How to make an egg salad sandwich on Appetites®

Uploaded by appetitesapp on 04.09.2012

Curry egg salad sandwich is one of my favorite updates to a classic recipe and it really
gives it a new kick. Watch us make it step by step on Appetites®. For this recipe you
will need one lime, one red onion, one granny smith apple, mayonnaise, whole grain or dijon
mustard, a pinch of cayenne, curry powder, six eggs, and a fourth teaspoon of salt.
My trick to boiling eggs is to put them all into cold water and then turn on the heat.
Bring it up to a rolling boil and then turn off the flame and allow the eggs to cool.
My way of dicing up apple is to cut in four sides around the core.
Then slice the four pieces that you have and then chop into even smaller pieces. Ideally everything that you chop in
this recipe, the apple, the onion, and the eggs, you would want to keep roughly the same
size, but, I mean I'm not a pro chopper, so it doesn't have to be perfect.
For the onion, I cut it in half, then cut it again to quarter it. Now three quarters of it you can set aside
and save for later, I normally can get onion to last in my fridge for a week or two, so
I just kind of use it throughout the week, but, take your remaining quarter and dice
it into small dice.
So for the lime you want to roll it with your hand pressing down hard to loosen up all the juices inside. Then cut it in half and squeeze all of the juice into
a bowl.
To the lime juice you're going to add one and a half teaspoons curry powder. Don't worry if you dump a little extra in there, this recipe doesn't need to be very
precise. It's going to taste good no matter what. Add a teaspoon of mustard. I love whole
grain mustard, but you can use Dijon if that's what you have. Now add a quarter teaspoon
of salt. Add a pinch of cayenne. Add a third of a cup of mayo.
Now mix everything together to create the dressing.
Now you want to peel all of your cooled hard boiled eggs. Then I just kind of roll them around on the cutting board to loosen up the shell, and then you
just gotta peel them all off. Once you've gotten most of the shell off, run them under
cold water in order to remove all the little bits of shell that might still be left.
Now you want to chop the eggs which is a little bit messy, but, you want to slice the eggs down
the middle, then lay the flat sides down and slice them, and then go back and chop them
into a smaller dice.
To the eggs add the diced Granny Smith apple. And then the chopped red onion. Now pour the dressing over it and stir together to mix well.
I prefer to eat this on wheat bread, so you just spoon however much you want onto a piece of bread.
I always lay lettuce over it and then place the other piece of bread on top for your perfect curry
egg salad sandwich.