This Week @Minnesota: Mini Med School, Tea Ceremony, Pirates

Uploaded by UniversityofMinn on 24.02.2012

The U of M's Mini Med School is
in the third week of its spring run.
Mini Med School allows the public to experience the life
of a medical student, learn from experts and,
participate in hands-on activities.
This week, psychiatry professor Dr. Jon Grant spoke
with participants about understanding
and treating addictions, and professor
of medicine Conrad Iber shed light on the science of sleep.
This past Tuesday, Professor Fumio Watanabe
from Yamagata University performed a traditional Japanese
Tea Ceremony alongside U students.
Six different ceremonies took place throughout the evening,
all centered on the communion between tea maker and guests.
The College of Biological Sciences
and the Biological Sciences Alumni Society hosted a Real
Pirates event at the Science Museum of Minnesota this week.
The event included a private reception and lecture
by U history professor Kathryn Reyerson.
Following the lecture, guests toured the Real Pirates Exhibit,
which features the untold story of the Whydah pirate ship.
Check out the Real Pirates exhibit
for yourself through May 31st.