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l am sorry that l didn't get my education here.
But when given the chance to be Vice Chancellor of the University..
l felt l had truly achieved a lot.
The family gives birth to a child.
The school turns him into a human being.
With mercy. - Salutations sire.
Servant of the University. l'm student leader.
Final year student of law.
Please sit down. Sit!
So as l was saying...
But when the institute turns into an arena..
where violence and politics are given more importance than education..
they stop churning out humans.
This has been happening in my country for quite some years.
Check the back...
l'll check who is creating the ruckus. Let the program continue.
Just a minute.
Stop right there.
Running like blind men!
Don't kill him. l'm on my way.
We've got him surrounded. Today we'll finish him.
''He said not to shoot. Okay, we won't shoot.''
l'm dead! - Catch the rascal!
Hit harder. - We'll kill you!
Don't waste time.
Hit harder. Don't you have strength in your arms?
Swing him hard.
You're asking for it!
Shall l shoot?
Listen to me..
You can't shoot. Just chant some mantras.
why are you yelling?
Just shoot the daylights out of him!
Your story ends here.
Shoot the shoulder lest we land up in trouble.
l am here.
Your Pop. - Now l'm in trouble.
Good day brother.
Get out of here.
Now you too must stand up.
Don't lie down like a guest. Get up now.
That's better.
You'd have lost your life l saved you.
''l said, let him live a little Thank me for it.''
''Ranvijay Singh, take your politics to another area.''
You have my blessings. You'll progress far.
But henceforth if you wave your flag in the university..
What will happen? - You'll be reduced.
There'll be a 2 minute silence in your memory.
Some of your boys may sing to bid you farewell.
What else can happen?
Will they declare a national holiday in your memory?
Go on.
And listen..
l don't want to see you here till the elections.
l know the village you come from.
Now goon.
Everything is fine. Sit down.
''Sit down, you nut!''
''What was wrong? - Nothing, sir.''
Everything is fine. Watch the show.
Why don't the girls stay this way all the time?
l tell you the problems of the world will be solved.
America will never drop the bomb.
What are you doing? The play is to start.
Move aside! One second...
Why are we committing this sin? - Take a look!
Because it's our share.
Open your eyes. Learn something.
You're all grown now. - l've really grown big.
She's terrific.
Why did you shut it? - That's enough.
Memorise your lines. lt's show time
Come on.
Why did you shut the window on Niharika? - Who is that?
Babul's sisters were there. Have some shame.
Where were his sisters? l didn't see a thing!
''The clouds of love blow''
''A wave rises in the desert''
''ln the dying eyes of the night..''
''...you can see the morning''
''Your eyes can drive anyone nuts''
''Life isn't worth living without you''
''Your eyes can drive anyone nuts''
''Life isn't worth living without you''
''Life is meaningless unless you are in my arms, in my life''
''Come close to me don't feel shy''
''Oh my beloved''
''You have the most exquisite eyes''
''Life isn't worth living without you''
''My dreams have come to life since l set eyes on you''
''Nothing excites me unless you are around''
''Come close so we can be one''
''Like fragrance''
''You've ousted God to make place in my heart''
Stop chattering in Bengali. Aren't we your friends?
My heart is beating hard. l wish she would be mine.
l'll turn over a new leaf.
Let's talk to them. - Enough of song and dance.
Now l want the main lead role. - Cut it out.
lf l don't get the main lead..
Monali and Sonali won't come to the theatre. - Listen...
Why don't you throw him out?
Are we short of girls?
What is it? - Let's go this way.
That's it. Stop here.
lt's quite dark. Can you manage alone? - Don't worry.
Just a minute.
l live close by. lt's quite dark.
Will you please ride with my rickshaw?
l live in the left so l can't..
Hush. Follow me.
Follow him.
Have fun.
You'll fall down. Your lace is undone.
lt stays that way. - Why?
l find tying laces very boring.
Turn here.
How much? - Finished the program?
Or is something new starting tomorrow?
''l'm late today, not everyday.''
''And who is this? - Good day uncle, aunt.''
He studies with me in the University. lt was quite dark.
So l asked him to drive along.
And he did. He's quite free.
No..l live here. ln the railway colony.
l take the same path.. - What's your name?
Are you waiting for tea?
No thanks. See you. Good day uncle..aunt.
Why did you have to talk to him like this?
He loves to throw his weight around.
He scared the child. - He's no child.
You'll see from tomorrow he'll start coming here.
Your daughter encouraged him.
