Red Cedar Canterbury Arbor from

Uploaded by cedarstore on 04.06.2010

You’re going to love this wonderful addition to your home, the Red Cedar Canterbury Arbor.
You can see that the lattice is made up of one inch by two inch beams that are individually
handcrafted. Smooth, sanded, high quality, true lattice that’s strong and durable.
If you turn your attention up, the four stability braces will really add significant strength
to your arbor. This will help it withstand any strong storms or winds that may come,
and also support the weight of any vining plants and flowers on your arbor. The two
inch by six inch top rail will lend that same superior strength, and the four by four posts
will also add in furthering stability. Nice rounded corners, there aren’t any sharp
edges and it’s absolutely beautiful. As far as installation goes, we will provide
a free wood anchor kit that will allow you to install your arbor without having to worry
about cementing anything in the ground. It also comes in a variety of widths. You can
add stain/sealer and stainless steel hardware. Completely made in the USA, you’re going
to love this beautiful arbor.