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Hi everybody, this is Hooper. Today I am going to show you a video from ...
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
It is scary! So far I've been playing it for 18 hours so I'm quite enjoying the game and I recommend it to you.
Do not believe French press criticism which marked down the game once again
by giving it the following marks: 10/20, 11/20 and 5/10.
Sometimes they need to stop saying bullshit! So what is this game Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles?
It allows us to relive what occurred in the previous games.
Not all of them, but some of them; from a different point of view.
That is to say on a rail shooter, like Virtual Cop or House of the Dead. I've already done a video for those two games.
For example, in Resident Evil Zero we see the events in the train and then in the mansion.
But what is good here is that there are also some new game scripts which get unlocked later on during the game.
I ended up unlocking everything since I finished it off in normal mode.
It took me about 13 hours to finish it off in normal mode.
I unlocked everything, all game scripts, even all the bonuses.
We can play with our friend Albert Whesker, we can play him and see through his eyes
when he started out for Umbrella and then the collapse of Umbrella,
and his effective start for Umbrella. I really enjoyed that. It came as a surprise.
So now we are in the second game: Resident Evil Rebirth, which is a remake of the first one on Gamecube,
still with the three game scripts, the three stages which occurred in the orginal game script,
plus 4 bonus stages, still with our friend Whesker,
we can see what he does in the mansion and how he manages to escape.
So all that is new, it has never been seen before in Resident Evil.
And from Rebecca Chamber's point of view it is new yet again.
Then we have Resident Evil 3, it directly goes from the first one to the third one.
The second one is not here but that is not a big deal because we will see the police station
as well as Racoon City's streets all the same.
We will also have a bonus game script with Ada Wong here and a bonus game script with Hunk the fourth survivor.
So Hunk is one of the hidden characters in Resident Evil 2.
Besides, it was quite hard to unlock him if I remember well.
Actually, he is a mercenary sent by Umbrella to get back the T-virus or the G-virus, I can't remember.
Well, anyway, this is Hunk. He is quite charismatic, he wears a mask. It's quite funny.
And one last chapter here in Russia, this one is new.
Umbrella has developped a new weapon ... Anyway, I did not really understand.
It is rather confusing and I don't really want to spoil it either.
Anyway, concerning the atmosphere, it makes you think of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.
So at the beginning, I intended to do the mansion from the first Resident Evil, I mean,
the first level because it is great, it is very beautiful.
There are many different stages but it has already been tested on site.
So I guess you must have seen this video before, and even other videos
which are always about that stage. That's why I am not going to do it.
I am going to do the one with Rebecca Chambers. So actually it is about the mansion from the first Resident Evil
but from Rebecca Chambers' and Richard's points of view.
These are all the weapons available in the game. At the beginning, we don't have anything.
We only have our little basic gun with unlimited ammo.
As we go along the adventure, we unlock all those weapons. Actually we have to find them,
we don't have them automatically. They have to be found through the levels.
I have unlocked everything. So we have shotguns, submachine guns, grenade launchers, magnum, rocket launchers.
You have three different ones every time.
We also have the possibility to customize and to upgrade them. But I will speak about that a bit later on.
Oh yes I am going to take the shotgun here which I have already customized. Let's go!
So we are going to play from Rebecca Chambers' point of view, I mean,
when the events occurred during the first Resident Evil.
At that time, we could play Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, if I remember well.
So now we are going to play Rebecca Chambers.
We are going to see the scene when Richard is bitten by the snake. It's good. Let's go!
As I said before what we immediately see is that we are on ... (oh fucking bastard!!!) ...
phew... fortunately I have taken another weapon! I have not seen this one, this hunter.
Anyway look, a great deal of objects can be destroyed. A great deal really!
I am going to get back magnum which has just appeared here.
(oh bastard!) Never try to beat up Hooper rabble!
Look thanks to the nunchuck analog stick I can move in a circular way and make circles over
a space of some degrees. So that I can have a better view, something like that.
It's not really useful. Here I am going to pick up a document. Here I pick up grenades.
So I have just picked up a document which is a file like those we could find
in the previous Resident Evil titles. They are hidden. For instance we can discover them
by looking behind paintings or by destroying light sources, as I have just done here.
I did not speak about the dynamic light. Look if I shoot a dynamic light here and there,
it's immediately a bit darker. That's awesome!
We can destroy all those dynamic lights in the game. I find it great!
Concerning the production, it's rather well done, for this level in any case.
