How to Stop the Assault Weapons Ban - A Call to Action

Uploaded by stuthewise on 02.01.2013

Hey guys. Just made a video here.
You know, you got... we have a lot of talk about assault weapons bans and assault weapons legislation coming up.
I just want to be very clear about something. I'm not making this video because the assault weapons ban is going to have any effect on me.
It will have virtually zero effect on me.
I'm a gun owner. I own several guns right now. All of them pistols.
Due to a physical disability, I'm not able to shoot rifles like AR-15's, as much as I love them. I trained on an M-16
and that is by far the most fun I've ever had with a rifle. I wanted one very badly.
Not so I can go kill people, but so I can shoot it in sport.
Why, if it will have pretty much zero effect on me personally, why am I speaking out against it?
Because I'm not concerned with how the assault weapons ban is going to effect me personally.
I'm making this video because my concern is how these laws will effect the country.
So please take that into consideration as you watch this, and thanks for watching!
Hey guys. Stu here.
The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave. He, who has nothing, and who himself belongs to another,
must be defended by him.
So I have a question for you. Are you a freeman or are you a slave?
Do you leave your defense in the hands of the state or do you take that upon yourself?
I've been watching a few videos lately. TheHossUSMC has put out a good video -- a call to action to write our legislators.
tnoutdoors9 made a lengthy video. And boy, I gotta tell you. I've been watching tnoutdoors9 for awhile now. I've never seen him riled up like that before.
It's a little subtle, but you can definitely tell he's riled up and upset about what's going on.
And he should be, as should we all.
The government is trying to disarm us! Make no mistake.
There are people out there who say that people who think like me are paranoid, that we live in fear...
that the government isn't going to take away our guns.
Those people are ignorant, they are fools, and they have no understanding of history.
It wasn't too long ago that George W. Bush passed the Patriot Act.
A lot of self-proclaimed liberals stood up and declared the, um, unconstitutionality of that act.
They declared the immorality of that act.
Where are those people now?
Under the Obama administration, not only has the Patriot Act been extended, but it has been expanded!
Under the Obama administration we have NDAA 2012, which suspends habeas corpus for American citizens.
Habeas corpus. A right enshrined in the Constitution -- in the Bill of Rights.
The removal of that right -- that basic right of all American citizens
it has now been codified -- the removal of that right has been codified in the NDAA.
The government -- our government -- believes that they have the right to arrest any American anywhere in the world,
including on American soil,
because they "suspect" them of either being a terrorist or being involved with terrorist organizations.
And that mere suspicion, the government believes, gives them the right to arrest that person and indefinitely detain them.
No right to trial. No right to a phone call. No right to talk to a lawyer. No right nothing!
NDAA 2013 retains those clauses of indefinite detention and expands on the rights of the government -- expands on the powers of the federal government --
to do even more to suspend the rights of the citizen, of the individual citizen.
Now you tell me that the government isn't out to disarm the American public.
[In a distorted voice] "Oh no, it's just gun control! Why can't people understand that? Why can't you gun nuts understand that
all it is about is controlling guns so there will be less violence?"
All right. That's bull-[distorted sound], okay?
They're out to get our guns. This is step one!
They're using recent tragedies to gain political advantage.
The people in government have been out to increase their power over us, private citizens, since day one!
And very few people have stood up to stand against that.
Our country was founded on liberty!
You know, George Washington had the backing of all his generals. They all supported him to make him king.
They all came out and said, "We will support you. If you declare yourself king, we will support you."
Those generals had the support of the troops they commanded.
So here we had an entire army supporting George Washington, to be king.
All he had to do was declare himself king and he would've been king over this nation.
George Washington believed in something bigger than himself.
George Washington believed in the liberty of the individual.
And that's why he turned down the opportunity at ultimate power as complete and total dictatorial ruler.
To mold the country any way that he saw fit with that total power. Because he believed in individual liberty. He believed in the Republic.
You know, all this arguing about how the assault weapons ban is going to have no effect, it's a pointless argument.
The politicians all know that it will have no effect on crime.
At the very best, it will have no effect on crime.
More than likely it will cause an increase in crime.
The more you disarm the people, the more crime is going to increase.
Best case scenario, it has no effect on crime.
Politicians know this! Most of them aren't that stupid.
They're smart enough to get into the positions they're in. Do you really think that they're so stupid that believe
disarming the people, banning firearms, doing ridiculous idiotic things like making barrel shrouds illegal or restricting the size of magazines
is going to anything to make us safer?
They're not that stupid! Some of them might be. [Coughs] Dianne Feinstein.
But I think the majority of them don't believe that for a second.
They use it as an excuse to increase their own power. They are trying to disarm the American people
and this assault weapons ban is step one.
You know, from a philosophical standpoint, I can't get too irate and upset about this. I only have control over myself.
But I want to exert my influence over anybody who's willing to watch this and anybody who's willing to listen.
Of course you have the free will to decide for yourself.
I assume you have the free will. You aren't one of those people who is a slave to the state?
Someone who has given up their freedom in order to let the state protect them? Given up your own right to defense?
If you're one of those people, you've already given up your free will. So I don't give a flying-[distortedsound] about you.
But for all the rest of you who are willing to listen and...
