How to Finish Hardwood Floors in One Day with Minwax

Uploaded by MinwaxUSA on 25.04.2011


So with all the different flooring products on the
market, it's almost easy to overlook the benefits of a
solid, hardwood, site-sanded, site-installed floor.
Obviously, you're going to get a full 3/4-thickness board on
your floor.
That's good.
But what you really get is the ability to repair and finish
this if the finish ever dulls, if it gets damaged, for any
number of reasons.
And that's not always the case with other products.
Now, whether I'm doing a flooring repair, or I'm doing
a new room of flooring, the steps I take are pretty much
the same time.
However, the challenges I face are always the same.
And it seems like the biggest one is managing to dry times
of products that take a long time to dry.
Using Minwax's Sanding Sealer and Minwax's Super Fast-Drying
Polyurethane for Floors.
I can minimize those dry times, increase my quality,
and do the entire job faster.
In fact, I can get a room full of flooring finished in a day.
Here's how I do it.
First, I've got my raw hardwood.
I'm going to sand this, of course, like every hardwood
floor installation or repair.
But the sanding is going to leave
microabrasions in the wood.
What I'm going to do to level those off is apply Minwax
Sanding Sealer, which I already have on here.
That takes about an hour to dry.
Next, without waiting too much, I'm going to sand that
and vacuum up that dust. Then I'm going to apply my Minwax
Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors.
I'm going to apply it with the grain.
I'm going to use a natural bristle brush, or I'm going to
use a lamb's wool applicator for large jobs.
And I can get this coat down lickity split.
And in about three to four hours, which is 25% faster dry
time than other products on the market, I can recoat.
Unlike other finishes, I don't have to
sand that first topcoat.
And I can go right ahead and put on the second coat, which
is what I've got here.
I've got Sanding Sealer and two coats of polyurethane
applied in a single day.
So basically, by the end of the day, I've got all of my
coats on, and they're drying.
In 24 hours, I can get light traffic back on the floor.
In 72 hours, I can get all the furniture in there.
And I've done the entire job with a professional grade
finish, faster and better than I could before.