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It’s no secret that protecting your skin against sun damage is an important part of
long-term skin care. As most people know, exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer,
premature aging and wrinkles. But a lot of people still have questions about how to properly
protect themselves against the sun’s harmful rays.
I’m Doctor Bobby Buka. The first thing you need to remember is that the sun is out every
day, whether you can feel it or not. So, start your day by applying a sunscreen product to
any exposed skin – this may be in the form of a moisturizer, lotion or traditional sunscreen.
When you go to the store, you’re likely to see words like “sunscreen”, “sunblock”
“UV-A”, “UV-B” and SPF followed by numbers ranging from 2 to 50. It may seem
a little daunting trying to figure out exactly what to buy, but here are six easy things
to remember about suncare products: -Apply sunscreen to dry skin about 30 minutes
before you go outside. Usually, I recommend using 1-oz, or the volume of a shot glass,
to cover your body. Don’t forget your face, neck, ears, feet, hands, and arms. And use
a lip balm with an SPF. -SPF stands for sun protection factor. Use
a sunscreen year-round with an SPF of at least 15. SPF 30 is ideal and anything above that
is equally effective. -UV-A and UV-B radiation are what cause skin
cancer, aging and wrinkles. So, look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against
both. -Just like makeup, sunscreen can wear off,
so keep your eye on the clock and make sure to reapply every XX hours. Words like water
resistant and water proof are good if you’re planning to participate in outdoor activities.
But keep in mind that SPF levels are maintained for only 40 minutes with water-resistant products
and 80 minutes with water proof products. -Finally, whenever you can, wear a hat to
protect your face, or wear sun-protective clothing. And try to stay out of direct exposure
to the sun the between 10 AM and 4 PM, which are its strongest hours.
Now, some advice for parents – good skin protection habits start when you’re young.
The best defense against sun damage for your kids is to simply keep them out of the direct
sun as much as possible or cover them in protective clothing. When they are outside, make sure
to apply SPF 30 sunscreen every XX hours.
And remember – 80 percent of sun exposure during a person’s lifetime happens during
unintentional exposure… so even if you’re not lounging in the sun, your skin is still
feeling the effect! Make sure to stock up on the proper sunscreen and develop skin care
habits that will keep you healthy for years to come!
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