Dreamhack - Herzex interview

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How was your experience with EA sports?
Well, so far I´m with Fifa and the canadian promotion full time.
Now I´m going to Miami to promote it there within the Hispanic community.
When I come back, I have to do another promo with the Fifa crew
and with a first division football player, but I still don´t know with who.
Tell us about your sensations in the final of Fifa.
It was a match with a lot of pressure because I won in the penalties,
in sudden death, stoping four penalties.
It was at the beginning, if I remember right it was two penalties,
I had to watch the replay again.
Nevertheless it was a great joy since we were fighting, Bruce the french guy and me,
for being the first ones to win the Interactive Fifa World Cup twice, back to back.
Luckily, I won and I could make gaming history.
Has fame influenced a lot in your everyday life?
Indeed, the game has many more followers.
It´s noticeable, for example, in the social networks. I had around 500 followers in twitter before,
now It´s nearly 2.200.
Apart from that, since the game is much more popular, people recognize you on the streets,
they ask you for autographs, pictures and all that. But the rest, is kind of the same.
Tell us about your experience with the Real Madrid digital team.
Yes, I´m playing for the digital version of the Real Madrid team
in fact all the first and second division teams has a digital version in Fifa.
I´m the captain of Real Madrid and so far it´s going pretty well.
We´re on top right now, two points over Barcelona, and let´s see how it goes from now on.
Is this the first year that this league takes place?
Yes, last year a Beta phase was given and we were testing it, nothing official,
but this year it was finally officially released and now we´re in the fifth season.
How is the team organization?
We are three in the team, Rafitita, Closer and me,
we were chosen because we are the three best players in Spain.
Are you happy with your team and your sponsor?
Yes, very proud because the support they give me is awesome,
mainly with the headphones to be able to hear Manolo Lama and Paco González properly
and to isolate the outside sound.
I´m also very happy with Giants! and Ozone. I hope I can win prizes again this year.
Do you think you can win again in 2013?
Well, I´m going to tell you now, although they will announce it soon,
it´s going to be held in Madrid, very near from here.
I know it´s going to be hard, obviously,
it´s a world competition and the best 24 or 32, i´m not sure of the format yet, will be there.
So I´m going to try hard.
The best thing is that, this year, I don´t need to be classified,
they have selected me directly for the final, so I have much more time to train peacefully.
Could you tell us your first impressions on Fifa ´13?
I like it a lot, but I still need to adapt because there are lots of new features.
The controls, to lose ones marker and the new game system are very different from last year,
so I am adjustig step by step.
I have a competition, the SWC, at the end of October
and I think until then I´ll have enough time to adapt to the game and do my best.
Thank you Alfonso!
Thanks to you.