It's true that the other levels are less good. The quality of Resident Evil 3 as well as
the last one is related to the Dreamcast's power, because of many aliasing phenoma.
It's a bit of a pity but anyway. (Come over here bastard!)
Hup, I reload. So if you want to reload your gun, shake the stick a little ...
Oh shit! I have just been hit! Let's launch a grenade.
To lauch a grenade, just press the stick of the nunchuk. Oh he is going to spit out at me!
I have wasted 3 magnum bullets for nothing! Beware the vase here. The light source there.
Yes because it's interesting to ... Beware I am going to try a headshot. No I missed it, no I missed.
Ok so he has just caught me so I need to shake the nunchuk. Hup he moves back.
So it depends, sometimes either they immediately beat you... Hup I picked up the herb.
Hang on. Oh everything I'm doing is a mess! Hang on. Let's get better. Ouch!
Let's shake the nunchuck. Hang on, I am going to try to get better because I don't want to die.
So let's concentrate. Hup I take it again. I destroy all the paintings.
I am not destroying them to show off. At the end we are marked, we are given a rank, a S, A, B or C rank.
To sum up, the S-rank is the best one and the C-rank is the worst one.
Those ranks are given depending on the number of objects we destroy.
So it's really important to destroy everything, but this is only one of the five criteria.
Then depending on the number of zombies you kill, depending on the number of ...
I don't remember anymore. Anyway I'll explain at the end of the level.
(Oh this bastard of a hunter!) Haaa that's not true! I am aiming like a crap!
It's hard to comment while playing at the same time.
Hang on I concentrate a little. This level is not very easy since it is a bonus mission.
Look we can really destroy everything. Here there is a vase I can destroy.
Something has just appeared, herb. So as usual, the herb is used to ... Ok I've just taken it.
Look I've just got the level of my life gauge to the maximum.
Beware no inventory is available, no more inventory here.
So when we find herb, it's immediately used. You also have first aid spray.
It's like a second life gauge.
I mean when you die you take it and you directly come back to life with your life gauge full.
So using first aid spray is awesome. Generally you have one spray per level.
Always search every nook and cranny to make sure you find it.
Look here if I shoot the ceiling light, normally it should fall after a while.
Ok hup it falls. And the light goes out once again.
This level is awesome, you only have dynamic lights. Beware crows! The bestiary is quite varied.
Practically all the monsters of the previous Resident Evil titles,
even RE Zero and RE Rebirth, are present. Oh beware!
This is one of RE Rebirth's novelties: this kind of zombie. I don't remember the name.
If you don't burn them, they come back to "life" as it has just happened.
It looks rather simple like this but I assure you it's not so obvious to deal with.
I grab the magnum. Head shots, hup. I have just done a critical one. I don't know if you saw it.
To do critical hits, I mean critical head shots, you have to shoot right in the brow.
It's rather hard. Right in the middle of the brow. It's really difficult.
Actually I realized that I had to shoot right in the middle of the brow at the very end of the game.
At the beginning I thought it was totally random, and that I only had to shoot in the head
to do a critical hit and that their heads blew up one time out of ten. Actually it is not that at all.
You really need to shoot right in the brow to manage to do a critical.
So I guess there might be a checkpoint now... No not yet. Ha perhaps it might be a QTE (quick time event).
Let's see. Yes because there are some quick time... Ha no there's not... Ok. They are looking...
These ones here are new characters in this title. They are Russian.
So I won't tell any more since I don't mean to spoil it for you. So this is Richard.
Remember we saw him in the first Resident Evil, he was bitten by the snake.
We see clearly in this Resident Evil how he got himself bitten by the snake.
If I remember well in the first Resident Evil, we found Richard lying down the floor,
and we had to go back to the mansion to get a medicine.
But we did not see how he was being assaulted by the snake. Here in this game we can see that scene.
While we are watching a little cutscene, we can notice that the cutscenes really look like the Rebirth's ones.
I think they must have been made with the same game engine.
They did not kill themselves because the Rebirth is not exactly new.
What I like doing is destroying all the light sources. I am having fun!
Yeah because I think that the Rebirth was released in 2002 or 2003.
So it's true that the cutscenes are a bit dated, it must be said.
There might be a QTE right now, hang on. Ha no, it's not. It's a checkpoint.
Basically, there is one checkpoint per level, when you reach the halfway point.
So let's pass it. It's a save point actually. When you reach the halfway point.
(Bastard!) Hang on, there's something over there. What was it? Grenades.
