Z the Wolf reviews - Gothic 3

Uploaded by zajacthewolf on 21.07.2012

Hi guys, what's up? Z the Wolf here. Hello and welcome to my Gothic 3 review.
Gothic 3 was out in 2006. The story begins with our hero and his friends reaching Myrtana.
The central region of the continent.
It turns out that the orcs already pretty much won the war.
After freeing villagers from under orcs' occupation, we quickly learn that Xardas decided to side with the orcs,
and that he helped them to win the war.
The story is much less entertaining than in Gothic 1 or Gothic 2. And it's seriously really difficult for me to say anything else about it.
When the game was first out it was really bugged. But since then many new patches came out and they really fix the game and improve it.
This review is being done with patch 1.75 installed.
Originally the combat in the game was terrible. Patches fix it up a bit, but still it is really hard to enjoy it.
It simply depends on the coincidence more than your skill. At least that's how I feel about it.
It's just, there are simply not too many ways of fighting. There are one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, we can
even us a shield now, but it's just combat mechanics that make it... hard, to enjoy.
At times we'll be getting stuck and we'll just look at our character take damage. AI is a little off as well.
The world of the game is huge. Much, much bigger than in Gothic 2. Actually, I think the world is oversized in Gothic 3.
What does it matter if the world is so big when it's not really interesting to explore.
When it comes to quests... They are boring and repetitive. I can't come up with anything else to say about them.
Improving our character works just as it did in previous Gothic. Sure, there are some new things but not too many of them.
And well, just as we could join three guilds in previous Gothic, now there are three ways of beating the game.
We can side up with the hashishins from the desert, the orcs or the rebels.
It affects the ending of our game but it doesn't really change the fact that the story is shallow.
The graphics are ok and the soundtrack is really amazing.
And well, inventory system is just as it should be now.
My final score for this game is 4. It just looks like they've tried to make this game bigger than they were able to.
To me Gothic 3 is simply worse than Gothic 2 or Gothic 1.
What improved is graphics and music but everything else... Not really.
Combat mechanics are weird to say the least and the story is really boring.
After beating Gothic 2 I've been waiting for this game for years and it's been a really huge disappointment.
None the less thank you for watching my review.
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So, take care for now!