50 Tech Tips You Should Absolutely Know

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Welcome everyone to this LSNTAP community training
uh... today's trading is a fun one hands when that will um... has been done in
several directions over the years called fifty tek-tips t-shirt absolutely no
uh... my name is travis august on the national support
cordinator burnett
and i'm having a moderate today as well as a panelist
uh... providing some tek-tips in addition we we have a great panel set up
today we have uh... patrick you know from the minnesota legal services
uh... we have to be polio elaborate on product knowledge technology consultant
and water uh... at technolo
and we have tony liu uh... that the dad special missions corny or answer one at
based in new york so as we get started and gonna turn this over to patrick
newsnight arthur first african tek-tips okay thanks
troublesome are hairy body mind patrick noonan minnesota legal services
coalition uh... thanks strattonbra leper inviting me to do this today it's been
pretty fun
uh... project work on so i was just going to insure some programs that i
liked it
you don't think article
the first one is called kudzu
uh... it's a online
flowchart and diagram creator you can go on and uh... you get the little pictures
you can use a you can use the people than boxes you can draw lines in the
rose and things
you can also um... share
uh... diagrams with other people and they can even collaborate with them
on diagrams
standpoint charge in real time you could chat with them live and you can exported
in a variety of formats like uh... p_n_g_ pbf
uh... and you didn't share and it's great that had you tried to deliver to
before for great diagrams like electives uh... microsoft words
dagger into a little
if you look at the apple computers
so i think this is a really cool mex is not too dissimilar once called to
eighty-five dot com anticipated we talked quite on the internet it still in
the database so
uh... i try giving it a little bit buddy but i think one in little while when it
gets more going to be a lot better at a lot of the same
functionalities partly
you can upload normal power point
presentations to it you can also download presentations that you created
on it into power point
and um...
if you upload apartment presentations this will create
or used to create a park one presentation you can access it from
but just a link
instead of having to carrier power on
and uh...
you can see there's a lot of the same
functionality that you would have normal or point
it is spent in the uh...
as a candidate if it is still a little slow and cokie so
don't really you get a whole lot yet but i would like to be able to
sin next that's one of them would actually donna on a daily basis is
called khalid re
and it's for windows computers
basically what you do not believe regedit birth control
and this little or pops up and you can start typing in whatever you want to do
it you don't have to pay packing
you could have been uh... word or par point or
filezilla and they will bring up the program that you're searching for almost
you can also do a lot of other interesting things with it if you type
in group a little launch google in your default browser whatever that happens to
and bit makes it a lot quicker to navigate to your computer
on our will prequel
recall what section k mentioned that there's a similar program like this for
macintosh called alfred
i haven't tried it i think it's named after batman popular
uh... much work
which has a lot of the same functionality affiliate
this is a really unicorn annexed really recommend this once
the so-called doc scanner
it's great to have a uh... smartphone with the camera
such as an ipod or mac
read and write i should say and all sorts of you have a good camera and that
he can basically take a picture of any document
and converted into media instantaneously
uh... and that
searchable rich on a boat which text searchable text however
and uh... it's a really
efficient way to too
yeah that that's really simple and there's not a whole lot else to say
about it
this one's called j take many
uh... i think it's been a great it
few are uploading restoring a lot of photos
it shrinks your j pegs uh...
to almost will image example if they have other on that page it six times the
uh... it just reduces the file size
it doesn't reduce the size of the photo it doesn't reduce the quality of the
image either of you can kind of see by the way to demonstrated here
this is the original
it after controlled by jane take many
uh... and it's really if you have all website
and you want to load faster
and you're using j painted images you can you can shrink them and reviewed the
file size of a lot faster for people
if you have uh... any kind of like online
storage account
with a limited amount of space you can't read your photos and
store a lot more photos so there's a lot of people spread that's
net naked lol back which i thought
i'd just i just kind of found it and thought that it would be interesting for
spectacular group if you're actually lawyers and if you have a
he had a a smartphone an iphone
so you can have our
a legal library in your pocket as they call it in the past
rules and you can download additional titles from within the hour
and uh... it is getting really good reviews actually don't use it i just
thought it would be great
to mention people here because
uh... it can really relevant curve
this is kind of a kind of funny one but i did not if you're a if you're a writer
of any kind of new sometimes need to
final word
you can think of
then you can go and he's the one look reverse dictionary ready you type in the
gist of the uh...
the gist of the definition of the word and it responds with uh... word itself
and in order to test this
i'd have to numb on chris like dinosaur cassia to bring up excuse or as number
one result and lo and behold it get
um... i think that it has been taking detectives lauren and and matched up
with fish like dinosaur bone
it must be cricket cuz
it is also good just for for normal
things when you you can't quite figure
of what the word is
this is something that he's
quite a bit uh... w three schools dot com
hit the website that shows tutorials for allot of different
web tools of languages you can learn html vegetable five c_s_i_s_ javascript
all these different all these different languages
and a lot of times if you're like me perhaps you uh... them
are using
tools created by problem that
which only require you to use html every so often or
or you you do you use of wet languages but you're going
in limited capacity
so i find it it is a great place to go when i need to find out one specific
thing uh... how to do something specific at one problem and i need to look up
kind of how to do that day
u_s_ here
this man
historical what far patrick
and i really like this because i i've sometimes had to try to replicate logo's
uh... or other images from website and i want to be able to use the same
thought that they have but i don't know what the name of the file
and uh...
it can be kind of uh... long
argues process of getting and trying to match it
but with this website you can take a picture of the fun part screenshot
and uploaded here
and then uh...
yet after quitting continued pride appointed a screen shot of that answer a
few extra questions about the paper like it will say
character it and and were you
and you know what the what the letter is and then i will tell you what office
and uh... it
it's tested it just uh...