So alsmost one checkpoint per level halfway through it.
You also must know that you meet a boss, at the end of each level, almost every time.
Hang on, there may be a QTE. So let's concentrate.
QTEs are not very easy because the button you need to press is random.
It might be either A or B or even A and B at the same time,
you might even be asked to shake the Wii mote. But every time it's different.
For instance if there is a QTE right now and I have to press A,
if I lose and that I have to do it again, it might not be A again. It might be A or B or anything else.
So you always have to be on the lookout, even during cutscenes. What else can I say?
Oh yeah about the realisation, it's true that it's rather unequal through the levels of the game.
For instance, if you take Resident Evil 0, when you are in the train or the first Resident Evil
in the mansion as we are now, you see that it's well realised, it's quite correct.
Well, it's not wonderful either but it's quite correct.
On the other hand, regarding Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and the last one, they are frankly dashed off.
I think Capcom did a slapdash job. There are many many aliasing phenomena.
To be honest it's not very nice, that's a bit of a pity. Ok so here is the boss, the snake.
I am going to try to kill it. Hang on, I grab the shotgun. I have to wait till it opens its mouth...
Ha! I'm doing crap! I have to wait until it rushes at me... There it goes!
Just before it rushes at me, I have to shoot it. Managing your weapons is very important in the game.
Although we might believe the contrary.
Hang on, there is something to pick up there, a little herb. Yes I got it!
I hardly see anything from where I stand.
So now it's going to chase us for a while across the mansion.
Hang on, ha I did not pick up the thing! No I did there it is, a machine gun. I grab it. Hup.
Bloody Hell! That's a mess! Hang on, let's concentrate.
I am destroying decoration elements so that I can find herb or spray, somewhere.
Because I don't have any spray. What is this? Grenades. Alright. Magnum, great! Ha there it is!
Herb, great! My life gauge is now up to the maximum!
Great and I am ready to fight the boss. Here it is, the snake. what else can I say?
What is ridiculous about this game is how many lag problems there are.
I mean sometimes the game is running very slowly and very laggy. This is really ridiculous,
especially when lots of zombies are here, of course.
This is the first time I've seen a rail shooter with lag times.
Yeah it's really weird, you must know that.
Sometimes it runs with lags, it's really strange. There may be a QTE now, so let's stand ready...
No there is no QTE. So there has been no QTE in this level.
I thought there would have been but no. Hup, hang on. Let's concentrate a little.
A herb, no I'll keep it for later, because right now my life gauge is full.
Yeah I remember this sequence, the snake is going to fling itself off from one side or the other of the balcony.
Hup, obviously the aim is to hit it before it hits you. Hup, let's reload the gun.
I am not speaking much but actually I don't want to lose.
Haaa! It got me! Let's take the herb. I better grab the machine gun. Let's launch a little grenade.
It won't last long. I grab the shotgun again.
Let's reload it. Oh I should have waited. Hang on. Actually I am going to grab the magnum.
I grab the magnum. Yeah it shouldn't last long with that.
Ha this is tougher than I thought! Ha there it is. The magnum is a good weapon.
Especially this one because I think I've customised it, if I remember well,
since it's level 4, the maximum level.
Ok so now we are going to see how Richard is being caught by the snake.
Something we did not see at all in the first Resident Evil released in 1996,
not even in Resident Evil Rebirth. We only saw Richard laying down the floor and
he asked us to go and get a medicine to heal him,
but we did not see this scene, and now we can see how things went down.
This cutscene is now rather dated, we feel that the Rebirth's game engine was starting to be outdated.
Actually the cutscenes are not the game's strong point either. Well they are correct but ...
Oh yes, we did not kill the snake right now because in fact we have to kill it with Chris or Jill Valentine,
of course,because in the first game, they are the ones who really kill the snake.
We also meet the other bosses such as the Tyrant or the Plant 42 for instance, to name but a few.
So I said that there are some QTEs, that you also have to manage your weapons,
this is one of the aspects of the game I really like,
the fact that you have to manage your weapons, as well as your bullets.
You have to use your basic gun as soon as you can and then only use the shotgun,
the machine gun or the grenade launcher when you meet a boss or else
you find yourself among many enemies. Managing weapons is something I really like.
What is good as well, is that you can very easily switch between two weapons,
thanks to the nunchuk, the S button. It's really quick. It's practical when you have to go into action.
Once again it's a rail shooter so no enigmas. Nothing has to be solved in the game.
