Gingrich Grovels For The Jewish Vote

Uploaded by zionget on 20.12.2011

How many Republican candidates for president does it take to change a Jewish light bulb?
None. There will be NO change this election regarding the question, “Is it good for
the Jews?” that is, if all the Republican presidential hopefuls (except for Ron Paul)
have their way. Leading the pack of the Jewish vote-chasers is Newt Gingrich who simply can’t
say enough to prove that he loves the Jews—‘more than thou’—more than the rest of the political
hacks. For what could please the Jews more than saying that the Palestinians are not
even to be considered a “people?” Well, that’s EXACTLY what Gingrich told a Talmudic
Jewish interviewer last week – opposing the entire world’s outrage over International
Jewry’s genocidal policies toward the Palestinian PEOPLE – in the following Clip with the
Jewish Television Network. [“I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people.”]
Or how about this for groveling for the Jewish vote?…with Gingrich calling the master of
Palestinian genocide, Bibi Netanyahu, his alter ego. [“Who do you see as some of your
ideological fellow travelers?” “Well, um, I’m not quite sure how to answer that.
I see myself, ah, in many ways being pretty close to Bibi Netanyahu.”] And groveling
even further for the VOTE that really matters on Capitol Hill these days, Gingrich told
his well-heeled Jewish audience at the Republican Jewish Coalition Debate last week – and
by the way, Ron Paul was not invited – just what makes for an ‘electable’ candidate
in our Jewish-run media/political world. The “very first thing” he would do as President
if elected on his “very first day,” Gingrich told his hoped-for Jewish backers, would be
to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel instead of Tel Aviv. [“In a Gingrich administration
on opening day, there will be an Executive Order about two hours after the Inaugural
address…we will send the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as of that day.”] Now
what does this have to do with America’s interests, I ask you? Instead of seeing how
AMERICA can best be served on his “very first day” in office if elected, Gingrich
is promising to the Jews a BIG matzah ball to swallow so that they can regurgitate even
more dollars into his campaign coffers. Next, Gingrich injected his Jewish audience with
the serum of bloodshed, bringing them to a state of euphoria, promising them that he
would appoint John Bolton – the Jewish neocons’ favorite ‘window dressing’ – as his
Secretary of State. [“If he will accept it, I will ask John Bolton to be Secretary
of State.”] Thus, with Bolton overseeing foreign policy, we will then have in a Gingrich
Presidency, a return of the Jewish neocon regime of the Bush Days BACK in the White
House. And that can only mean MORE Wars. MORE bloodshed. MORE global chaos. MORE of the
‘war on terrorism’ hoax which wars only against OUR OWN freedoms. And MORE of our
Gentile youth sent home in body bags…for Jewry does not send its own sons and daughters
to fight in their wars. Now isn’t it time – my fellow Americans – that Gingrich
and all of the rest of the grovelers for the Jewish vote seek what’s “Good for America”
and no longer what’s “Good for the Jews!”