DIY Stye Tip: Slit Maxi Dress

Uploaded by KmartFashion on 17.06.2011

A trend I've been noticing is Maxi skirts It's essential for every girls'
it's been all over the runways and a lot of retailer shops for over
hundred dollars. kmart we have the skirt for about twelve bucks. a breezier away
to wear this
during this hot, humid weather
is by putting a huge slit in it. the way you do it
without breaking the bank i get a pair of scissors, and i'm gonna try to cut it from mid-thigh. why not?
Nothing to lose.
The slit doesn't really matter whether you want it on the side or in front.
I want it in front. I think it's a lot sexier. So here we go. When you go slowly
you'll get that nice clean line
stop right there
and make sure that you have at the length that you want it
i would recommend that you wear some high heels so you can elongate the leg even more
this looks great with anything on top
shoot-loose sweater
a nice button down
sheer preferably looks great
ups that sexy factor. Took less than one minute. Do it yourself by Donna.