, it made me so hot.

ALEJANDRA GAITAN: Peace and love, guys, see you.
Thank you very much for watching, bye.

Now, in case you don't me, I am the Reply Girl, probably
one of YouTube's most hated personalities right now.
When I started YouTube-ing, I was below the poverty line,
and I really, really, really needed a way to get out of
that situation.
Hi guys.
My first month, I made enough to pay a cellphone bill.
And I worked so much.
Well, it's very simple.
You go on YouTube and you look for the
videos that are trending.
I like those that are, like, random and funny.
Good morning, Senor Luchador.
I brought you breakfast with lots of lots of bacon.
THE LUCHADOR: Alejandra, well, to be honest, she is my
girlfriend's sister.
And [INAUDIBLE] she's my YouTube mentor.
And we can offer that service.
[INAUDIBLE] service of having a studio with a green screen,
and having like interns.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: Well, the thing is that-- what you're
putting at stake is your skills and your time.
What I'm putting in stakes is my money.
So if it doesn't work, OK, fine.
You wasted your time.
But me, my money's going to be gone, and I'll be screwed.
THE LUCHADOR: Alejandra actually pretty much convinced
me to start making videos on YouTube.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: Hey guys, I just saw--
THE LUCHADOR: Reply Girl, Reply Girl.
I need some advice.
Haters are trying to get at me, and you know what?
I've got to go break their necks one by one.
Well, what happened was that she showed me her check.
And it was a nice check.
For what she does, it was a very, very beautiful check.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: I always wanted to be an autonomous
worker, or have a company, or make money on my
own, be my own boss.
And I just never knew what, exactly, I wanted to do to
make it happen.
I just knew I want it to happen.
I studied programming.
But it didn't work out very well because I'm not a very
good programmer.
And yeah, I also did some babysitting.
But that's about it.
THE LUCHADOR: I tried doing replies myself.
And believe it or not, it's a harder job than
you think it is.
It's long.
It's boring, tedious, it's annoying.
I mean, it's not a fun job.
And the haters, people out there who are hating on reply
people, and, like, oh you know, what they do is
you know what?
Do it yourself.
If you don't like it, don't do it and don't watch it.
Simple as that.
First times that these haters-- they're posting
videos and threads about finding her address, her IP
address, and knowing where she lives.
I've seen posts on YouTube, people
actually posting an address.
They thought that they found her address, and they posted
it everywhere.
What kind of a bad person are you to take a hated person's
address and post it to the public?
So some crazy person comes over and sees the address and
does something that they're going to regret
later on, you know?
Oh Jesus.
If only they knew.
I'm waiting.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: Like, I mean, I know you are going to
interview Megan, but you shouldn't do it because she
has tried to destroy me and to destroy everybody else that
has done replies.
MEGAN LEE HEART: Look, the Reply Girl, Alejandra--
shut up.
Drop it.
It's getting out of hand.
THE LUCHADOR: Megan understood that Alejandra and all the
other reply people are competition.
So the way to get them off YouTube is to threaten them,
send death letters, try to hack them, try to find their
address to go and send people to do things, which is
completely unethical.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: They leave all sorts of comments, like,
I'm going to rape you.
We're going to go to your house and slit your throat.
When you talk about, feline, cat crazy--
vicious, you've got that side.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: What's this expression--
a dog that barks too much but that doesn't bite?
TIM SAVAGE: Now a couple of weeks ago I had a video about
the reply girls.
And the craziest thing to me was they could not understand
how someone could watch their videos and think that they
were stupid and annoying.
For those that are initiated with the character, and what
I'm trying to do with satire of white trash America, and
that kind of thing-- probably 1 out of every 10 comments
that I get personally is, I'm going to fucking kill you.
When I worked in radio, I had a couple of hate calls a week.
But online, I get a couple of hate comments a second--
every second.
The anonymity of the internet gives people that feeling of
power that they can do whatever they want.
And they don't understand the responsibility.
I understand, she's just somebody that's trying to make
it, you know?
Not even make it, but, like, make it by--
And, of course, a little bit of attention.
Who doesn't like attention.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: So this is a video of me modelling.
Look, let's be honest here--
that's just the way, sorry to say it, male brain in
particular interprets certain images.
One cannot deny it--
sex appeal, it's a winner.
I don't think it can open, actually.
No it doesn't open.
If I was earning good money, I would move out.
But since I can't, I'd rather stay here in safety.
I actually have lots of clothes.
It's amazing.
Due to the fact that I'm living in this house, I can
only wear certain types of shirts, even if I do have a
lot of clothing.
Let's just say family conflicts.
They're too sexy.

ALEJANDRA GAITAN: I can see it bothers her a lot.
She expected us to follow the traditional way and to, what
can I say, get a job, work all of your life, and then, at the
end of your life, when you are, like, useless, retire.
Whose happiness is more important?
I pick mine over hers.
My father is back in Latin America because we were about
to immigrate, and he kind of just hooked up
with another girl.
At the beginning, we used to talk like once a month.
But as years passed by, I think it was, like, twice a
year, and then it was once a year.
And it's been like six to eight months since I don't
talk to him, so--

THE LUCHADOR: Her traffic went completely shut.
It went down like crazy.
The way that the YouTube algorithm is
changing her business--
also changing everyone's.
ALEJANDRA GAITAN: One day, without warning, I saw this--
And I was, like, Jesus, Lord, mercy.
What am I going to do now?
I plan to keep on YouTube-ing.
And in the future, I'm not really sure what I would do.
Hello, Pollux.
You know what's funny, people think that I'm this party
animal, that I go out and have fun and enjoy and
do this and do that.
But no, in reality I'm a very lonely person.
And I like to stay in my room.
I almost never go out.
And I'm just OK here, in my house.

Kind of--
I don't know.
I wonder if it would have been better if he had just, if we
would have just broke.
But you never expect your boyfriend to die and to die in
such a way.
He was a kind man.
He was a kind man, sir.
He was a good boy.
And well, I don't know if I'll look for somebody, or if I'll
just stay alone, you know?