normal popularity knew the answer to that
got it alright
so it works really well if you ever need to know
what lodges you try to replicate something in particular
this is not really handy scheduling
tool called women's good
exactly that
of things
where instead of trying to have a bunch of emails
back-and-forth between different people you can you can have a lot of this link
markov with their mouths were
which days and times work for them so
because they they referred to as painting over
what what can you get you just click and drag
works for you and will highlight it
and then whoever set up
whoever set it up
then can see what times work for everybody and i can schedule a meeting
and uh... i think a lot of tools like this are becoming really popular
notaries got another one called utility thank you
uh... really handy
especially when you're organizing with people who are outside of your network
and they don't they don't share outlook calendar with them
as really you can't use and scrape
this is called cooler and at that cooler dot adobe dot com
is a tool that helps you called colored beads
basically the whole
world the defiant color matching theory
kicking colors that complement each other in balance each other well
and if you don't
if you ever took a class or it might not really know how to do it
but there's cooler cruel
before you automatically
uh... weakened somewhat different types of color you can go for example the
the compound
uh... being and that just means
i don't even know what it means
but if you if you choose
uh... triad for example
than these
these docs would be sort of in a triangle
shape on here and uh...
all the colors
match each other really well
and it makes you look like you really know how to choose colors and
i'll use it sometimes for if i'm just designing simple pages that i want to
look over anytime after take a color for any kind of
media material
uh... who wrote uh... a great way to do it
uh... this is kind of a a low-tech
check it
it's a goodwill
that m s
i don't actually thrown its work load and unload troops on tek-tips first
worked on
that's one is the that you can do you can text a text message to google
four six six
four five three days are numbered
and argued that many times
uh... when i need to find an address
over a phone number of a place of the out
and about
and i don't know how to get there or i don't know how to contact them right
where you don't know their hours of the store something like that
well you can you really old school technology
uh... take advantage of this feature
of those at is
spilled treated by this
patients more motorola phone
which would have been really cool about ten years ago
tricks uh...
and this one's called gene for those with you
who haven't eugene a really really excellent tool
to image capture and also the capture premier from your screen premier dot
of made by xmen
uh... it basically gives you
the way it works is you downloaded quickly this little
iconic kind of
lives on your desktop
all the time there's just a little
a little ball
sticking out from the side of year
of your frame of your screen
baby here
and when you get over it it gives you this little panel tools
you click on this
and suddenly you have a a box
a rectangle creator that you can use to select any area of the screen
and take a picture of it
after you take a picture of it
home you can crawl
eros do it you can create boxes you can type really
really easily
it's a real excellent way to creeped orioles
all or just tell people
or just communicate with people
in a visual way you can also use it to do our own
desktop video you
hit record and
it recorded screenprinting upto three year five minutes
uh... and do you think radios
and including with audio i believe
action trade value
it's uh... it's great
and finally we have no universal decision maker
which are used uh... dozens of times every single day
you come through it and you could come
and these too
bug like objects
from that yes you know section
and uh...
whichever one wins
gives you the answer
so as you can give a test run the answer is yes
and i can't rule out the question was but
at least i know the answer to it cream this project
universal decision maker and what the fontana running for my favorite those
two uh...
so next after uh... we have keep bleeding from technolo
uh... i have to say that what the fuck all has been a huge favor for me too
great to o
so are few tools but i have
as sort of the first for people who make the
e wanting to take payments whether it's from clients or that your identified
where you want to get payment from attorney or is that you have to be here
for some reason selling a product at a conference that there is an application
called square that uh... you get the reader and the application for your
phone for free and you attach the reader to your phone
uh... and you're able to just like credit cards uh...
crops than that um... are used in at the and ten national technology conference
um... and that spam
views that you are able to sort of input products and that they say that there's
a really great reporting feature on the and that
uh... all of it gets dumped into an account that you specify then that i
talking a little bit more about fundraising that there are
uh... is any tool that you can use to make your treats at face book post
account that you all are able to go on it sort of login with your twitter
account or your face book account anti
um... opt to pledge a certain amount kirk tweaked uh...
um... or perfect face book post um... to as
uh... i i non-profit spot and that you can't do it based on your own um...
tweets you can do it on a hash takes a few an anchor rich people to tweak
during a conference there are certain events uh... that you can go ahead and
do that and then it allows you to uh...
sort of what your your followers in your friends know that you're doing this and
encourage them to do it as well
i'm really looking forward
to a new feature that they're going to act which is
uh... integration with foursquare support people being able to when they
check it out four square that you'd be able to get education
for each of those chechans and that i see that has been a potential really
uh... interesting feature for businesses who want to support organizations that
for people to check in at their stores or bakeries are whatever happened to be
that the look of a certain amount to an organization
another ad
search social media pieces linkedin for non-profits that linkedin has just
released a whole new set of features focusing in on
um... how nonprofits can use
uh... linked and and that if you don't have a linkedin profile you really
should uh... that it's simply a way that you have sort of your resume
um... sort of the professional you out online and i think that has a really
good search engine optimization uh... to it for both you and your organization
says people are going in there searching
you know if they're going for you after conference that they're more likely to
be able to find you if you have a linkedin profile to be able to conduct a
few and remember that your their uh...
dear also now on you can get your board members and others to specify that their
volunteers with your organization uh... and have that show up on their profiles
allege could be a great opportunity for people who are recruiting provide
to get existing op
folks to uh... what others now that they're calling terri through their
elected profiles
on and then there is just 'cause and
this service allows you to ob
donate at tree at data help spread awareness so if i i i
and at that time
maryland legally brewer bureau here in maryland uh... i cannot
to donate a tweet each day to them and that they would have an account stop
through their account that they could just sort of push that to be out into my
uh... and that uh... a day for that i sort of every twenty four hours and that
a uh... a good example of a group that was using this is epic che
a nj and they used it as part of a campaign to sort of promotes
getting people to donate ants
push you know
respond in terms of uh...
what they look because it was a campaign all about mother's day to model it's a
lot of uh...
um... forum other that they were working with around education
when you're doing a content that often you're looking for pictures and then
uh... more clipart can be used appropriately and sort of his great for
certain things that sometimes you want on people's faces armpit don't have to
keep recesses to go out and uh...
you know take the photos yourself that if you go to flicker that you're able to
search therefore content that's been licensed under the creative commons
switched allow u to be able to use that um...
depending on the lake sense that there is right either
use it with attribution or that you may even be able to use a commercially or to
build upon it and that there is an entire uh... search feature that allows
you to search specifically for that content i'm in that there's some really
pictures and that that you can use next uh...
