Toshiba t1950 - 40 mhz & celeron 700 mhz laptops

Uploaded by trancelistic on 10.10.2012

okay guys showing an old laptop of mine
I hope you can see it correctly
It is a Toshiba
T 1950
It is a 40 mhz with 4 megs of ram
It is a 40 mhz with 4 megs of ram
and 120 mb Harddrive
so let's put it on
A little smoke lol
I haven't booted this in years..... It still works
I think about this... (clear picture)
still working unlievable
Dos 5.0
and windows 3.11
ye, I'm stuttering haha:D
i don't remember
i cannot remember
but ok
Lets see... WIN!
it's only a black and white screen (monochrome)
I can connect it to my big screen if I want.
And it works (to lol)
external monitor
Wow its already loaded.... okay(?)
(lets adjust for a clear pic)
Even has games... still... lol
Patience :D
See how fast it loads?...on such an old system..
coolio eh?
Will try (someday) to connect to the internet to see if it works (online)
I know it's possible
Ah, there we go. In DOS!
only four megabytes
And it is silent as hell (the laptop)
But.. (uhum) lets move on...
I got another one..
Its an old Compaq
700 mhz
But it is faster then you think, so I'm gonna boot it
and show you what it can do :)
old laptops are still fine you know...
so, I show you...
Lets get a good pic
hope you can read it
as windows ninety eight and windows xp
just gonna boot WINXP offcourse
ah... yummy coffee
Very old... but still very fast (uhum)
can still do plenty on it
There we go
It lacks memory it has only
so it's not much
but itworks
[Power on]
I will show you the specs
almost perfect, but okay!
it's booted
I'm gonna show you some old games of mine
Starwars.. uhm Starcraft. I'm sure you know it:)
oh (shit) wait a sec, I forgot something...
I need to kill a progress
Because it asks much cpu recourses
Its the wireless lan progress.
Come on, where is my menu
I need to kill it... (the progress)
Lets start the game
This is 1 of the games wich runs very smooth...
This is another favorite game of mine...
Its still fun todays
I'm SURE you know this one.
... Lets see now... no enemies?...
Lets kill:D
As you can see it, it works perfect
See how fast it is?
Let me show you the specs (of the system) to you.
I hope you can read it..
I hope a clear image...(700 mhz and 184 mb memory)
..very old :D
..700 mhz
tons of other things you can do, like...
other games
one of my favorites, is this..
Nintendo game(snes)
Thats strange (low fps) something is running....
Indeed strange...
I've installed service pak 2 but uh....
now something is wrong
what the hell..
strange indeed
lets see if this works.
Lets play an old game like....
Another game?... hmmm..
what else we have...
It goes small again. wtf?
Plenty of games
So don't trow away your old Laptop because you can still do plenty on it
I don't know why...
My Nintendo (emulator) is so slow .. suddenly
..Makes no sense...
let's try again because this is bullshit
It worked fine before.
ah offcourse, I know. All the (video) filters are on.
Its to much for it (for the laptop)
I have to lower the settings.
come on
oh wrong mouse (button) lol
Lets look for more options
because you do not need that sh1t
Lets use the old engine
there we go
Hows the sound...?
Lets run a popular game.. like SSF2
1 sec
The sounds volume is low
Skipping ahead using the turbo function.
See, it works fine. There is plenty to do on an old laptop
tum tum tum
This one is 1 of my old the favorites
I got it on my real Nintendo
super game
as you can see, it works perfect
tum tum tum
Do you reconize this music?
i wonder
Listen to the music !
any 1 reconize it? ( 2 unlimited)
Oh well, it works:D
something else to show ?....
maybe I can show this.
Info for the geeks:D
cpu config..
Its only a 700, you see it?
i don't know
the camera is not that good.
Its recorded on a sony cybershot dsc w80
but ok
I've got plenty of other games, carmagetton, red alert, c&c etc.
a lots of games
So it stays fun, internet is also perfect!
but i have to reboot for that because...
I've closed the wireless lan progress before
in my task manager
use this, to connect to the internet..
If you got a min (or 4 )
Its rebooting.....Zzzz
still fun the old laptops, on this I'm gonna install
and other old games
Because I know this one can play it
All DOS games.
Look at all my cd-roms
..all from the old days
got them all saved... got the whole serie
This is my real pc
Make music eh.. FRUITYLOOPS<3
its open because its hot here. With a fan....
So my videocard isn't silence anymore lol
so. yeah...its almost booted.
it's a bit slow since I've installed service pak 2
I regreat it. SP1 is beter on the old systems
But ok....
but lets see if it connects to the internet
Oh yea, another program, I will show it to you.
There we go, internet!
very old laptop but works fine, just have a little patience
because i have
not much omemory in it (184 mb)
I'll upgrade it later (to maxium supported 320 mb)
I must say old internet explorder loads (way) faster then google chrome
on older systems
Google chrome asks more
... this is very slow (fu chrome)
Not sure if it can handle youtube but
the internet works fine
Its a little slow(?) Ah there we go:)
Yea:/ youtube asks to much because so much
things on the page
so its a little slow
lets google for something
I think my internet (it self) is lagging.
well it works
but you can see
let's click something
clicker the click.... lol
normal internet is ok, but youtube.. no way
It asks to much (of my laptop)
think my internet lags
because i'm uploading on my real pc.
anyhow if you have more memory installed
then an old laptop is fine.
win 3.11
error! classic !
win 3.11
all old errors
the black screen, the blue screen? haha
It recoverd !! amazing!!!
well this was my old laptop(s)
It still works
and ye...
Don't mind the mess:D
because I'm testing everything
O yeah 1 more program
Adobe photoshop should run on this, but I'm not sure
1 sec....
I need a plugin
Think it works
Although I miss plugins
it's an older version ofcourse but it works
Oh the wrong program
Fun old pc
Got another game to, this one
I'm sure you know it.
Click spam
Gotta hurry battery is emty:D