Personal Media and Raft Aquaponics System -Securing Film and Framing.wmv

Uploaded by woodfirepower on 21.12.2012

hi there this Ross at Woodfirepower, a little update on the
construction on the personal media
aquaponic system
in this update I'm going to show you the wood
frame structure
that I've added to
increase the strength of the hoop house.
You can kind of see them through the plastic. there's a
framed wall on each end and another framed truss sort of a thing in the
and then the other thing I'm going to show you is how we secured the plastic this time
Our very much larger
hoop house
got blown to smithereens by a really big storm, so
we're securing this one
extra well
Let me climb inside
We started the end wall construction
with a
piece of pressure treated wood
and then

I first built
this ribbon
so it's just two by six
it comes up
and butts these two by sixes
we put these two by six's down the length, one on this side,
another one on that side
all the way down
another one up
on the top
so those were the first things to go up with these clips
and then I cut
these boards
basically trim them and
create a
a ribbon all the way around
and then after that, I cut
these boards in
which just
go from the ground
up to here and where
the angles were weird where they join
I just scribed them all and
cut them to fit
and then
ran screws down in
from above as well as underneath
and I don't know if you can see up there, but
I cut in a
board horizontally their as well
and then later because i'm going to frame
a vent on one side and a door on the other side
I added this
two by six here
so that's how those went. And then
I repeated that same process here in the middle
again on the end
here in the middle of the added
a board just to tie the 3 boards together
but I didn't run the casing all the way around
and instead I added a
little bit of a horizontal
truss there
Now when I try to
shake the whole greenhouse
pulling really hard
it hardly moves at all
We should have done this over at the other place.
then on this and i'm doing the same thing. I'm not finished yet but I'll
box this in
I haven't done it yet because I'm trying to
lay out for the vent
on this end
and a door,
sorting out between couple of options
OK now, the next thing I want to show you
is how we
secured the plastic. It's
very nice
and tight
so let me show you the way we did that
okay so I set this up to show you what we did to secure the plastic so
on outside of the green house,
if that way is up
to the top and that way it's down to the ground
we had the two by six
these guys,
running all the way so the plastic is
just laying all over the top
hanging down and we haven't secured at all
the first thing we did was to
get the plastic all aligned
and then we
a piece of one by over the top of the plastic all the way down the length.
Then after that was secured all the way down the length
now the plastic is pinched pretty tightly
so we pulled the plastic up
and it's hard to shoot and
do this at the same time
but we
put a second one by two over the top
so now that
pinches it, sorta like when you're tightening a helmet on a
with the two rings, or a belt that just has two rings
So then again we
screwed that down
and then after that the end of the plastic can just hang down
and the top is secure so
here's the end
that's free to move
that will get confined between some
that will go up and down give it a space to live so can't really freely
fly open. But also so that in the spring
and summertime
you'll be able to open this up. Here, it's a winter day in the middle of December
and I just open this a little bit and
I really feel the cold air rushing in. Otherwise, with the sun out it's really
warm in here.
So now if I bend out here
on the outside
uh... oh well this is actually convenient. I haven't put the second board on this side yet.

so here you can see
the first board
and we did it
And then, what I'll do next
is to pull the plastic up,
like that
and pinch
a second board right in there
and attach that and then with that the plastic is
super tightly attached
and doesn't want to move.
I can show you over here
how that turned out
because on this side, it's already done.
So here
you can see
the plastic is free down below
and it's going......
It's hanging down, the first board secures it, and then it wraps up and over
and the second board secures that.
And then it's all taught. It gets it pretty much as tight as you want.