Chinese Paladin 4 plot and gameplay 15

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Jian Pei: Please wait here a minute, your childe, I'll inform your come to my lord and I'll be back in no time.
Tianhe Yun: Alright, be quick though, I also want to ask your boss something.
Jian Pei: ........
Tianhe Yun: (The houses here are really big.......)
Tianhe Yun: (The boss of them..... did he really know my dad?)
Tianhe Yun: (I used to listen to my dad telling his stories, but seems humans' bosses are not like monkeys', many of them are bastards.......)
Dew Jewel: Look! A young boy coming from nowhere~
Dew Lotus: Shhh! Quiet, if he can get into our backyard here, then he must be our lord's guest, what a miracle!
Dew Lotus: But if look at him carefully, you'll find that even he doesn't wear some fancy clothes, a quite handsome boy he is!
Dew Jewel: My! He's coming, let's run~
??: My~ worthy~ nephew~~~~
??: Ah!! My-----!!
??: How the very same! When Jian Pei told me about you, I still couldn't believe it, what a coincidence!
??: Your name is Tianhe Yun? And your dad is Tianqing Yun?!
Tianhe Yun: Yeah, so you knew my dad?
Tianhe Yun: (Looks like he hasn't been a boss for many years, become fat like this......)
??: Yes, of course! My name is Shifeng Liu, the one who has had the honor been helped by your dad once!
Shifeng Liu: This way this way, my worthy nephew, just come in, I've already tell my servant to prepare for a good feast, you must have a good treat here.
Tianhe Yun: ......Worse Naff? You call me?
Shifeng Liu: Haha, of course yes, and if you please, you can call me "Uncle Liu"~
Tianhe Yun: Anchor Liu?
Shifeng Liu: Right, good! Good!
Shifeng Liu: Come in! Let's get inside, how stupid I am for keeping our guest standing all along.
Tianhe Yun: Anchor Liu?......
??: This is the Childe of Yun?!
Shifeng Liu: Haha, yes, and he almost made me think that I've met my worthy brother Tianqing again.
Shifeng Liu: My worthy nephew, this is my wife Ci Ruan, you can just call her "Aunt Liu".
Tianhe Yun: Ant Liu.......
Tianhe Yun: (People out here all seems to have the habbit of naming others randomly, and their own names are quite strange I think.....)
Ci Ruan: Good, my good boy~
Ci Ruan: Why still keep our guest standing there, come and take a seat, I'll give the words to serve our dinner right away.
Shifeng Liu: Yes madam!
Tianhe Yun: Dinner......
Shifeng Liu: My worthy nephew, please take a seat here~
Tianhe Yun: Anchor Liu, Here is all the money I have, here you are!
Shifeng Liu: What are you doing this for, my worthy nephew?!
Tianhe Yun: I, I just got out of my mountain for a short time, and Lingsha told me that everything I have in this world shall be traded with money.
Ci Ruan: .....My stupid kid~ Those who charges you money are vendors, but we are your dad's friends, how can you expect us to charge you for just offering a meal?
Shifeng Liu: Yes, how very right my madam has just said! And don't speak of a few meals, even your Childe Yun are gonna stay here from now on, we shall do what we can to satisfy you, and who knows, maybe we can become one family some day!
Tianhe Yun: .......Become one family?
Ci Ruan: Your lord......
Shifeng Liu: Nothing, nothing, let's feast, haha, let's feast first!
Tianhe Yun: .....this tastes good, so does that, turns out meat can taste like this, more delicious than roasted I think~ And this white thing, they are the "rice" dad told me about, how delicious!
Shifeng Liu: Sigh! Can't imagine that Tianqing has already passed away, and because of such a terrible illness, as with his, could things be like this?!
Tianhe Yun: And, Anchor Liu, can you tell me anything about my dad?
Shifeng Liu: Yeah, of course! Thanks to him when he saved my life several years ago, or I've already become a pile of bones by the road now.
Shifeng Liu: It was back when I just received the order of accedinig the position of Elder Sun City's county leader, when I was on my road here, I ran into some bandits, it was right on time your dad showed up, he defeated those criminals and escorted me here.
Shifeng Liu: That's how we met, after that, we soon became each other's best friends, I had the wish that he could stay here and help me manage this city, but at that time , your dad's only wish is to became a sword immortal, so he left this place soon after.
