[Episode 2 The Beginnig Of The Dream] House of Candy Mafia ตอน Asia Song Festival 2012

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Milk: *sarcastic* It's freezing!
Nett: Cold huh? I can see my breath
BamBam: I feel so overwhelmed right now. I can't even explain
BamBam: I thought it would be a lil bit colder than this but it's a No No
BamBam: So I have checked, the weather forecast says it will rain everyday and the temperature is around 25ºC - 30ºC
Milk: Basically Thailand weather!
Nett: I don't think we have to worry about the weather, we're gonna spend all of our time in the practice room anyway
Nune: That is a nice gesture to hold the microphone Milk
Milk: I am the only one who always holding it for everyone
Milk: I just want to style it up, make it looks cute and all
Milk: Talking about our activities on the plane? I think we shouldn't call it "activities"
BamBam: Yeah, it sounds like there were many things we did
Milk: Ok can you guys tell me what you did on the plane during the flight? Let's start from Nune
Milk: Oh no there's no need to ask Nune. She was sleeping all the time
Nune: That's right. I was gonna watch movie for a bit but I fell asleep right away
Nune: and I woke up 2 hours before we land
Nett: As soon as we board I fell asleep with BamBam and woke up with her
Nett: We woke up when flight attendant was serving the food and we were so hungry
Nett: I was gonna eat but our manager was looking at me and said we will gain weight if we eat at night time
Nett: He said we should wait for breakfast. I wait and when I woke up I was still sleepy so I went back to sleep
Milk: In the other words, we didn't eat anything
Milk: Can I say something?
Milk: This is Thai pastry that my mom asked me to give to Heejong (CM dance trainer)
Milk: But now we're eating it
Bambam: One for me, one for Garn, one for Milk
Milk: Don't tell him, okay?
Milk: It was so good
Milk: Oh I highly recommend Korean grilled corn. Thailand also has grilled corn but it's different here
Milk: When you take a bite you can tell it's more sticky I don't know how to explain it but it's tasty
Milk: My mom asked me to bring her 3 cobs of those corn haha
Milk: I told her it could get weird taste but she said it's ok
PD: How's going? Hot huh?
Nune: Really hot. It's even hot inside
Nune: I asked them to turn on the air condition tho
Nune: We're eating Kimchi
Milk: In Korean restaurant we can eat side dish as much as we want
Nune: Yup, we can just ask them. It's free and really good
Milk: For those who haven't tried Korean Kimchi soup before you don't even have to come to Korea
Milk: Think of Thai Kaeng Som taste. It is pretty much the same
Garn: Exactly
Milk: It is Kaeng Som Korean style
*Kaeng Som Korean Style*
*Lunch Time is Up*
BamBam: Climbing down the stairs is the hardest thing on this trip
BamBam: Because I can only do it one step at a time or it will hurt
Nett: Can we find her a walking stick?
Staff: Hey where are you going?
Nune: Nope
PD: What's going on?
Nett: Nothing, we just don't know where to go
BamBam We're keep walking then someone yells something
Nett: He said "Hey where are you going?"
BamBam&Nett: Then we go *weird high five routine*
Garn: Now we're on Korea metro subway
Garn: I heard that it takes 40 minutes to our practice room
Nune: Standing for 40 minutes
Garn: How come it takes so long?
Garn&Nune: Sawasdee ka. Now we've arrived at Banghak station
Garn: We're meeting with our dear trainer, Mr.Heejong
Heejong: Sawasdee krab
Garn: Handsome right?
Nune: Finally he got Thai pastry from Milk's mom
Garn: Have we tried it before?
BamBam My leg's hurt, I felt
*Greeting in Korean*
Nett: This is how we warm up. Moving chairs and tables out of the way
Nett: After practice we will cool down by moving it back
Milk: Nett! No loafing around
BamBam Fighting!
Korean Trainer: (Korean) It's not like you're catching it. You have to hit it.
Korean Trainer: (Korean) Like you're hitting it
Korean Trainer: (Korean) Hit it. Hit it. Hit and Bam!
Korean Trainer: (Korean) In this part you need to show something more, like a glance
*Explain to Nett in Thai*
Staff: Nett what's wrong? You're out of balance
Heejong: Garn!
*Made a mistake*
Garn: I'm confused
Staff: Yeah, you all look confused
Heejong: 5 6 7 8! All together
Heejong: 5 6 7 8!
Heejong: 5 6 7 8!
Heejong: 5 6, 5 6 7 8!
Heejong: 5 6 7 8! Then 1 2 3
Heejong: What!? Ready?
Garn: Is he upset?
Milk: O.M.G.
Heejong: Ready?!?
Garn: *Whisper* I'm ready
Heejong: Go
Nune: Which way I'm facing?
Nett: That way
BamBam: Nett you didn't glance
Nett: I forgot
Staff: *Translate from Heejong* He said you need to get the audience from the first song because they haven't seen Thai dance before
Staff: Do whatever to make them focus on your show
Heejong: (Korean) We need a very powerful and neat dance
Staff: *Translate from Heejong* The second song
Heejong: Blink Blink
Staff: He said you guys need a very powerful and neat dance
PD: Don't you wanna practice with your members?
BamBam: I'm dying to practice. I wanted to practice with them since we were in Thailand
BamBam: But I can't. My leg is really really swollen
BamBam: and I'm so hungry. I need to eat to take some pills
Nune: *Notice something is up with Nett* Hey what's wrong?
Nune: Erm we're adjusting feelings of the show cuz' we lack of feeling and dance routine is still sloppy
Nune: We need to find the point of each song and learn how to show it out
Nune: But we still haven't got it right, so we need to work harder
Nune: Su Su!
Heejong: Hey! Look over here first
Heejong: What? Where are you going Garn?
Staff: *Translate from Heejong* You shouldn't focus on the routine too much, that's boring
Staff: It's obvious that you guys are worried and thinking about the routine
Heejong: Do you know why?
Heejong: Cuz' 20,000 people will be there
Heejong: There will be a lot of noise and distractions. If you dance like this they're not gonna focus on your show
CM: *CM say thank you to Heejong in Korean*
Heejong: Only 3 days left, can you do it?
CM: Yes we can
Garn: Milk Why are you crying?
Milk: I'm not crying, I'm sweating
Heejong: Well, I'm glad. This event (ASF 2012) is even bigger than last year's event (The award ceremony 2011)
Nune: Bigger?
Heejong: A lot bigger
Heejong: If you guys did a good job on this show, you'll have a chance to make Korean people think you're a good girl group
Nett: They'll think Thailand is good right?
Heejong: Then you can show everywhere in Asia not only Korea, Thailand but everywhere
Heejong: It's your dream
CM: *CM cheer up code*
PD: Where are we going?
Nett: We're going to eat
Nune: Eating~ and then shopping~
Nett: New glasses. This is the first thing I bought here besides snack
Nune: He's the same guy from last year
PD: What happened
Nune: He always asks me to give him a handshake