is that tied to that is uh... just uh... simple way to
nl items the item to use under the creative cock comments on and that i
took it from a pot post uh... from somebody else and that it's just a
really great format
to in start using that for using those images and bought post except that it's
there and you're giving credit to the people
but the contact together
then i wanted to do um... sort of
in the networking on of connecting that sort of online world with the offline
world uh... social networking that i want to encourage people to take a look
at me dot dot com uh... that if you're looking for training or opportunities to
get together with other people around assert technology um... areas that is a
great place to alot for that and that they have things even beyond
technology that if you're interested in anti-serb specific kind of dot they're
often you get groups uh... or you may find uh... a writer's group if you're
looking for ways to rate better web content
uh... in baltimore that there is actually vinik group uh... for people
who are looking business attitudes of business strategy com
book group that uses made out to me and all you have to do is he signed up
uh... for certain group and they'll uh... what you know when meetings are
happening in the new caristi p and go
also i wanted to sort of encouraged people ad
to look at their local tech community it's not its attitude enough for online
but it's a expect either for something happening in your community that there
are often
nationally that there's a lot of
energy within tech startup communities around making the world a better place
and sort of uh... that there's a lot of this energy that you can try people that
you can't
meet in terms i have
getting to know
other people who may be able to help your organization that may be able to
meant realtors technical skills on here in baltimore at that in the past year
that we've had uh... a startup weekend where people from
across the east coast got together to sort of start chretien projects and in
the fall in november that there'll be an education tax day where similar thing
will happen to you create solutions around uh...
uh... education and sort of the baltimore schools being able to
inner self
problems that they don't have the technology to solve using a local tack
community uh... and that these are
unique two parts for the the sort of thing is happening across the nation
i might use to find these groups like used me dot dot com
to sort of figure out where they're meeting in sort of people are interested
and then i also wanted to encourage you in terms of uh...
uh... thinking about the internet and your use of it
uh... creek creatively
that here in baltimore on
sort of in the summer round when congress was uh... trying to figure out
budget issues
that uh... we had uh... i've
guy chris ashworth who actually creates
uh... software for feeders arm that he had this random idea one night that he
would create a site that was called slow clap for congress and while he is a web
developer that he did it use
any really sophisticated tools that basically he
used a camera filmed the video of him doing that spirit really slow
and they put it up on a very um... on a website without any significant decided
that he ended up
uh... that's a part of this
you know ended up sort of creating
getting other people to get videos of themselves doing a slow clap
but also ended up
being able to gay
he attention of major news outlets as a part of this uh... and even people in
congress that um...
verified account on twitter from ir
uh... congressmen and george s at that it was making the rounds there and that
the washington post
uh... had a hat but let's set that congress responded to the so clap um...
you know resulting in a uh...
mass around uh... some of the national transportation stocks than that
chris said that he knew that probably what it should have blind
uh... but you actually um... but he said that even if it was a little bit truth
that it was a pretty
given the fact that it was a really small idea that he can expect
to to anything
and that it was so good but good
use of his time
so keep the key creatively about how to use the internet
another project on that i'm really excited about is the noun project where
they're taking a nap putting easy to use uh...
icons on the web
hi taken that they are all a free use i think that they're usually creative
commons icons and that you can download them and use them on different things
and that they are
constantly creating more it has been having a night
icon funds over the summer i want to get different icons in different areas like
education uncertainly you're creating icons you can uh... get them to the nam
projects that other people can use them to
then something that i have become a huge fan of it
if you use google calendar that there's a new feature that allows you to set up
appointment slots and this allows you to avoid the going back and forth of
scheduling meetings
i'm what happens is that you go
uh... some large sort of scheduling just a regular it back on your calendar you
go you highlight something
uh... and instead of but having
identity set it up as an appointment slacks and that this
through the state it gives you a link that you consent uh... to your contact
and then they see a calendar with at these appointments slats pope and sort
of in the background there that you can see all of the different appointments
and that when they decide what to do that they can click on it of and reserve
that and that it sends i
you an email to let you know that that's what has been researched
leave l_d_ i sort of that there
also um... is for security darts out there that um... team come rain um...
which aahes i i
gaelic word uh...
that they use that
has a youtube channel that weekly that they put up videos that explore um...
the underground economy um... which basically is how
hackers are using
in the internet spy
and to make money in sort of mysterious ways and that they go through
i don't have to use of really basic gangs explaining a lot but nets are in
sort of other items as well as um...
a few videos discussing sort of trends and habits of that
the miscreants that their they're watching uh... it's at
great company that does both sab
has booked a sort of private ads non-profit aditi sort of help
internationally around tracking
but that things that are going on out my
and that if you're not subscribed and tense
new quarterly journal change on that you should be today
is that journal about a forty pages journal that comes out uh... quarterly
that is intended for nonprofit leaders not necessarily
techies but i still find it really interesting and helpful that's talking
about uh... new technologies and what people are doing it sort of the basic
questions nonprofit leaders have won their trying to figure out what to
invest in
uh... and while forty pages sounds like quite a bit that it is beautifully
illustrated has all sorts of great oc
pictures that sort of
breaks the content down so it's really easy to read enough pretty fast three
and and if you sign up at antenna dot org slash and tend to change that
they'll email you when it comes out up
and that when i is the last one
great company
can accept this tiny little hum
still without uh... are more passive over to try that service uh... the first
set of my tata what to do with my
personal journey towards uh... playing tax uh... after many many years of
fighting this microsoft word over formatting issues uh...
and uh...
you know so that that first step
to is just use more plaintext uh...
featured events to the next one travis so please x_ files everybody probably
has seen that the notepad application on the witness machine or text and the
it comes on every eight standard install of operating systems and
the reason at all
you know princess is kind of enjoyed a renaissance whatley and uh... i think a
lot of it has to do with uh...
the rise of mobile devices because no one wants to try and uh...
right xd and our document on
do you know and writer my phone
onto something event-related
and simply text as a way to get
contents from a computer to uh... a mobile device for a quick wits
very small lightweight
portable it's also future proof and perform a classic any
you know you can
africa holes that dr usb drive falls va
text files and go from computer computer and never have to worry about installing
and about cation 'cause almost every
operating system will have something that will be and probably right plain
text file
okay is good for reading tests uh... a lot of times i think
when those of us who have have to do
any kind of writing legal briefs are career reports or anything
you can get lost in all of them for reading
features are played with fight trampled the studying tonight now should i go
into the formatting and change are heading styles in our city later it's we
need to write you just need to write in plain text is great just
clear away all those distractions um...
and if you meet as i said i read in edit easily a mobile device is a mess
partly what let me back to two and a lot of work and contacts uh...