Tianhe Yun: ......seems a little hard for me to understand, anyway, it's something good my dad had done~
Tianhe Yun: (Turns out this boss used to be this miserable, can't deal with a bunch of others, no doubt dad should give a hand to him)
Tianhe Yun: Then what was next? Did dad become a sword immortal?
Shifeng Liu: Sorry! But this I don't know either, since your dad's departure, I haven't heard him for years, until one day.....
Shifeng Liu: He suddenly showed up here, and with a baby girl too, he asked me if I could raise up this kid and guide her to be a kind person. While I always have the regret for not having a child of my own, we thankfuly took his offer. After handing over the baby girl to us, he left us immediately.
Shifeng Liu: While he always went around unregularly, I can't immagine when we could get together again, thus I gave the order to Jian Pei, to let him carry your dad's representation and look aroud, and that's how we can group up here.
Tianhe Yun: Oh........and do you know anything about my mom?
Shifeng Liu: Your mom........ don't speak the fact that I never had the honor to meet her in person, I even never heard your dad speaking of her in front of me.
Ci Ruan: Look at you two~ I just left a minute, and you all just forget your dinner.
Tianhe Yun: This's wine!! So fragrant~~
Ci Ruan: Our lord said that your dad was very fond of this kind of wine "Honey Ale", then I realized that we still have a couple of this stored in the cellar, and it's right on time to drink it.
Shifeng Liu: Yeah yeah yeah, come and take up a good drink, my worthy nephew!
Tianhe Yun: No, I shouldn't, Lingsha says wine is a bad thing!
Shifeng Liu: Hahaha, being a man, how can we never know the taste of wine! Don't worry, my worthy nephew, it's right that we shouldn't drink too much, but just taking a few bite can do no harm at all!
Tianhe Yun: (What should I do........Lingsha says I shall never touch that thing, while Anchor Liu says it can do no harm at all, which side should I listen?)
Tianhe Yun: Dad liked to drink this "Honey Ale"?
Shifeng Liu: That's right, this wine was made from our top class sticky rice, using our special recipe, plus with some honey mixing into it, it's quite a fantastic taste, you've gotta have a taste of it, my worthy nephew~
Tianhe Yun: (Ah, can't hold this fragrant smell any longer......never mind, if dad liked it, then I can drink it!)
Tianhe Yun: Then I will drink it~
Tianhe Yun: Great, taste great! Far better than water!!
Shifeng Liu: Haha, what would be your future plan, my worthy nephew?
Tianhe Yun: Me? I'm gonna learn to be a sword immortal with Lingsha, so we can fly around the sky like a bird~
Ci Ruan: And you and that girl, you two have known each other for long?
Tianhe Yun: Yeah, quite long I think, almost two days until now.
Shifeng Liu: Hmm, quite long indeed...........ah?! Only for two days?!
Tianhe Yun: (......Strange~ Feel quite dizzy.....)
Shifeng Liu: Sigh! I think that girl has quite a complex history, several months before, an axman saw someone furtive around the tomb northeast of our city, we are almost sure it's a thief trying to steal the tomb treasure. I asked that axman to describe it's appearence while my daughter draw it down, and it looks just like this friend of yours.
Tianhe Yun: Lingsha? A thief?........
Tianhe Yun: (....faint....)
Ci Ruan: Is that girl the one of your heart?
Tianhe Yun: Someone of my heart? What's that........she is quite nice to me, so I try to be good to her too, she is a good friend of mine.
Shifeng Liu: Just friends, well it's great! It's just great! Hahaha~
Shifeng Liu: Well to tell you the truth, my worthy nephew, it's been a headache for me these years that we can't find a perfect young man for my daughter. But now I've met you who are not only handsome for the appearence but also kind at heart. So I suggest that why don't you two meet each other some time, if you two both get fond of each other, then it'll be fantastic, definitely fantastic I think!
Tianhe Yun: (.....Yee? How come there are two, two Anchor Liu standing before me.......)
Shifeng Liu: What's your opinion, my worhty nephew?
Tianhe Yun: ........What?
Shifeng Liu: While our two families got a really good relationship back then, If you could be my son-in-law, then there's nothing better in this world for me!
Tianhe Yun: I......I......can't........
Shifeng Liu: Alright! As you said OK, then I can't be no happier, hahaha~
Tianhe Yun: Err....
Shifeng Liu: My worthy nephew?!
Ci Ruan: Look at yourself, I see Tianhe has long been drunk, and you still keep on your chattering.
