110727 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 27.07.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for July 27th
2011 Gold is currently trading at 1619.60
Silver is at 40.81 The Silver to Gold Ratio is 39.69
Oil is at 98.82 and the US Dollar is at 73.66
NATO War Crime: Libya Water Supply
NATO, and by extension the U.S. Government, has bombed the civilian water supply network,
and subsequently the facilities to repair it.
This water system supplies vital water to 70 percent of civilian homes in Libya.
If it is water and not oil, NATO and U.S. may sadly, at this point,
be committing war crimes on another soverign country.
Obama's Options if no Deal on Debt Ceiling Hike
1. Sell assets, like the lead, err... gold bricks at Fort Knox
2. Misuse the 14th Amendment and nulify the debt ceiling completely.
3. Prioritize payments and spend only 45 percent of the current rate
4. Enlist the Federal Reserve to help and watch the dollar crash.
Fed Audit: Trillions For Foreign Banks, Conflicts of Interest
According to a government audit, since 2007, the Fed has provided more than $16 trillion
in secret bailouts to banks and other companies around the world.
Divide 16 trillion by the U.S. population and one has about 50,000 dollars.
Isn't that extra special.
The “Great Monetary Reset” Will Destroy Cash
In regards to the debt crisis, Marc Farber said that there will be an agreement,
but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of excessive debt and of further,
very substantial deficits. He goes on to say that by comparing the cost
of gold to the amount of the U.S. debt, both now and in 1980, gold is inexpensive.
In addition, he said that the biggest losers, when the money reset happens,
will be those holding cash.
Drought Withers Smallest Hay Crop in Century to Boost Beef Costs
The smallest U.S. hay crop in more than a century is withering under a record Texas
drought. This affects the cost of livestock from California
to Maryland. The price of alfalfa, the most common hay
variety, surged 51 percent in the past year. Naturally, this will increase meat prices
in the near future.
Democrats Oppose Obama-U.N. Gun Control Treaty
In some good news, 12 Democratic Senators have joined 45 Republican
Senators to halt the Obama-backed United Nations effort
to destroy the 2nd amendment and to have a backdoor way to confiscate guns.
Progress is being made.
The Most Dangerous Cities In America
Here are the top three from three to one. 3. St. Louis, Missouri
2. Detroit, Michigan 1. Flint, Michigan
10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict
Here are a few... 1. Switzerland
2. Canada 3. Costa Rica
4. New York... just kidding on that last one.
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day