Vladimir Ilyushin

Uploaded by vovaermakov on 05.12.2012

This is a workshop.
Here are all of his tools.
Here they are talking about something...
So, my wife tells me:
Why do you keep playing with these belts
Why can't you just make 10 of them in a day
You feel this place is more firm
So you need to knead it, so it become soft
So you get a good quality handmade belt
Not just useless straps of leather.
Is this a custom belt?
When they order, do they show you the pattern
or you invent it?
There are different customers...
So this pattern will be black, like now?
Yes, but it's going to look a bit different after it dries.
Getting close. About 5-10 % of work left to go.
And what takes the remaining 90%?
The belt buckle.
It's fully forged
Outside it's covered by leather.
Then cutting the belt out, painting it.
This leather is initally light.
It doesn't look as good.
After it's painted the belt needs to be kneaded.
So it becomes soft, and springy.
Wax it here as well.
Do you wax the whole belt?
Or just this piece for the buckle?
The whole belt.
Wax adds water resistance.
So it doesnt get moist
Varnish doesnt give the same effect.
It becomes hard.