Florian, Simon und Fabian - 4-Chords(RGH-Varieté 2012) + Songtitles and Subtitles

Uploaded by fabmus1c on 30.01.2012

Good Evening! My name is Florian
I am Simon
And i am Fabian
We have been a rock band since 69 years but we have a big problem:
We have never had a big hit...
Thats because we never wrote a 4 chords-song...
What do you mean with 4 chords-song?
4-chords? Paid attention in the English-Lessons?
Not really, I think you have to explain it once again...
Most of the songs of the last 40 years are built up of only 4 chords.
Here, these 4
4 chords, thats all
You want to tell me, you can play most songs of the last 40 years with those 4 chords?
*irony* of course... *irony off*
Watch it!
What is wrong with you?
Do you think you are OK?
Think so...
1, 2, 3, 4...