as and and and postulate a bit of some of that opticians i use
so but before you get to those applications of paint us a little too
and some people like to be able to separate sections with faults headings
you know as a way
there's also a rich text format which is um...
commonly referred to as archie half it's uh... as kind of like a microsoft word
document filed dot doc or dot dot
x or whatever there are now im trial um... but let the light version of it
and it really has all the formatting you probably need
uh... shit
it's uh... it was actually created by microsoft i think and i think it's event
microsoft word for that matter
and then since then
every version of microsoft word has been able to often
at save starting off as having other applications and started to about pataki
over time slots it's kind of become standard
format even though it's still cold
but uh... proprietary mca software uh...
it's still very lightly cancer pictures and you most of the basic formatting you
would need and at ten thirty similar to find somebody who's never heard of it
and the couple
microsoft works for them anyway so
if you happen to say
need to draft something on your personal computer at home and you have to pay for
lessons microsoft's
uh... word this is a a
completely viable option that i think not a lot of people
consider cinco so unconnected context so
imaginative convinced you that their taxes the way to go well
hit theirs
you know
create a text file fine but what if you have like i do hundreds of plain text
files in one directory how do you really navigate that define what you need
uh... interviewed on a course recruiting folders for everything and try an
organism itself and turned it all down
there are two applications that i use uh... ones caught myself notes for
windows so there's potential for us to track they're both pretty much the same
his toughness is actually a clone of nutritional glossy um...
basically what you do as you pointed out a folder on the tracks which contains
all your contacts notes
me it just it's a very simple three interface research are
if i'll listen and then actual
when you start typing in in the uh...
and search bar
it doesn't live search and annie
any textile that has any of that
text in it
will show up in that second came down
and then the third thing down his uh... is an actual contact now if you start
typing in that search bar and to get to know i have to do is get control element
in that search park that's uh... applications and focus
and um...
and i'm not actually searching for something actually creating you know
at my chest
uh... like pizza
and then uh...
phone call from phil and hit enter in immediately the cursor goes down to see
other content window and i can just
start typing and
i don't have to savor anything it just me instantly creates a text file in that
same directory and um...
and basically live in this application
for uh... large percentage of the day just because every everything i take
your son is in here
phone calls meeting notes uh...
if i'm trying to remember outside
so it tells me you know
put movie exchequer bhupesh reports prosecutors
the standoff release lugar
uh... but i i encourage every woman should have it both free applications
and and
and through him diffuse
plaintext like application is simple notice via colloquy ex-wife because it's
actually hosted service at simple dot dot dot com
and uh... evernote has been uh... a
tip in the past and i'm not
and i really have the evernote used they read weekdays several before it was
purchased henry rebuilt as this debate usage is being recalled
one long ribbit
expected two thousand two
was when i started using it and um...
and over the years they've got a lot of great features
over the years that also means that
trying to find something that you
you know some note you can't return
two thousand five about
some client
or uh... whatever us meticulous on
text longer and longer because it's trying to
are insertion
images that it's time to pronounce your honor
it may be strengths which they are the files of the few files
simple it is basically to stand up when it's all of the other stuffs suspects
even just using the webapp is really quick uh...
but it also has been uh... islas
version and a
believe they're working on an android version and uh...
just kind of a hint that working on that sir
as well
and the great thing also about simple notice that both three stuff notes and
magician velocity which was the greatest hits
bouncing to simple no so you can actually use simple not as anything
services inc textiles between
american this machine or and actual
and your mac which so
like every note it is a hosted service so just be mindful of the fact that
anything you had to say i don't know
wherever note the there's a full version of all of that data on their servers so
you know um... do your due diligence in terms of security policies and whether
or not that's something that you are a couple weeks
i think uh...
i think passion under-covered one of the sand and cement these so that these two
uh... keyboard amp launchers
ever since i've discovered them uh...
i have not been able to use a computer without them uh... basically what they
do i think khatm chaco
code agree
which is very similar
he set up the keyword
sequence like uh...
of space
back to work
key combination pull-up
that's when the lets a screenshot of launching on the left for windows
and when you start typing so frustrated typing firefox for example edwards
predicts that i wanna total uh... march
and anew window missile fire trucks
or chilean or um... actually works of files if you look at a lot of the files
uh... more western
itunes files to her
later song
and uh... on the max edta swatch bar which
does uh...
asymmetry similar and
these are great because you can also launch websites that are either in your
scanner present history or bookmarked
as uh...
urban and i'm on a permanent sites several times a day throughout the day
and incentive
you know opening a browser
uh... messing up to the
status bar and then typing in pro bono dot net phone chandler whichever side
i'm going to fight in just two
of space
start typing p_r_o_
and immediately after the long list of all of that there's going to take sides
you know that if you get to overtime
and then i can just keyboard down to the one i want to enter you know it it
opec so
and and and and
and that's not a time in the it saves me from having to take my fingers up
keyboard retrieved from outside
definitely uh...
billy future penchant for me
less when they uh...
this next step by acclaimed by chance of having a sonya and getting my tips and
the travis first before everybody else
um... fifth hypnotic everybody wanted to talk about cuz it's sold
mind-blowing lee
stossel at uh... police this and that it's a service that
uh... concert as a pipe that connects
in a there's internet service sister each other
it's hard to
to think of that conceptually so i publish some examples of
recipes at
that's community has created a ready
so if you use the service you can set up so that any fees but further that start
with your name
automatically gets copied to dropbox folder of your choosing
that includes you know embarrassing pictures of her friends put up from work
party in college that your maybe don't want to be out there
uh... but if you're not paying attention face but maybe might never noticed that
it kinda up there but you can uh...
you can go to drop box is giving you can to set this up and just let it run and
go to drop us a room so i'll look to see what it's
what's been
it's a written and um...
who beats of an agreement to your friends
uh... because archive all of their tweets and this kind of scratches in
which that i've had for a little while
i think many people at work on
units which are supposed to be
temporary there from world they're not supposed to be a permanent record but
a lot of the season internet
as uh... sort of history of what worth eating
um... particular for twitter it's i think that's a particular that way
use of this cradle most of the journal of
things out of carter interests over time
um... they could set it up so that and each week that you have archive to ever
and those are going in the sand within pat buchanan actually set it up so that
any foursquare checking that you have will
old create a calendar event same google calendar free
you could set up special charges for ch forsberg chechans man you expenditure
all of
you know every restaurant canterbury
you know
if you've ever specifically a captain
uh... i think that
possibilities and listeners services will sweeney is so that
within the community all were playing around the center
you know third-party getting pretty creative and and excited to see what
else comes out of us
the necklaces and a m relatively new to which it meant committee came as a
phenomenal about this stuff sooner
substitution schools i think
this may have been at
tip in the past but i think it bears repeating just because
of how you how insanely useful is uh...