This is his way home. - Let me see him do only that.
l mustn't see him leaning against my gate!
Going out?
No. - Then wear an ironed shirt?
l mean you could've worn something else?
Why is Papa like this?
What's wrong? - He makes the house seem like a police station.
lt's an issue of age. That's all.
You're doing what you should do at this age.
And your father is doing what he should at his age.
You're both good kids.
How was your show?
The show went off well. lt was great.
Has any of you seen Ani's show?
Whatever plays he does..
l've seen them all. - l liked him best as Salim.
Do girls flock around him?
Your train. When will you return?
The morning day after. By the Prayagraj Express.
Yes? - Wear something.
You'll catch a cold.
Wear that same shirt.
Throw him down!
That's damn good!
l hear target practice was on. - We fired just one shot.
What did l say over the phone? Not to shoot!
He rushed into the University. What could we do? Leave him?
Yes! You could've killed him today or tomorrow!
No scene would've been created!
Excuse me but we don't need hoodlums like you.
We're sorry.. - l am sorry!
Don't make us commit sin!
To blazes with you!
What will l answer if a question is raised?
Don't you understand? There's a Lower and Upper house where l'll go.
But you want to go.. - No! l can't!
Hold me here!
You must go there. - Keep me here.
Build me a temple and pray to me!
He hurt his ear that day. - You're both alike.
He has no brains and he's missing a ear!
But l won't spare him!
l'll destroy him.
l didn't say we'll spare him. We will kill him.
But in another city. Okay? And you'll fire the shot.
Youth is that which can't be tied.
Turn the words to form air.
''Air flows. Gently, it's best.''
''When it picks up strength, it wrecks havoc.''
So far a gentle breeze is blowing in our campus.
But hot winds are blowing now.
Why are you burning blood? - Lost blood and it's continuing.
Youth won't be split. He'll be cut... - Come on.
They think their actions will break our spirit.
Don't' go for a walk. This has only 2 bullets.
''When we boil, a storm rises.''
''When we're excited, storms rise.''
''Man, don't try to change us.''
History changes when we do.
''Good day. Sir, l flunked English for 4 marks.''
l can't get married till l clear it.
Who asked you to learn English? - Why shouldn't he?
lt's nobody's Pop's - Beg at his feet.
My father will beat me up.
Move aside. - Listen..
Cover me.
l told you that day don't spare me alive.
l wont' take long to kill you.
Stay within limits.
Meet in the night.
''l said.. - l said, go on.''
What is god? Bearing the wounds of destiny..
Or lifting arms?
Alas that we could sleep and say there's no pain...
Did anyone come here? - No.
Goodbye studies. Acting here.
''Leave us alone. - Okay, we're leaving.''
Please don't' yell.
We'll cut this scene here.
God has given you a special face.
And you transform it.
And camouflage your blush.
But that's enough.
She has driven me nuts!
You act very well. - Thanks.
Know me? - Yes.
''Now on, l also know you.''
l too wanted to act. Do you have a name or is it hero?
There's a door behind the make up room. Get away.
l'll remember you.
Take a good look. This is Bombay.
They have English guns that blow up cars..
Will our cars fly like this?
That society is different. Everyone is modern.
The hoods there go to Dubai and England and Bombay.
Watch the film.
There it's pay up or die.
Here it's give the chair or we kill.
Lot of difference. - That's a small industry.
We run the nation.
''Yes, we're here.''
What news? - Gaurishankar making rounds.
Must be 500 boys. - Can't go home.
We'll have to go elsewhere.
Gauri looked upset. - Were you feeling sorry?
''No, not at all. - You did the right thing.''
What we mean is he'll do anything. He has more force.
Go to the village for awhile. - Meaning..
One slap will knock out your brains.
Run away because the army is larger?
You are the guerrilla that has to make war
Read about them? - Yes.
Attacks and vanishes. - That's him.
Enough. That's it.
They are hoodlums and we are revolutionaries.
You are the guerrilla. Guerrilla war in the nation.
What? - Yes.
who is the heroine? - Some new face.
Show us that one.
No...the checked one.
This is expensive. Rs. 450 a meter.
Cut out 2. One for me and another for him.
''Short sleeves for me, long ones for him.''
''Take it, l'll buy something tomorrow. - Why?''
What's wrong with this? Such a sober colour.
How will we look if we wear the same shirt?
We'll look good. Cut it out. - No.
You've been called for 2 minutes. - Me?
l'll just get back.
Cut the piece.
''Welcome, artist.''
How's your acting? - First class.
