Deep Foundation - Children of the Sun Remix f/ Hydroponikz Nomi Koba Kiwi & Encite. (Filipino Pride)

Uploaded by illpoetik on 16.03.2009

I'm an F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O
Hydroponikz: F-I-L-I, Yeah, I am Dro, no intro, P-I-N-O you don't know?
Yeah, I'm comin from the motherland, hot like P.I. summer, man
Harder than the palo of my mother's hand, understand?
My swagger be New York, but my blood was brewed in QC,
So, chill with the brutal abuse of views we choose to believe,
Children of the Sun, you better rock it if you
Proud of who you are, or its red on top of the blue.
Stylin' on the Island. The story of a warrior,
From the trouble to the struggle, and from Rizal to Gloria,
We're bringin' you a sequel 'til our treatment is equal,
This is for my People, People, my People!
We're tryin' to be some citizens, its better for our kids, but then,
We gotta teach 'em sense, our anscestors weren't just businessmen
Live with Uncle Sam, he sees I got my Mother's eyes,
But I'm proud of who I am: Son of the Sun up in the sky.
Nomi - i hardly speak visayan my tagalog's even worse
but I represent the island like I'm down to die for turf
a history of violence when the Spanish went on search
for natural resource, they thought the earth was theirs
ancestors deserve credit for this verse
coz their freedom fightin spirit still observes what occurs
even in America we think we got it made
seen a woman leave her family, just be a maid
I think about history and how we've been betrayed
in a capitalist system, you'll always be enslaved
I study people power & what it really means
read Amado Guerrero's book about the Philippines
still got colonized with whitening cream
US Military presence in the jungles that are green
foreign companies stealing gold from the earth
this is the new mind of the people, call it rebirth
Koba - rise like Bulol, high like Apo
rise from below, o-o, bayan ko
from the undertow I go and see a million eyes hopin'
the real dragon flies out when the prison doors are open
our roots deep in, in poverty and,
my Lola's tears fall and water this tree
Pinatubo of our perils leaves a crater in my soul
but insurrection in my heart is set and ready to explode
let the flood waters go, lay siege to the palace see,
change without struggle is an empty fallacy
guerrilla, emcee, my mic, my gun, verbal
clip emptied, the time has come
DF my kasamas, yes the battelines are drawn
between the lines of the page we storm, singin' our song
Koba movin' mountains 'till the people's war is won
Heber Bartolome- Tayo'y mga Pinoy [br]
Tayo'y hindi Kano
Wag kang mahihiya
kon ang ilong mo ay, pango
With a longing to embody the soul of my Filipinos
The love of my native people, sweeter than chicken tocino
Kaliph Pulaka the hero, the death of Ninoy Aquino
Marcos' reign, was mo' bleak word to Cuttino (sino?)
Who among us are proud of what we've inherited
Not tryin to be American, but the spirit of heritage
We used to be warriors, Spanish destroyed the evidence
Gave us the Santo Nino, and Jesus as our eminence
Now, the skin browned by the sun on our banner
same skin we deny, tryin not to get tanner
doesn't matter to the youth, I try to touch with this song
the boys that grow to be men, but can't tuck their barong
girls that grow to be women, dream of glitter and gold
men dream of giving 'em things for the things they would hold
cuz every stroke of my words paints the story I've told
give me the spear, and the jungle, and the glory of old
Proseed- I take pride in the country where, I came from,
repsented by 3 stars with an eight point sun
known for hard workers, you can compare to none
where a smile and a nod's part of our native tongue
We are nurses, doctors and engineers,
workin hard for the dollars with sweat and tears
but never fear, just coz I'm livin here,
The pride for my people will never disappear
Ill Poetik- I'm Elorde, Pancho Villa, Pacquiao packed in one
pack power in both hands, I pack a punch
packin power in my verse, so I impact with words
plus they know my skin is tough much like a pachyderm
People Power Revolution, put ur deuces up for peace
pump ur fist up in the air, proud and brown, and to the beat (to the beat)
Pilipinos be proud as u can be
make sure our predecessors are proud of you and me
from Datu Lapu Lapu of the Sultan of Sulu
killed Magellan with kampilan and spears, yea it was brutal
Doctor Jose Rizal & La Liga Filipina
"El Filibusterismo" speaks of freedom for the people
Emilio Aguinaldo, Bonifacio & his sword
regardless of the source for the cause we stood & fought
remember our history, be proud who we've become
as this song will tell the tales of the children of the sun
Tayo'y mga Pinoy
Tayo'y hindi Kano
Wag kang mahihiya
kon ang ilong mo ay, pango
Kiwi- From the shores of Cebu, The hills of the Cordi’s
From World War II, the 1940s
The veteranos, the fight to reclaim
The colonized mind, the remnants of Spain
It’s the hand of a peasant, the sword of a datu
That moment when you say you gotta do what you got to
Well, we gotta take it back for the masa
Para sa mga kaibigan at mga kasama
Sa Pilipinas, 'di bali kung walang pera
Sobrang kawawa, maraming mga problema
I do it for Gabriela, the spirit of Ka Bel
We celebrate our people but all is not well
Ain’t hard to tell, look where we've been
They're feeding us with poison to whiten up our skin
They're pushing Fox News, that Michelle Malkin
I’m lookin at the screen like, “She ain’t my kin…”
Encite- Land of the morning, child of the sun infinite
Who spit it? The kid with the sun and star fitted
No gimmicks, its Filipino specific
So listen up! Ears open and mouth shut (fucker)
These are the people that i'm reaching toward,
The same people that I'm motherfucking speaking for
Speaking of speaking - I can't with my native tongue
but with my people, man, you know I'm not the only one
Pops was a merchant marine,
Who saw the world beyond the shores of the Philippines
Met my mother in the U.S. suprisingly
I got the blood of a nomad inside of me
It inspires me of what I aspire to be
[br]They speak their stories violently
I pass it on to my son and I'm hoping
Bumping him Dilla while teaching him close/open
CJ - They only show light-skinned people on the tv screen
That's why so many wish their skin was that white in their dreams
We avoid the sun and even use lightening cream
insecurely taking this obsession to the extreme
[br]This is the mentality that I knew as a child
The ideal, light-skin, pointed-nose profile
I'd rather bare the comments people say to insult ya
Than poison my skin and erase my culture
If two percent of the Filipinos are Mestizo
Then tv and movie stars don't represent the people
Our notion of beauty needs to be changed
The Spanish are gone, but mindset still remains
White people conquered our country and change our religion
Gave us their systems, imposed their way of living
To them we were inferior, join me and disagree
I am brown, I am proud, Filipino, this is we
Tayo'y mga Pinoy
Tayo'y hindi Kano
Wag kang mahihiya
kon ang ilong mo ay, pango
Heber Bartolome- Bakit kaya tayo ay ganito
Bakit nanggagaya, meron naman tayo
Tayo'y mga Pinoy
Tayo'y hindi Kano
Wag kang mahihiya
kon ang ilong mo ay, pango