afterwards for windows artech suspended for the mac are both tools where you can
have an abbreviation turkey phrase and these are things that you can set up
uh... difficult snippets texas governor
so for example the snippet com accommodate didi line
were addy
that will resulted in you know full after scanning
uh... to be inserted wherever you type that snippet
and um...
there's a ton of uses for the soyuz it for
for enough signatures because i have you know lots of different accounts and try
to rather than trying to figure out how to set up signatures and if we do not
i'd just stop creates that that's actually use different u_s_ interest
payments on replying somebody or from reading the new email
and so i just create different snippets from a different enough signatures uh...
you can also use it for two hands emails uh... i'd also like to use it for dates
to have some time stamp so when i'm creating one of my many hundreds of
uh... tex files as they come out
suspect that uh... i guess phone call i want to start
uh... you know according to load up the phone call i have exhibit that's
basically f_ t_ a_ t_ e_
and as soon as i can finish typing that it will insert an accurate
uh... time
signing date stamp that includes a year the months today
and that
time down in a minute
and then in the future from searching for
you know i know i i had a call on september
twenty-eighth i think it's an event date in the end
in my home
search an at will call it that no soap
it's easy for actually had a look at the clock in typing in the at the gate and
the time
intimate seem like really basically and probably not but useful to somebody who
quickly and
i consider myself a pretty fast paper and a four week so very late use
this is a very late cuz i'm just learning
uh... about the sifu eliminate use it
ice age
twenty six or twenty six thousand characters tapes and and and it's been
over an hour of my life save so
if you matching
unified you know was leveraging more amusing heavily in and overhears time
how much time you can save typing uh... and also make sure that
nikita codes
it's a prospectus
uh... so highly recommends east texas tools
also spray for cody if you have to handcuff html
or uh... hand cut anything uh...
takes up its uh...
save so much time and
greetings flags
uh... password security uh... i'm sure the system but many times before
and i'm sure that
analyst for the series of potential keeping it because uh... majestic it
that can't be overemphasized uh... debbie and says enough
everyone usage you really mindful of that
uh... security the it's especially as we're trying to
sign and for all these new services you know there's been a ton of great
services mentioned today then where you'll need to create crosswords you
need to use a different password for excite
uh... i'd say that knowing full well that many many many of you will not do
but really try
uh... you know the barker media
pack armed services
servers when the perhaps
you know this is an consequence for
thousands of people and uh...
who knows if they use that same email address and password for
uh... cinematical
you know they're medical insurance i enter their bank records or or what not
an enterprising hacker could really really messed up uh... your lifestyle
ministries is preposterous a wendy's he waited
do that is to user password keeper
but blass pastor was down one password must pass is they're both cross-platform
uh... scan you some aker he see
and the difference between israel s prostores your service your passwords on
their servers
but it's an encryption so
that means that uh... they actually do not have access there please don't come
access to the contents of your arm
simply stochastic richard g so they tend to see what's in your data
uh... one password stores here at cmich local
and uh... and beverages match-up action than i was built loan as well
uh... of analysts haps also
probably enjoyed versions for last house i'm not positive
uh... and basically you just said uh... one master password and
and then
it will store all the other passwords in the can also
but create uh...
really really basically uh... unhappy will cuss words
that are random strings of
capital markets voters and
maybe characters a few drinks
the website permits it
and um...
you can use uh... grandin password generator to
to create passwords for new sites
stored in one of these prosecutors and then the only thing you need to religion
master password obviously russia password has really strong
and protected as well so
uh... one recommendation from rendez-vous parks who is a lawyer and an
author and bites about um...
using computers
uh... i think
primarily focuses a lot max twenty recommends changing your password choice
uh... with the clocks so were coming up and then a daylight saving sense when
witness and change approx
check your
smoke detector batteries and change your master password for your password
i think that dream noticeable trip to just remember
tur you know engage in some best practices in the room
internet security mix
to is about email search uh...
is sort of a general
probably general complaint of mine more than expected
obsolete emails into folders is really a leftover sort of way of thinking about
you know as a physical object and it it doesn't make any sense at all
it's never midst nuisance that days of my first email account where i eh...
was able to save emails folks justin
you know i didn't know which folder to put it into a put it in the folder of
you know the company that sent it or that
project was related to or the person that center there
the year of the months are interest as i could never really
figure out how i want to ask for an acess
you know anyone you know could go into that
many different folders and heaven forbid you haven't you know that actually
discusses five different projects in it
you know then there's no one place that you can put it i would
where really dixon street go look looking for itself
as soon as i could have had to find ways to abandon
sorting as a paradigm
uh... and you know when i've got you know i
and really sort of got gmail really
it became
my default but you know i don't sore at all that you know i just
basically archive everything what you know i get an and search and
i've been able to find you know through a clean you know
recently was
some question about you know what was the lola's cameras and my friend of mine
and mentioned that
are usable with uh... pro bono
work as a macho and within you know within a few keystrokes found it so you
something offer much sir that my except without some type of sir
if i had filed by the way i don't think
would have ever found that i wouldn't even have tried
city let me just let it go tried to
if you can't use email and you're stuck
using outlook um...
you can't rise to add ons relatives army which is inbox fell backwards
is a great
uh... add on that
i think indexes your
your emails uh... store your kids to file
uh... so it doesn't really quick solution also allows you to quickly
polyphenols that are sent from one person
so and that is typically howard findings as i don't remember what project it was
related to
i remember who sent it
installed just look for that and that actually
um... makes outlook connect
more usable to for me at least and you know you know we're going to work on
coke halo is a copy uh...
add-on for outlook actually as an application that resides on top of
outlook so you have to have outlook running an annual and neo on top of that
and um... r_u_c_ is us a lot um...
when i was using outlook heavily and
had to uh...