Do you guys know him? He is Anirudh.
You'll be spellbound by his acting
He acts very well.
He's always in the field. Teach him a little.
See his cap. My prince.
Wearing a cap and reading a magazine won't make you an actor.
Learn something. Teach him.
Come on. Want a cold drink?
No. - Beer? - l don't drink liquor.
''Have it, keep you cool. - My father is with me.''
Another time. - My son is in..
l tried to stop him.. - Why?
Who are they? - Stopping uncle. - Are they your friends?
Yes. l mean we're in the same University.
''l am Ranvijay Singh. Law, final year.''
''He's not in your class. - No, they are.''
Taufeeq studies in B.Com.
He's doing B. Sc.
He's doing BA.
He's like my younger brother.
Don't worry about rates. - Do you live here?
l'm talking to them. - l'll tell you.
So you've come here earlier?
Such boys will ruin you. They neither study in your class..
Nor are they your age.
they look like criminals. they'll trap you.
What can they do?
They're not my friends. mere acquaintance.
The pressure will ruin the engine.
Stay under 30!
They're back early.
Shall l take the scooter? - No. Take the cycle.
Get back fast. - l'll be late on the cycle
lt doesn't go that fast.
Why did you put so many bells. Everyone is watching us.
lt's young. To look good. - Stop here.
How much? - Rs. 5
l'll see you guys later. - Where are you going?
''The eyes speak the words of the heart''
''The eyes speak the words of the heart''
''ln a flash, it gives away what's in the heart''
''The eyes speak the words of the heart''
''Silence has a meaningful effect on romance''
''lf you fall in love..''
''The heart never realises''
''The bonding of the hearts can never be hidden''
''The eyes speak the language of the heart''
''The eyes speak the language of the heart''
Good day to you. - You too.
Know Ranvijay Singh? - Yes.
Yes. This is his village but he studies in the University.
Everyone was sleeping Suddenly shots were heard.
As if crackers were being lit They didn't stay long.
They'd finished the job in 7 to 8 minutes.
Was it a family feud? - They're from the same caste.
''lf it were a feud, it'd be about a cow or little land.''
But this seems like an army attack.
Move aside.. - What do you think..?
''Very harrowing? Uncle, you seem to have taken it to heart.''
Change yourself. lf you can't break relations with me.
Else..someday l'll get you killed.
Don't make that mistake. Ruins the party balance.
The High Command asked me to work amongst people at grassroot level.
ls killing unarmed villagers grassroot politics?
High Command told me to be alert and to keep an eye on the enemy.
Attack before they attack.
''l'd warned Ranvijay, l know your village.''
But he didn't pay any heed. Shot Gopal in broad daylight!
''lf l don't pay back, the public will think l don't care.''
''This is grassroot level politics, dear uncle.''
''You look after the Assembly, enjoy with reporters. Leave the rest to me.''
Let me do the job the High Command wants me to do.
What High Command are you talking about?
That's enough.
Stop the car a little ahead. Now step out.
Why is he stopping here?
''He wants to relieve himself. Stay put, don't get excited.''
''lf you wish, you too may go.''
Good day uncle.
Walk back.
He's giving a lift to some villagers. What..
Let's move on.
Stay cool. Don't try to act like Phantom.
Crib and you'll get a mouthful.
Just do as you're told.
where will you get off? - Get off? l'm staying with you.
We've been together since last night. We had dinner together.
Stopping me! - Nobody is stopping you.
Sit down. Tie him up!
l'll see..
Are you saving me from Gaurishankar's fury?
He's a woman! The whore of the government!
Come in front! Stealthily goes in the night..
''And killed everyone. Cows, goats, women and kids!''
Calm down. l'm elder to you.
''Ranvijay Singh swears, the people who died..''
l'll kill Gaurishankar on the 13th day of their death!
Memorise the date. Write it down!
Tell him to enjoy his last days.
Untie me.
Come and shoot me in the chest!
''l said, there not here.''
''Welcome, son. Hello.''
He's my young friend. He acts very well.
''Really well. Son, give them a demonstration.''
A little..don't feel shy.
See you.
When did you come? - 10 minutes back.
Maybe 15 minutes.
You came alone? - Papa came to drop me.
But he's gone. - Gone...
He'll come back to pick me up.
Your lace..
You...l...we.. when next?
Next year same time.
''Niharika, father is here!''
Your father is here. - We'll build 2 rooms to rent out.
Building rooms takes a lot of effort.
Maintaining a house is tough.
Hello aunt.. - l didn't know you'd come.
