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I have traveled the length and breadth of Veneto
and I never found a place where you eat badly...
...except where they're not able to cook, but there's obvious!
Do you know where you eat well? On the [Euganean] hills...
They make rooster with tomato sauce...mmm!
Believe me, it is worth!
...other than this cooking of my wife!
You always have sweet words for me, don't you?
Look here...what is this?
Chards with potatoes.
Well, they are not so bad...
...have you heard, Ada?
You start even having fans!
...It's hard even to swallow the bite! You need to drink!
Actually my wife never made me something so good...
Yeah are too gentle, you know?
But now shut up and let's finish eating this shit!
It's hard even to chew it well...
What did you put in it, polystyrene? gross...puah...
Want some cabbages?
No, we'll eat them tomorrow!
...for dessert we have the tiramisu..ah ah...
...infringed the copyright...OH SHIT!
Listen here:
"Copyright infringement notification from Youtube.
We regret to inform you...
...that your parody entitled AVATE...
...has been obscured worldwide.
Now and forever."
Didn't you have a fuck less to do than obscure my AVATE??
On behalf of:
20th Century Fox Film Corporation's always them who piss me off! May they go to meditate!
written by Ciano from Doliwood
voices by Ciano, Giulia and Serge
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Translations and subtitols by Andrea Lunardon, translator for the Venetian language. Languages: ENG-SPA-FRA-CAT-ITA-VEC