uh... save emails
based on you know clients or the matter type or or do you know that's basically
where it left a different ways of course you know how to save it email and you
know is uh... greatly organist
so bears
if there's one
running steam and offered his intentions if that the you know the
three of us so far uh... spoken in savannah
probably each been on the on in a
email thread of requires and uh... you know involving five or six people trying
to schedule a phone caller meeting then purchased it drives me nuts because that
crazy guy trying to schedule
anything but you know
com particularly with us
uh... dispatch a person with people outside of your shirt on their network
two options mention before create uh...
what is good and also um...
can require ments
these are two other options doodle jewelers great because um...
anybody can just go to doodle dot com setup a uh...
an attempt to schedule you know
uh... you block off the dates as uh... that you want
to the times that are uh...
but you try to schedule for
and then you basically you you get a link but you can't you know so everybody
who needs to win and you don't need to
login or register and at
subgroup recipients of the picasa dot loginregister obituaries
is click on the link enter their name on the left and then check off the currents
that are uh...
and um...
after everyone's weighted in at the bottom you'll see a number of saying you
four out of five people think that um... you know
tuesday the twenty third at ten a_m_ work uh...
uh... assistants so much quicker than trying to send emails back and forth
tell me is very similar notes
to uh... cool color appointments use of the senate printout and then you can
actually in court you're personal calendars whether they would not look or
google calendar or
sunbird if it is a
thermal solar freeware version of the calendar um...
you don't have to expose your personal commitments to
people go to see that those times are not available and that is so much for
this special time with you to send the link to your total meter
tell them to choose from primitive saleable and you can you know you can
set uh... started and gave it to your workplace are transferred to a
uh... uh... you don't both very good options uh...
hyatt i highly recommend trying both outbound and do those things really
lightweight sails freeze to death
kids here
just uh...
a few more tips from me aku grab bag just a bunch of random things uh... i'll
find you know is available then uh... school used to have a service call
google gears allowed offline use of web sites uh... they've discontinued i think
you have many other products uh... but they're brought
cold war often to know about his initial five
um... you have to install a in the chrome browser from the chrome ap store
uh... mystery
but you have to read in chrome uh...
it works and doesn't cash all of the emails just recent ones
lead handy for you know
flights if you want it
take care of you know that your inbox way fine and you don't need to refer
back to emails from years ago
uh... at
it works just fine
and of course from us but her brain calendars and
investments are fine as well which i think we'll
increase uh... usability are the value of that uh... and
really making it much more
useful tool
coherence aku class is now open everybody and longer internally
which is great
but beyond that they both said in your future circle his parents house are
basically persistent video chat rooms uh...
and it was kind of fun at first when the russian people
people there was a weekly with the will recover managed to see check it out
is pretty limited cuz it was
basically dispute shot
um... inefficient utube videos with each other but now
then added broadcasting so
hester limited to ten people still took participate but i think you can
broadcasts you basically the world's
it's inherently can people who tected into the hero cancel
watched hang out
uh... screen sharing a sellout
and um...
mobile hangouts of us have been able to the uh... internet up and i think also
well uh... web
uh... webapp for i a less and now they've also really sleepy eyes i think
the developer community will really
lash out at this as uh...
something clear within was
sort of struggle to
recover from
some of the um...
goto meeting straight out of the citrix accounts uh...
standing for a lot of uh... organizations that might be something
that has a
that's a viable option for at least for internal meetings in about external
meetings but maybe like you were distributed to the district became a
corporate houses uh... as an option
one workable item of google site search so back
the leadership of a purchase ita which is a fight
uh... data
service uh...
that cleared the
anti-trust hurdles that were brought her
now that was thrown out when they were weakened by the service and now they've
launched coble pfizer check
uh... static electricity fights and then you'll see a critically interface you
just enter
we're trying to go to uh... cool in
it's creepy kuwait knows where you are
so you don't need to enter that pieces we can change it if you're not
searching sir
for a flight from where you are
and it will terry turner
you know very clean list of
flights was
price uh...
schedule or not
uh... airline
and you can sort
any of those factors under some other features to you a is uh... a little bit
sort of
engineering you know it's not uh...
as user-friendly as some other services particularly her head monk
it's so my favorite
but um...
but it's on it's been an assault yeah
easy to remember
also if you just an errant uh...
a travel at
itenary basically into the regular google search bar
you can get uh... fight results
from in search results without having to navigate with site
so that's that second screenshot galore screenshot uh...
so you know if you start enter in new york to san francisco
you can get a text-based listed of
flight times uh... airports
days a week
here's interests
grand isle final two commuter traffic taken with commissioners time
everyone knows or anyone who pays attention to
phones smartphones in particular iphones
knows that i'll cope with our other couples about such a big announcements
on october fifth
and supportive secret that it's couldn't be any version of my phone
for the
you know for those out there who were thinking about upgrading arround
impossibly tight installed on iphone
that the runner means when you do with your old phone
i've tried ebay in craigslist and
that's fine but that takes a lot of work
and i'm kinda lazy when it comes to things like that so
uh... i was thrilled a couple years ago to discover gazelle dot com
which has been amazing it's uh...
it's basically ah...
service where you enter
you you search for the products are trying to sell to them
they have a uh... huge database of things from you know all netbooks dvd
player scanners
basically all electronics it wouldn't be surprised to have a in their database or
p_c_r_ players uh... and you enter the condition of the peace of the uh... i
and they'll give you an estimate
and uh... you can you ask them to send you a box we can mail it in yourself
and once they confirm the condition of the of adam
though they send you a check or you can get uh...
credits applied to an amazon account or uh...
that i think they can pay by pay pal there's a lot of different options
you can also enter items that that it won't be able to to resell say they
won't give you money for but they'll recycle so an opera cycle old broke in
um... self-rule sofas that don't work in word and when we saw them in the
uh... either end of the men and they said lotus he said is broken so which
excel at if you submitted will protect what spots
in addition to that too so uh... offers a pro companies offer good where you can
set up the page
but you can send your donors asking them to send him
their electronica gadgets that batman you're clicking the send their closets
and the money that would normally would normally go to them
would get donated to your organization
that's it for me that's great thank you very much tony that is wonderful
and so folks and we're just about eight after three amma
eastern time uh... i have a few tek-tips that i'm gonna run through
intimal open the floor up for questions from
and folks and so and get ready to raise your hand in a few minutes if you have
any questions him also tackling questions in a in that you need help
now that we haven't gotten that
uh... so my first tek-tips is uh... this at free application called maritime
this is a uh... application of my actually useful for us about an hour ago
um... the new york office briefly lost and connection until he was unable to
login at the beginning
uh... but basically it's a free piece of ads supported software that i believe
was initially developed by microsoft
that you can install on any computer that has a wifi connection it
which now would include smoot-hawley pretty although inexpensive on laptops
and then you can wires they share it's inert net connection
uh... within the other com computer a mobile phone or
you and that park
or even cameras
in the vicinity much like uh... it out the wifi hotspot
anderson two zero option to consider that plaguing airport
hot spots where
either computers can see each other you can configure so that all computers on
the wifi
land to see each other and talk to each other
uh... but that does not need is a free software that allows that
local wifi hotspot shield internet connection
ironing cleaning up the cellular cardona share it with uh... nearby devices
uh... this is another kind of cool little uh...