Just a while ago. - Shall we leave?
Next year l'll get the wife.
You must. - Before the prayers end. May we take leave? - Yes.
You should've offered them sweets.
What the..?
''Dear friend, why is my heart so anxious?''
''Nothing excites me''
''Shedding tears all night long''
This is waste of time. Being ruined in youth.
Keep quiet man. - We should take his picture.
To hang in the hospital.
You introduced us. - Don't involve me.
This is your private matter. Settle it yourselves.
Some issues are very personal and sensitive.
lt's best you don't get involved - You're involving us!
Making us sit here while the Economics class is about to end.
Why don't you send a letter? - What letter?
Yes but l don't know anyone close to her.
Careful.. - Why don't you help him?
He is infamous in my family. l'm not allowed to meet him.
Something special will happen tomorrow. - What?
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Everything good will occur.
Does the local news delivery boy wash the papers first?
He's somewhere around.
Which house is it?
Who are they? - God knows.
''Yes, it is l. What do you want?''
Nothing. Just talk to you in private.
Why in private. Speak right here.
l haven't come to fight. - Stay here.
''You deliver papers? - Yes, why do you ask?''
l had a little job. - What?
l won't forget this favour. - No problem.
l'll enjoy doing this.
You've given me Hanuman's job and today is Tuesday.
''When sleep eludes the eyes..''
''Excitement is augmented''
''The touch of a dewdrop feels like an ember''
''why does it feel...''
''The earth is the sky''
''The eyes speak the language of the heart''
''The eyes speak the language of the heart''
''Without a word the eyes express its' feelings''
''Without a word the eyes express their feelings''
The rascals! - Mother..!
l'm planning on selling the land to come here.
What do you think?
This late..he got up so swiftly. Must be his friends.
Then you check it.
l'll scold them if they are your friends.
l'll kill the rascals! - You didn't do it then.
Hold on. Can you identify them?
Of course.
We'll thrash them so hard they won't look in a mirror.
l'll be back soon. Babul's mother isn't well.
One day his friends will ruin him.
l'm coming.
Anyone in?
Anyone in?
Who is it? - l'm Anirudh.
l want to meet Ranvijay. - There is no Ranvijay here.
They are my friends.
Ranvijay knows me. l met him here the last time.
''Oh, the artist? - Yes.''
Why have you brought this troupe here?
No one knows Boss is staying here.
But this ...
''This is not an act, it's dangerous.''
Why don't you understand?
Come...come! - Yes.
He made a mistake. He doesn't know this is dangerous.
Want to meet Ranvijay? The whole gang comes along!
l'm not going to die at the hands of my own men.
Only a bigger crook can finish me.
Do the introductions.
''Yes. He's Shailu, and he's Babul.''
And he's Javed.
''Whose mother was teased? - Babul, tell him.''
My mother was teased.
l am asking because l want to study the case.
The judgment will be made accordingly.
Boss is studying law. He knows everything.
What exactly happened?
''They picked my mother from behind, and then ran away.''
You didn't do anything?
''l helped mother up. By that time, they had run away.''
''Ani, you come tomorrow and take Ganga and Taufeeq along.''
His job will be done tomorrow.
''All right?....all right? - Yes, Boss.''
This case file is closed. All of you leave.
''Don't stay out of the house so late in the night, kids.''
''Ani, you stay.''
''Yes, Boss? - You'll leave.''
''Escort them out, Ganga.''
''l'm coming, you'll move.''
No one must know that we are staying here.
What if we are killed in a police encounter?
They are my friends. l trust them.
''A boy who could not protect his mother, you are trusting him?''
''All right, forget that.''
The University elections are nearing.
''All these friends of yours, put them into gear.''
Mobilize them.
''All right, Boss.''
''Now leave, or your father will come here. lt's late.''
- Be here in time in the morning. - Yes.
''Acting smart, eh? Trying to be tough?''
Come here! Was it him?
How should our leader be? - Like Satish Pandey!
What do you think? Will our boy be able to win the election?
''Ye..yes, he'll win.''
''Yes, why won't he win?''
He's going to file his nomination.
Let's go and give him our blessings.
''Greetings, Minister.''
The girl! - Shut-up!
What were you saying to the girl?
l was asking for support. Even girls vote.
You don't seem to be interested in winning the election.
lt seems the vote of just one girl is enough for you.
Assume you meet Ranvijay in the street. What will you do?
l'll kill him if l come across him.
And he knows that. That is why he's in hiding.
''Careful, young man!''
