!!!!!!!!!!!BlackBerry Storm 2 Accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 02.10.2009

Hey what’s up geeks. This is Tony with accessorygeeks.com.
Today we have three products that I’m gonna be showing you guys for a brand new phone that's coming out.
As you guys probably all know and anticipating, It's the blackberry storm 2.
It’s gonna be a great phone, we have the accessories for it.
So I’m gonna show you a couple essentials that i think it's very important before you buy the phone to be equipped with.
Again it’s gonna be, for the Blackberry storm 2 that’s coming out.
We are in the Month of October. Yes time does fly. We are in the Month of October. The release date is set to be on October 15th.
So you wanna be well equipped before you get your phone, so you are ready to start using it right away.
First product that I’m gonna show you is, the Silicon Case.
It is very important to keep your phones covered and on a case.
I think it’s one of the, you know, it’s a no brainer, you drop your phone, it’s gonna protect it. Scratches, finger prints, anything like that.
So, Silicon Case for the black Blackberry Storm 2. It's a must have.
Another must have for phones like the iPhones, Blackberries and really good phone like that...
Any phones should have a screen protector.
Screen protector for your Blackberry Storm 2 is very important.
Because it is a big screen, you wanna keep everything covered so it has no scratches.
And so the screen protector is another essential you guys should definitely pick this up if your guys are trying to get the Blackberry Bold 2.
I’m sorry the Storm 2.
Last but not least you gotta have batteries for your phone or if you're out of the house
Here's a car charger, if you are on the go and you’re traveling a lot in your car.
Car charger again, needs to keep your battery juiced up and this is the product for Blackberry Storm 2.
And again the blackberry storm 2 is set to release on October 15th, as many blogs and many websites have talked about it.
And we are ready, as geeks, you know, we’ve been anticipating this drop.
And we have the products that are available for you guys. Just come into our web store at www.accessorygeeks.com.
And get ready, you guys should get ready also for the blackberry storm 2 release.
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Again this is Tony with accessorygeeks.com. You have a great day.