mobile after i have been asked them off on a few days ago it's called on web
camera from component
if perhaps money alone
and um... this is a mobile application that you put it on your i'd phone and
several other small towns i don't think they're and recaps out yet but they have
a blackberry and windows mobile versions i believe
in an afterthought on your uh...
on your mobile device that has a camera on it you also stalled is very small
server software on your desktop computer laptop
in if your mobile device is connected to the same wifi network as your computer
connects automatically to that computer impacts that the usb webcam so uh... it
basically falls the computer and i think in a u_s_ peace trim webcam is connected
to it
and an we tested it out and you can
uh... acu catcher iphone or ipod touch with cameras in that
you can
stream and and applications like skye careened into meetings new webcams or
hippies even tested it with the uh... webcasting model on the advocate happen
at advocate platform in it works for the advocate however still the best model as
well and you could record correctly in there and
i'm so nervous i recommend doing that for kefir live streaming but it works
the present wellington the audio so that does come in the use of
and wi-fi connected at multiplies
pinpoint um... civicplus called browsealoud encountered
it basic level this is an embedded widget that you can configure input on
your website
did end users can clinic
and have it played back text and housing over different sections of the website
uh... businesses effected past and uh... como made an agreement uh... in new york
and so this is really interesting service it's not something that have
been able to use
uh... and it's not free
uh... four organizations or there may be certain non-profit pricing for it
uh... but as an organization you can provide this would hit me up
pretty video flexibility over
over the voice over the features of it
but then it just sort of lives a little button on your website and then users
umpteen click that
and use that did not get the website
banditry read them back to them and ammu will circulate comedy
the materials artist afterwards amit the recording and the slide deck in michigan
put links on here because there's a really interesting question a links
of government websites for example the trees in the service that i wasn't even
aware of
there's a really mistakes as a political
uh... this next fall's called eliminates found paid first became aware of this at
the uh...
spousal from civilians conference in san francisco affects a sacramento law
library use this subordination to look read this really great
uh... public uh... educational material on
uh... buying service hand
these big gil intimate to create these character animations again
it's a really cool service that um...
you can create these
need animations and including voices
and have them
that script and have a character who are out and have
you know and in their backgrounds and you don't have to know anything about
you know the a cartoonist for artists are animator
and you can choose to purchase more advanced features and you can purchase
different character designs and things like that
uh... there's a really interesting way of providing uh... you know public
public educational t_v_ education which aerials
and uh...
the federal honored at a great job integrating this with powerpoint styles
like employs over seven cut too
i'm showing these characters interact with answer from papers and its it's
it's pretty funny to actually american people a check it out
commonly seven scalable will provide a link home afterwards
uh... this next up a list that was kinda interesting out in terms of um...
disaster preparedness at actually somehow wasn't completely aware that you
had created this let me be a little bit old but they have a android mobile ap
that's basically
an emergency
you prepare niskanen who has a lot of around
is radio
aesthetic uh... information in terms of what you know what you do before during
after uh... different types of natural disasters
and has uh... you you can draw down and read mobile optimized versions of term a
lot of that concept they have on their on their website
which is useful and also has a lot emergency supply kit checklist um... but
it also allows you to add and get your only meeting locations sleep so you
couldn't you know if you can have a in layer
friends or
uh... or or workplaces around twenty one has a right now just up and you can
havoc on the list of you know meeting places in the event of a disaster
quitting m
you know primer in town to physical location horoscope as well as contact
uh... have come up his hands
and things of that nature
and then it also it also contains thanks to their fee not a lot but at the
eats and their news pages uh...
and other social media outlets and if there is a really interesting uh...
use of uh... mobile but you know public public information abt that provides all
the snow and i'm my book much format
and also provides the user data and their own information the crater
you know
emergency cat
as you know also has her own set of tek-tips in terms of
uh... pack of europe
your tech preparedness have and they've had a disaster time to look at the
bottom of this line
uh... this next one is called i'd macros bises actually a firefox extension uh...
this is a really interesting call
all uh... for folks who don't know a macro is
it's basically if you use excel you may have seen this occasionally but a macro
is basically an action or command
that when you
when you spin you've selected or fired off again fires off a series for other
commands allows you to wrap up you know complex series of actions indicates one
commands committee uh...
you know conference past uh... easier to automate
and i'm akers brings this to the web browser
and the very basic level uh... improvised is pain on the left hand side
of your screen and that what you were court what you're doing on the screen
uh... it's not exactly did you mean it's not recording all visually but it's
the people would have what you're doing so if you click on a button that says it
knows that the you know the proper command for uh... click this button
in jenner cat
inert xna form field
it records the code for the farm field even again as well as the content
so very basic level this is really useful for automating repetitive tasks
which often during the same information over and over again and uh... you bob
bob of course is one thing that the capacities internally for
to automate common types of bugs and then we can fill in all the unique
without refueling in all the other forms individually
and you can also use this for m_i_t_ any website that has forms including the
you may provide an advocate and buy it
was a little bit little will be a ello greasy find out if you can actually feed
it d uh... from uh... comma-separated file from excel
inhibited u
much more abound complex uh... in operations and in bulk
and cities one example of this is that tom
when he did upload uh...