Go. Say 'Hail lndia'. - Hail lndia!
Now move!
''Yes, Chief?''
lt's time to take the lamp around in the hostel. Get going!
Here. The next door.
Promise that you will vote only for Badri Pandey.
Promise that you will vote only for Badri Pandey.
We promise to vote for Badri Pandey.
''Jashan, why are you crying?''
Crying wastes feelings. Understand?
Badri here. Give the phone to uncle.
''Shut him up! - Jashan, stop crying!''
Hello....he's gone to Delhi? When will he return?
Can't you control yourself?
Gauri-bhai was like my elder brother.
They killed him.
l'll kill that Ranvijay!
After the elections. First get me votes.
All right.
''And cry as much as you like, but l will kill Ranvijay.''
l'll give him a wonderful death!
He's coming. The rascal is coming in here proudly.
Stop the others outside.
Planning to kill me?
That's what l think.
l have come to say that my revenge is taken.
''And Badri, you are still a kid.''
l have come to advise you.
The story is over from my side.
The elections will be conducted honestly now.
Victory to Ranvijay!
Why have you come here? The girls will beat you.
l won't speak. - Let's go!
Shall we begin?
''Today, l haven't come to invite you for my show...''
... but to introduce you to someone.
He's Ranvijay Singh.
He is contesting the elections for Presidentship this year.
l have complete faith in him.
l know that whatever problems we students have ...
... only he can understand them.
Only he.
''Do you think l'm a bad guy? - No, Boss.''
Some people think l am a little ..
''l am, a little, but ...''
You cannot please everyone.
Why are girls afraid of me?
They must be seeing something bad in me.
Will l win the election? - Of course you will.
But why are you talking like that today? What happened?
That girl left the meeting ...
lt really upset me.
''She didn't leave because of you, but because of me.''
We know each other. - How?
''lt's not been very long, but she ...''
She's your girlfriend?
''Yes, we love each other.''
This girl...who left? - Yes.
Do you'll meet?
We cannot meet. We just write letters to each other.
You write letters. Have you slept with her?
l truly love her.
l don't see her with that intention.
That's the point! lt's all in the look.
Or even l am clean-hearted.
''God has given me such eyes, what do l do?''
l'll set your place of meeting.
Then you two can write letters together.
Write many letters.
''O friend, my heart shivers''
''l've lost interest in everything''
''My eyes keep waiting''
Excuse me. Manoj Jaiswal? - He's inside.
How did you find this place?
lt belongs to my friend's uncle.
Ranvijay got you this place?
Why Ranvijay? What has...
Only he can get you this kind of place.
What kind of place? lt's a picture hall.
''Movies were screened here before, now it is closed down.''
And what problem do you have with Ranvijay Singh?
Not just problem. You only mention him in your every letter.
''More than me, you think about him.''
''l'd got this place with great difficulty, but you ...''
''Look, l am just scared that Ranvijay ...''
You are scared? Then leave me.
l keep bad company. l am a bad guy.
Just leave me. Then you won't feel scared.
Go find someone else for yourself.
''My life got...''
''...a new life''
''lt only desired a small lamp''
''But got the moonlight!''
''My life got...''
''l had desired a companion''
''Just like you, l swear''
''Clearing all the dark clouds, l found my spring!''
''l have found my destination''
''The music that can pull my heartstrings''
''l found that note!''
''My life got ...''
''... a new life''
''The one who l thought of in my dreams''
''l found that love''
''My life got ...''
''My heart is in turmoil''
''Yet you are unaware''
''Let's love more than we desire''
''Let's promise to forget the world''
''Let us have a home we have dreamt of''
''We've even found the ideal place''
''Having got you''
''l've found all the happiness in the world''
''A star filled night''
''And even the evening ...''
''l found, was enchanting!''
Please forgive me.
You're forgiven.
Mohan Anand - 120.
Badri Shankar Pandey - 261 1 .
Ranvijay Singh - 3250!
''Minister, your candidate's defeat was definite.''
Keep Ranvijay in check.
Or he could make trouble for us in the future.
Put me on to the CM.
''Tell him it's Badri on the line, his nephew.''
Tell him l'm going to die.
''lf he's busy, make him busy with me too for two minutes.''
You don't understand the situation.
''Look, it's important. l haven't called to recite him a poetry.''
''Call him in the morning at 7, when he takes a massage.''
What will he gain by a massage? We've lost the election.
That we have.
''He couldn't send me Rs 200,000. Or we'd have won the election.''
Calm down.