I'm asking you to do as TheHossUSMC has asked us to do, I'm asking you to do as tnoutdoors9 has asked you to do
I'm asking you to do as countless others on YouTube have asked you to do.
First of all, make your opinion on this matter known.
You know if there are 100,000 YouTube videos out there, all stating that they are against any sort of additional gun legislation,
any sort of assault weapons ban, any additional legislation on firearms at all, then we the people are going to be heard
by the people in power.
The only thing people in power fear is the removal of their power.
And -- for now at least -- we have that power. And the people in power are trying to take that power away from us.
They don't like the fact that we have the ability to remove them from their position.
And step one to preventing us from doing that is to disarm us.
Oliver Stone has already come out and said that we live in an Orwellian state.
Even people in Hollywood who are traditionally leftists or traditionally democrats, they're coming out and saying what Obama is doing is wrong.
Saying that what our current administration, what our current congress is doing, is wrong.
And if you think this is a left versus right issue, if you think this is democrat versus republican, if you think the republicans would never do this, you are wrong!
In the republican primaries, Mitt Romney was asked point blank, "Would you support the NDAA 2012 as written?"
Now remember, as written, as it was written it contained clauses that allowed for the suspension of habeas corpus
and for the indefinite detention of any American citizen based solely on the determination of some government official.
>>Moderator: Would you have signed the National Defense Act as written?
>>Romney: Yes I would have, and I do believe that it's appropriate...
Now I'm not going to go into details about how the FBI is spying on everybody, the CIA is spying on everybody, the NSA is spying on everybody.
Okay? If you have half a wit, you already know this. If you have half a wit, you've asked yourself, "Why is the government doing this?"
If you have half a wit, you know why the government is doing this.
People who know this and understand this aren't living in fear. We're living in a state of logic.
My last video, the gun control and philosophy video, I had included this clip, or I had recorded this clip but had unfortunately edited it out, and I wish I hadn't done that, but here it is for you now.
One of the main reasons that I decided to finally make a video and speak out is because if those of us that are gun owners and
pro 2nd amendment and pro gun ownership and anti-gun regulation,
if we don't speak then we become complicit in whatever our government decides to do to disarm us.
Now, my speaking up and putting this video on YouTube will do very little to change the minds of the lawmakers.
The best thing that we can do -- okay, and this has to happen -- every single gun owner, pro 2nd amendment person in America
needs to write their representatives in their districts and let them know, with no uncertainty, that if they vote for
more regulation of firearms, then we will do everything in our power to ensure that they are unemployed and standing in the unemployment line with the rest of unemployed America.
So let's do it people! Let your voice be heard. Write your legislators.
This is really what we need to do. Every single person out there needs to A) make a video response, some sort of video declaring
your position on this. Make it known. Write your legislators -- all of them! Even if they're not in your district!
Every single legislator in your state. Write them!
If every single person who owned a gun and is against gun legislation wrote their lawmakers, this wouldn't be a problem.
Every single person has to do it though, and I'm calling on you -- every single person that watches this -- to do exactly that.
Okay? The most powerful weapon you have in your arsenal right now is not the guns that you own. It is this.
And if you don't use this weapon, then all the other weapons in your arsenal -- your firearms -- are eventually going to be taken away from you.
One of the founding principles of this country was that every person who is able be allowed to bear arms
as a last resort to defending ourselves against a tyrannical government.
Guess what? We're there. If you don't think that we're there -- or, at the very least, well on our way there -- then you're living in a fantasy world.
You're living in a world where you simply have not been paying attention to what's going on.
The government is out to disarm us, and there's only one reason why the government would want to do so.
So I'm calling on you, I'm calling on everybody, to write your lawmakers.
The pen is mightier than the sword. At least for now it is, okay?
Take advantage of that fact and use your pen. Write your lawmakers, write your legislators, make sure that they know
that you will do everything in your power to remove them from power if they vote for any gun legislation. Make it clear!
If every single gun owner in this nation does so, then we will come out the winners.
And if we don't, then we can take steps from that point forward. But for now we have the ability to stop this.
So let's do it, okay?
All of you out there, protect your liberties, protect your rights with the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Let your voice be heard.
You know, every single person in the military, every law enforcement officer, every congressman, the President of the United States, the vice president...
they have all sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.
So if you think the military isn't going to come and take our arms away. If you think the police aren't going to come and take our arms away,
Then you really haven't been paying attention. Look at what happened after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Those were police officers. Those were military going door to door. House to house. Taking and disarming private citizens.
In violation of the Constitution. In violation of the law of the land.
Some people take their oaths more seriously than others.
Obviously there is going to be people in the military and people in law enforcement who do not take their oaths seriously
and who are going to come, when commanded to do so by the federal government to take your arms away,
who will obey those orders and come to take your firearms away.
Right now, our weapon is the pen.
The time to say, "No, I will not comply!" is now!
Every time we say, "Okay, we'll comply this time," it just gives the government more power, and more power, and more courage,
and more audacity. And they will keep pushing and they will keep going until we have finally been completely disarmed
and had every last liberty stripped.
Check the description for some good links, and here's to a great 2013.
Hopefully we can make it the way that we the people want it to be, not the way the government are trying to make it be.
Thank you for listening. Take care everybody. Best wishes to you all.