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MALE SPEAKER: Today on Urban Gardener, we're headed to
Brooklyn Heights to visit a stunning atrium.

It's sunk right into a house, and so what used to be an open
room is now a garden room.
Part of what defines this garden room is its separation
and its enclosure.

Primarily this is a texture garden.
We have shades of green.
We still have this gravel medium.
But one of the really interesting
features is the flooring.
You can have sort of a haphazard floor, or you can
have a really regular floor.
Here they've chosen to use stumps.
And one of the things that may happen if you don't plan too
carefully is that it might be a little uneven for any
furniture that you're trying to put on.
But once you find a good spot, it becomes a great place for

Maintaining a garden like this is not that difficult.
Most of these plants will maintain their shapes and grow
to their proper habits and not overgrow the space.
We might need to clip back the vines if they get a little bit
out of control.
But this is a really slow growing vine.
And the Virginia creeper is a native, so if it escapes, it's
already out there.

Another really cool thing about this garden is the
different kinds of climbers that they have going
up over this wall.
Red is opposite on the color spectrum from green.
And so the red brick here really brings out the green in
both of these climbers.

The other thing that really defines this kind of a space
is the enclosure.
This used to be an actual room, and now it's a garden.
So this is a situation that's rather unique to urban
gardening, to be able to have a garden room right inside of
the living space.

See you next time on Urban Gardner.
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