Halloween (Reciclando Discos Compactos) ✌

Uploaded by lidiazuniga on 24.09.2012

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Now for our recycling craft elaborate with my daughters.
Hi today I will show the craft I did with my daughters, during Halloween
They did most of the drawings, and in every album they told a scary story
In the first album my oldest daughter shows a Frankystain scaring a girl, I just draw the spiders and bat
draw only a few points around
these teeth made ​​them with paper and paste with glue on the back of the disc
This thread is a yarn, the texture goes well with the occasion of Halloween
These drawings of the smallest daughter, who said very terrifying
We added glitter with glue stick
This disc was designed for myself with help of daughters
these draws was made for my daughters and the other for me ^^
this skull is made to be a tag
The material we use is construction paper, craft used in school
The purpose of this video is to recycle and involve the children in the decoration and let your imagination to create arts and crafts at home.
This disc is made whole by my daughter, to exception the letters
you can recycle the paper, cds and others materials and, ask your kids which others materials we can recycle and make art, accessories and more activities.
In the back forramos disc with paper, so you do not see the cd
you can put more decorations, letters in the back if you so desire
to paste the thread used hot glue and then place the paper we use as a liner
wires used to connect the wire that is said in Spanish (rat tail)
you can see that you put a small role and then lining
I hope that you liked, take some ideas and share the video, and qualify you comment.
this craft is created for the front door.
thanks for watching y see you soon.
and Happy Halloween
here some pictures