An interview with Marc, our teacher from London here at Number 16 School Zaragoza

Uploaded by N16TV on 23.01.2013

Welcome to another Number 16 interview. We're joined by...
MARK! -Mark! Can you see him there? Now Mark, where are you from? -I'm from London in good old England.
Whereabouts in London?
I'm from London, North London. They talk like that in North London.
I'm from North London, yeah.
So you are naturally an Arsenal supporter?
I should be but I actually support Liverpool.
But, yeah, I live in Arsenal-land.
Arsenal-land. Brilliant.
So why do you like teaching, Marc? You've been here a year so..
..obviously you like it. -It requires a certain, special skill.
Which, umm..
Well it's combined with my knowledge of foreign languages
and being able to teach a foreign language to foreign students.
So you've come to Zaragoza, you've been here a year, why did you choose
I'd always wanted to visit Zaragoza. I visited
uh...I visited Madrid and I visited Barcelona
and Zaragoza was that city in the middle of Madrid and
And it's inland, it's dry, you get hot summers.
Yeah it's a great city. - Do you visit both Barcelona and Madrid sometimes?
I haven't done since I've been here but I'd like to. I've visited them at separate times in the past.
Oh nice, I've been to both, I like them both.
Now what's your favourite English word or English phrase?
My favourite phrase is 'procrastination is the thief of time'.

I've never heard that before...who said that? - I did. Just now.
Do you know what it means?
' the thief of time..' wastes time? - Yeah, procrastination means to put something off until tomorrow.
So never put off until tomorrow
what you can do today.
Oh, because I'm going to put this video up tomorrow as I can't be bothered now. - Oh yeah, that's fine. Don't do that.
I'm too busy. What's your favourite English language film?
Umm...I like something that uses
the English language but makes it funny. I love comedy films, all comedy films.
And I like something that uses inventive wordplay.
And nasty puns.
Horrible puns. I use puns a lot in the office but yeah... -...Really bad puns.
Really bad.
But yeah and a good car chase and custard pie fight at the end of it.
Brilliant, so what,
what type of film would that be then? -Well, if anyone knows the Carry On films.
"Ooh, matron!"
They're rude
but they're very inventive and I like things with good wordplay.
There are some good television programmes on at the moment . -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Not now but The Two Ronnies, a classic.
Goodnight from me... -..oh let's do that at the end.
What's your favourite English language song?
Well there are so many. I like all British pop songs from the
but my favourite I suppose is 'He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother' by The Hollies.
And they've just released a cover version, haven't they?
They have, yeah, hmm, not as good as the original one.
So what do you do when you're not working, Marc?
I do a lot of walking.
I love walking, it's another good thing about Zaragoza, it's not very hilly.
haha. You might want to edit that bit out.
A good thing about Zaragoza is that it's flat and you can do a lot of walking.
And I play pool as well. Let me near a pool table and yeah, I play pool a lot.

Do you go to that Blues and Pool? -Erm, Beer and Pool. I go to one on Conde Aranda.
Near your house.
On that very... -....very interesting street. - Interesting street, yeah. -Conde DE Aranda.
Is that the one? So..
tell us an interesting fact about you. I'm sure you have many.
Umm, yeah, well I like to do lots of puns and do things with wordplay
and when I was at school
in my junior school, I played the part of a munchkin.
in the school play The Wizard of Oz. Now look up the word 'typecast'
after you've watched this video. And with his t-shirt look at the....what are the...Oompa Loompas!
Oompa Loompas!
From Willy Wonka.
I have
experience of being a munchkin
and the other thing I do in my spare time is write limericks.
Now can you give us a limerick?
I suppose I could if you twist my arm!
Working at Number 16, Is great fun if you know what I mean,
You teach plenty of students,
With great care and great prudence,
And there's an 8 minute break in between!
Well done! Fantastic!
Now, do you have anything else? Anything else to say?
Umm, well, yeah,
I do also like to use different accents.
When I get to teach the word 'accents' in the book
I like to impersonate, I like to mimic
lots of different accents. -Can you impersonate or mimic Misha? Do you remember Misha? -Ooooh Mishaaaa
with a broad Glaswegian acceeeeent.
Oh, Misha's greeeeat. -It's like she's here next to me. -Yeah she is, she's actually down there.
We had Jenny from Liverpool who talked like that all the time.
and we've got people from Manchester who talk like that from Manchester.
and of course your good self from Yorkshire, a good Yorkshire accent. -Aye [Yes] -You can't beat a good Yorkshire accent. -Oh, it's great.
So yeah, I like to do anything that involves words.
Wordplay, so yeah, any other, any last things?
Any last requests? Umm, no, I think that's basically it. So it's...
Goodnight from me
And it's goodnight from him. Goodbye! -Goodbye!