121st Opening Convocation Ceremony

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[sound] Stanford University. >> [sound]
Eternal spirit of beauty and of truth at this time of new beginning we ask blessings
upon each transfer student and each member of Stanford class of 2015. >> Women and men of
incoming classes we welcome you. You have arrived at this momentous occasion and I demand that your
voice give us a resounding cheer. [sound]
>> At Stanford, diversity is not a catch word, not just a cliche but a fundamental, educational practice.
For we realize that difference is critical to excellence.
>> My three years have taught me one thing, that there is no typical Stanford. That part of the greatness of this university
lies in the fact that it is urban and rural. That it is rich, poor and middle class, that it
is made of wonderful incoming freshmen but also wonderful transfer students.
Everywhere that you walk on this campus is yours. Own it. Because you belong here.
>> [sound] Hail, Stanford, hail. Hail Stanford, hail.
>> Your undergraduate education is the foundation for your entire life. It is a once in a life time
journey it is much more than your ticket to your first job. I hope your time here
will help to provide a foundation which you would make your contributions to a
better world for yourselves and the generations that would follow. Welcome to the farm and welcome to Stanford University.
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