Healthy Holiday Recipes: Pumpkin Pecan Pie

Uploaded by runDisney on 21.12.2012

Hi this is Tara Gidus, official nutritionist for runDisney
With another holiday favorite, pecan pie!
I know you love your pecan pie, but it can tend to get up there in calories and fat and also sugar.
So what I’ve done is slimmed it down.
Normally pecan pie is well over 500 calories a slice,
I’ve got it down to about 250, and the sugar from 38 grams down to 17.
How did I do this?
I mixed it with another one of your favorites,
Which is pumpkin pie!
So what I’ve done is I’ve taken the pumpkin,
Which is wonderful, becasue it’s got Vitamin A which is great anti-oxidants,
It’s got fiber and it also has potassium,
Which of course is a good electrolyte to help us with all that sweat that we’re losing.
So we’ve put the pumpkin inside a crust of oats.
And oats are a wonderful whole grain, slow digesting carbohydrate that makes a great base,
Then we can put our wonderful, tasty pecans on top.
And I love pecans because they’re the highest anti-oxidant nut you can get.
So this helps protect yourselves, their also a really good source of fiber and protein.
I love using pecans, but we just need to slim it down a little bit
By using the pumpkin as a base inside that oat crust and it’s golden.
If you want my recipe for Pumpkin Pecan Tart,
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And of course come back often often because I’m always got lots of tips to help you fuel your runDisney events.