1 minuto con Thiagus Petrus (Brazil) / 1 minute with Thiagus Petrus (Brazil) [ENG SUB]

Uploaded by Balonmano2013 on 05.01.2013

Talking about the next WCh, what are the chances for Brazil?
I think that we are in a very evenly matched group,
except for France and Germany, who are a little superior than the rest.
It is going to be
a very interesting group. I think we have
options to reach the KO Round.
Which is the goal for Brazil in this WCh?
I think our goal is to
reach the second phase and
prepare ourselves for Rio 2016. We have a new coach and we need to, step by step,
build confidence and
being a good and competitive team.
In the last Panamerican tournament,
in the old derby between Argentina and Brazil, they got the victory.
In the WCh, do you think you can take revenge in Group A?
Yes. As usual, versus Argentina it is always an special match.
We expect to win. Moreover, in the last years,
it has been always a very evenly matched game. Just with one-goal advantages for one team or the other.
We will see what happens in the WCh!