How To Become Intsa-Famous!

Uploaded by ottosvlogs on 15.01.2013

have you ever wanted to be insta- famous? i know i have.... but how do you accomplish such a hard and
and painful task such as this
with these simple steps we will show you.... STEP 1 make a unique username

will do the trick
step 2
prepare your environment
make sure no one can see you taking your selfe. this may lead to an awkward situation

Step 3.... take many pictures until one meets your requirements
taking to many pictures can cause self obsession
and you don't want to be one of those people
step 4... create a witty caption
yo whats up i is so cool i got 3 chains
i is so fresh i smell like air freshener yo! spring meadow!! i have a smile on my face everyday
but really im dead inside.... come back hostess step 5.... delete the
you didnt become insta-famous so its time top delete that picture and go
cry in self pity