a couple hundred resources into an advocate library
so after fiddling around and then recording the the steps it takes to
adult resource to collaborates willamette at a template
we created a sort of a simple spreadsheet of all of the form fields
that we've filled out and their and with each continent one field we filled in
all of the race information that would go and
uh... for for each resource
uh... incident after that spreadsheet was collected
an informant for volunteer taxes they're going to be a plan
we could basically click them play button
in it loops through
and uploaded two hundred and
his two hundred or so
documents into an advocate resource library
about having to teach women only
so it's a pretty pretty interesting exercises uneasy takes time to create
unity to spreadsheet if you don't have that
information of hills massacre for many ways but in this case we
actually kind of david and so uh... move a little bit of a book released a little
bit of customizing of them coded spits out
um... they created this this workload to upload aom
at documents and advocate library
involved and it's really it's a little interesting because we have play it in
the in your browser screen it
walks through its like it takes control of your browser and you can see it steps
for each form and that's really cool
the first time in after about
the fifth time at not quite as cool you can walk away from it when it's due its
business sam
wiped out here really interesting to eliminate divers
basic level you gonna meet some of pent-up asked him if you choose to get
you know a little
that warrant what you can really use some interesting uh... operations amanda
in a very high number
the sex while this is just an interesting we create your owns or
customize on minute newspaper and you can around you can basically turned any
feed of twitter feed analysis feeder basically anything else that i met some
type of feed
euclid into your account on this endemic creates uh...
sort of newspaper layout you can see in this town
this is going to switzerland creative on immigration reform with a federal bunch
um... news websites and amp logs and twitter accounts
into this immigrants this
uh... answer muse portal
on immigration reform uh...
you disney used a lot of wage visa for your own personal interest i guess is
sort of a person who's really really bothered much is that that you're
interested in
sorry for yourself or maybe that you want true friends but you can only see
also create you know
you can create one for your organization where your pulling are says feeds from
your programs website from st weapon sites here because began for partners
websites or
either use it means
news and
one-time use word
positions that are providing information
e-ticket irrelevant the folks and um... people kansas graduate this through our
sas and leaders even uh...
you know if you look into a poster twitter and again conference
uh... this that's one of the mobile apple and this is a mobile check-in at
dana and this is went ahead and use it is just on a couple days you know what i
thought was a particular history
here's the about this
was trying to apply at one of the social interactions out four square spellcheck
new uh... work in brookline rationing
blacks on the other things you're one of the goals
that he had was the reduced email contraindications
teens uh... there's a lot of saurabh
buzzwords associated with a they believe that you know
uh... by they
inhibiting chickens entered sort of business for the increase transparency
and change the way leon pregnant rat works but it was really interesting is
that um...
that the core of of what you think it is
useful is that um... if is looking at social networks not justice questions of
people but collections of social objects
so instead of didn't just
checking into places
his uh...
uh... in which you your friend to turkey into you check into social objects like
customers a client interaction
whose partners etcetera
is increased as fyi
even uh... what you're doing based on the sort of context what you're doing it
well i'm not really convinced that
this is uh...
would work for me uh... or anyone else is one of the hemorrhage wasn't really
interesting way to get out communicating what you're working on to your
co-workers and possibly even to collaborator across organizations
in a way that doesn't uh...
sincerely mean more emails uh... changed
this next one is called fat four f it's pronounced in the quotation as how they
discredit in intersection of every nation creationist search
so anyway the their view too
finding out information across all the social networks web sites that are out
there today
it's very simple to set up she basically plugin some keywords to start with
and so i plug in some
patty ten
free legal help file keywords to see what type of filters
order to see what i've overcome
newsperson resources that were returned
without customizing it too much and it was fairly interesting but you can
really get into it and and to celebrate keywords
and so you can see i one of these keywords to be more meaningful how u
return content to me
you can also again' feeds into a you can speak suggestions
uh... about leading different uh...
uh... different websites
different within their so which is kind of interesting interesting concept i
think it's really worth to play out uh... as it stays that way that folks
are finding
m information for social networks online search
continues to evolve and different different companies tried
and different organizations traffic that manage that
search of that
and then uh... this last one and the quote of the top is intersection of
paranoia obsession teaching us i think is providing from the based maas one
uh... i don't necessarily know that i had a great news for this uh...
but i would like the idea of boxing up
their idea it basically is that
if you're moving
somewhere if it's a fair housing officer hangovers
you want to know what's in every single box but you don't necessarily want the
movers to know what's in every cell box right but you really want a detailed
of everything that's being moved
so it will boxing up does is it combines a web and mobile out
i said that you can create
uh... lists of each container on the website
in and all the items that are in the website our employees rather in the
after you've within all the conflict in the box you can print out etc you are
code and who are cut is the big generate
and for folks who don't know what you are curtis is kind of like a bar code
but a lot of uh... into a disaster drill using fewer comes alive uh...
there's some iowa's after using it
perhaps a management elapse but basically you skin that you are kind of
a terrible camera next door code
and uh... includes
some information often times that you are al
or some other information in there
and this case you just had this to our code on the side of your box
and you
with your uh... android
or iphone and it
returns a list of everything that is in the box isn't on the website
so etc
i don't know how useful to say that i'm not quite excessive about of my pride is
speed organizing things bipedal separate intersting out but i think it may have
applications for the m obsessive and private amongst us beyond just simply
moving from place to place
i want to thank you all for attending we have a few minutes left and i just wanna
make sure
that we have a chance
for you ought to ask questions
and so if anybody has any questions right now feel free to raise your hand
antiwar minute you
and then now you can actually question after question um... wispy for twenty
because uh...
this texas vision work
with only certain applications bank i don't have a lot of serious unwilling to
sign on it
set and it does actually uh...
system wide of and passion
uh... cape may be and speak to the uh...
dance all hot
acts on and
and and it does work
better and stuff
uh... applications than others that i have
uh... terry little
felonies in edit chrome but that it often has a problem senator
internet explorer financing that there
uh... and that it
doesn't change cap
uh... if you're computers running slowly it sometimes missus characters so you
have to
go back and sort of change thanks but those are pretty
thinks about it
and k through an
went great
well um... thank you all for coming and i really especially when i think are
great panelist uh...
and kate patrick and finding a wonderful job and i'll be really appreciative
spinning and i'm taylorsville here is the next veterans coming up in the
series uh...
on october twelfth uh... lover unlike i think that's practices
and allen november will have all things mobile uh...
unit as always you can find and all that happy to train information on alice and
path dot org in and
thanks again and um... e if you have any questions was a serious you can contact
allison peppermint or brian
um... that
allyson tucker and the press justice
uh... tactics what everyone