There is no inventary to keep track of objects. From this point of view one can say that the game is less deep.
Well it remains a first person shooting game, but for me, it is still shrewder than a mere game,
like House of the Dead or Time Quest or Virtua Cop.
So there it is, as I said at the beginning, you are given a grade.
As you can see I have been given a grade. I got an A rank.
So I'm going to explain: the rank you are given depends on several criteria:
The time; so I spent 8 minutes 30 seconds for this level, so I got the best mark which is S.
How many times you shot the enemies; that is to say how many enemies you killed.
How many critical shots you did. How many objects you destroyed (as I said). How many files you collected.
That is to say the documents you picked up.
At the end you can see that you got level points, here I got 3 stars, in all I got 44.
So these can be used to customize your weapons,
what I'm going to show you right now, as it has already been 17 minutes that we've been together.
Well I've still got a couple of minutes left.
I am going to show you this, here, so 'customizing' I'll quickly show you that,
for instance if I take the automatic gun you can see that munitions...
Well to upgrade it to level 2 it costs 2 stars, so let's do it, hup.
So now it has gone from a capacity of 750 munitions to 1500.
Then I can also increase the capacity of... I don't know what? Well basically the capacity,
now I have 50 and if I upgrade to level 4 for 5 stars I have 100.
It means the number of bullets in the cartridge.
As for the power, it's D+, and for 6 stars I can increase it up to C which is better,
B is even better and C is the best.
That was just to show you the weapon customization system, which is not amazing by the way.
Let's say it has only been done for amusement.
Then, regarding archives which are amazingly numerous ... Resident Evil's fans are going to be on cloud nine!
These are what you unlock through the game.
So it can be either items like this one, or files like those you could find in the previous Resident Evil titles.
As I said before, you pick up them after destroying things.
You can find them hidden behing paintings or inside vases, something like that.
You get things like that and you get plenty of information. Seriously you get so much information.
You get hundreds of pieces of information through the four chapters of the game.
Hundreds! I have some time left.
I can show you another level with our friend Whesker, in Resident Evil Rebirth,
when he is in the mansion. Let's take another weapon, the machine gun.
So I am going to tell you what I think of the game. Oh unfortunately I did not show you any QTE,
there were none in the level I have shown you.
Well, it doesn't matter. What did I forget to tell you? Well to be honest the game is quite good actually.
I mean I bought this game together with Call of Duty 4 and I thought:
Yes ok it doesn't matter if Resident Evil is not very good because at least I get Call of Duty 4.
And I knew that Call of Duty 4 was a blue chip, however I was wrong
because I got bored to death with Call of Duty 4! I really got bored!
And actually it was the opposite, I really had fun with Umbrella Chronicles I thought it would be boring,
but in fact I got bored with Call of Duty 4 instead.
I found that game too simple actually, no physics engine, we can't do anything, everything is scripted.
Well, we know that everything is scripted, but to such a point that you can't just open a door
without having to wait until your squad comes and opens doors!
So that's why I am quite disappointed with Call of Duty 4, it seems that I am the only one though.
So now we can see Whesker who has just recovered from the Tyrant's assault.
Tyrant Tyrant I don't how to pronounce it... Tyrant Tyrant I don't how to pronounce it?
Let's pass the cutscene. Here we go!
I think that this is one of the most difficult levels, it's quite hard. What else can I say?
I think I reviewed everything. The game is quite good honestly.
To finish it, I mean to finish it in its entirity, every scenario and every mission,
I think you may need 12 or 13 hours of playing. I must have finished it within 12 or 13 hours,
then I did a couple of extra missions to unlock S ranks or A ranks which are quite hard to unlock.
Honestly the game length is at least 10 hours. I guess it might be impossible to finish it in less than 10 hours.
(Ha fuckhead!)
Anyway I am going to stop now. I don't have any more time left. Let's stop now. Let's take this and that.
I think I told you everything. Oh about the localization of bullet holes,
So yes what is not very good is the localization of bullet holes.
Except for the head... Well you can see that it moves back, but except for the head,
there is, strictly speaking, no localization.
There is no dismemberment either like there is in the House of the Dead titles, which is a bit disappointing.
It could have been made.
There is no blood either. We don't see any bloodstain on zombies or on any other monsters we kill.
Well this is a bit disappointing too.
Having said that though, the game remains quite good.
I find it offers a good challenge. I really enjoyed it and I recommend it.
Let's stop now. Bye bye and see you next time!
Let's stop now. Bye bye and see you next time!