Shifeng Liu: Haha, he's much worse than his dad in drinking.
Ci Ruan: Sigh, I suggest your lord not be so happy this soon, if our Mengli finds out that you choose a young man for her like this, she sure won't be happy, besides that Tianhe seems quite fond of that girl named Lingsha, I don't think he could change his mind that easy.
Shifeng Liu: Why?! Aren't they just friends?
Ci Ruan: You men can feel nothing about this kind of matter, but how can you imagine a girl's mind be as that simple as yours?
Shifeng Liu: But......what about our Mengli, who will look after her when we have all gone aloft!
Ci Ruan: Everyone has its own destiny, we don't have to worry about it too much.
Shifeng Liu: Besides that from what Jian Pei told me about today's matter, our worthy nephew is of the jannock and silent type; While Miss Han is a sossy and noisy girl, if what your madam said were true, how I find she should be a really bad choice for Tianhe!
Ci Ruan: In my opinion, your lord has been too considerate, our kid Tianhe here looks like a little guileless, but he has his wisdom in his heart, he sure know how to tell right from wrong.
Shifeng Liu: Well, I hope so-----
Tianhe Yun: .....Dad....
Tianhe Yun:
Ci Ruan: Poor kid, must miss his mom and dad badly.....
Shifeng Liu: Sigh~ Sure is, lived in the mountain all alone for these years, what a hard life he has lived through......
Tianhe Yun: .....Dad.....
Lingsha Han: I'm so pissed off.....while I ate my insipid food down in the jail, and made hell of an effort finding this place, you really found your ass a comfortable place now......
Tianhe Yun: you can run no where, you damn pig bogey!!.....
Lingsha Han: Still calling this pig bogey?! I say you are like a pig now, get up!
Tianhe Yun: .......pig bogey? ........No, Lingsha's voice?
Lingsha Han: Hnn, wake up at last.
Tianhe Yun: Those people, they set you free?
Lingsha Han: How can a shabby jail house box up your miss I? I just want to wait until night, thus I won't have some conflict with our worthy officers.
Lingsha Han: How about you? Did you get some information about your dad?
Tianhe Yun: Of course, that anchor Liu said he has been rescued by dad before, and he wanted to play with dad, but dad wants to be a sword immortal, so he left, after that, dad gave a daughter to him. And anchor Liu hasn't seen my mom.
Lingsha Han: What about that "daughter"? Have you met each other?
Tianhe Yun: Anchor Liu said that my dad gave a daughter to him, then he disappeared.
Lingsha Han: ........What's all this messed up thing, looks like there's nothing useful.
Lingsha Han: Then, we'd better head to State Chen right away----
Lingsha Han: Yee? What's this smell?........You, you drank wine?!
Tianhe Yun: Hehe, just a little, anchor Liu said it's ok~
Tianhe Yun: And, when I was all dizzy up, anchor Liu said something that wanted me to be their son-in-law, what's that supposed to mean?
Lingsha Han: You idiot, drinking wine can only mess things up, what did I tell you about, when one day-----
Lingsha Han: Wait a minute!! Son-in-law?.........son-in-law?! You consented?!
Tianhe Yun: I? I can't quite recall.......
Lingsha Han: Damn! Let's hurry up and get out of here. This family can be really strange, they even want you mountain savage as their son-in-law, maybe their daughter is ten or twenty years older than you and ugly as a monster!
Tianhe Yun: Ww...Lingsha, what's a "thief"?
Lingsha Han: What?! Where did you hear that ?! From that lord Liu, right? He said that I was a thief stealing away people's stuff?!
Tianhe Yun: Ye, yeah, and with that serious look on his face.......
Lingsha Han: Bullshit! We family Han has always been great tomb raiders from the very beginning, how can he compare us with those small time thieves?
Lingsha Han: Never speak this thief before me again, or I'll never speak with you again!
Tianhe Yun: Oh......then when you went into my parents tomb, you were........
Lingsha Han: .......I, I was looking for the treasure of the legendary sword immortal, I never meant any offence. I was also in deep sorry that their tomb got destroied, and that's why I'm making my expiation here, helping you look for the story of your mom and dad......
Tianhe Yun: Hehe, you are still so nice to me.
Lingsha Han: Wha, what are you saying, how long are you gonna sit on your bed! Get up and move!
Tianhe Yun: Oh.....