Calm down.
''Brother is no more, that's why.''
Or he himself used to call twice everyday.
Make a strong one. l'll relieve myself and come.
Ranvijay Singh must be very happy today. - Yes.
We didn't have the support of the educated guys.
''Ranvijay had it, so he won the election.''
''Jashan, of what use was your English education?''
You couldn't get us a single vote.
He's no more educated.
''Can't you see, he's started chewing betel leaves.''
''Lakhan, sing an English song.''
There is not the time to sing songs. We have lost the election.
lt's a sad situation.
Then sing a sad song.
He's singing?
''You were singing, or l'd have killed you too, l swear.''
Badri has been orphaned. How will you survive?
Can l join you? - What?
Can l join you?
''Oh yes, you people eat bread. - Yes, we eat bread.''
Stay with Badri. Go with him when he goes to meet Singh.
You will have to act a little. Can you act?
''Can you act? Singing is okay, but can you act?''
l'll do it.
What will you tell Badri?
''So many shots were fired, but not even one hit you?''
What will you tell him?
''All right...Relax, it's nothing.''
You eat your daily bread with your right hand.
Who are you? Who do you want to meet?
''l've come to meet the CM, he's related to me.''
My name is Badri Shankar. - Who?
l was sorry to hear about Gaurishankar.
l couldn't come to offer condolence.
''Uncle, l have something serious to discuss.''
''Since Gauri expired, you have withdrawn your support.''
We lost the election.
Ranvijay killed four of our men at point blank range.
l'm speaking to him. - Let me speak to him.
My life is in danger.
The people you killed in Ranvijay's village ...
Wait a minute! Who is he? - He's crazy.
He is taking revenge for that. Believe me.
Don't you understand the situation?
''My life is in danger, sir.''
''And l'm warning you sir, he's dangerous for you too.''
He won't spare you. He won't spare anybody.
He cannot touch me.
He's very... - He's very what?
You couldn't handle a street side goon.
''And today, he is bullying you.''
''Your brother, Gaurishankar was an ass!''
There is no need to fear Ranvijay Singh.
He's a small timer.
A small mistake will be his nemesis.
Then why did Ramchander kill Captain Mohan Verma?
l don't know. l said what l saw.
''Monali, what your eyes see is not always the whole truth.''
''Tell me, the place you are standing on, is it moving? - No.''
Then what your eyes see is absolutely wrong.
You must be aware that the earth is always moving.
''Look, if you cannot do it, just don't. Just quit.''
What can't l do?
You cannot concentrate. What's the problem?
''Shailu, don't be rude with me.''
Come on! There are just 15 days left to our show.
''You make the mistake, and we should talk politely?''
Why? That means we all are fools?
''Javed, put sense into him, he's gone crazy.''
''Ani, shall l tell you something?''
''Don't feel offended, but you have changed.''
You just cannot concentrate.
Since he's got in with Ranvijay and that girl...
Shailu! Don't you dare say anything wrong ...
... or l will do something terribly wrong!
What will you do? Get me killed by Ranvijay?
Where are you going?
Where my presence doesn't bother anybody.
Shailu should not have said what he did about Niharika.
What nonsense! - That's your personal matter.
''Even Ranvijay is my personal matter, Javed.''
''He is my friend, like my elder brother.''
He even helped you all. Remember?
''The fact is that he's not bad, you all are two-faced.''
You all are cowards. You are scared like kids.
And l cannot live in the company of kids. No.
One coffee!
Make one 'paan' for me.
Your stars are ideal for marriage right now.
Distribute sweets.
''That's okay, but where is the girl?''
A village belle won't do.
lt is better if she is a little modern.
She should at least be able to receive phone calls.
We are receiving calls from important people nowadays.
Someone else will have to find a girl for him.
Boss is a little weak where girls are concerned.
How? How am l weak?
''Because you are not interested in girls, that's why.''
Who said so?
l mean... - What?
l cannot find a girl for myself so l am weak?
''That means, l am ugly. l am not handsome.''
lsn't that what you want to say?
''No, l... - Priest, leave the room.''
That's not what l meant. What l was only saying ...
You were saying girls take an interest only in guys like you.
They won't be interested in guys like Ranvijay Singh.
lsn't that what you want to say?
''Boss, l was just joking. You took it seriously.''
''Come with me to my village, it will be fun.''
l want to meet Niharika tomorrow.
She'll be able to get out of the house with great difficulty.
This babe bit of yours ...
Don't waste so much time in preliminary.
You won't gain anything.