I'm a Mormon, Teacher, and Wandering Pilgrim

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Hiking is the Möller's joy— well, the miller's joy actually,
but my name is Möller, . so hiking is the Möller's joy
I am Wilfried Möller, aged 74 and I'm happy that
I am still strong enough and enjoy my hiking.
I have been hiking since I was about 35, and, since that time
I reckon I have hiked close on 20,000 kilometers.
When I'm hiking I sometimes don't think about anything
but just let myself drift. That's the purpose of the thing,
and that is what's therapeutic about hiking.
I always have some destinations and some paths
I haven't been on yet.
The world is so big and so beautiful.
Hiking is the best way to travel.
It is simply ideal to go on foot.
When I arrive at some place and it has a tower,
I always have to climb the tower to get a bird's eye view
of the place—to see it from a bird's perspective.
I always like to have an overview.
I think, for example, how easy it is to live with very few things.
I have everything I need in my rucksack.
I just don't need all this luxury in the world.
I've hiked all over Europe, you could say.
St. James' Ways are old pilgrimage routes,
paths the Romans walked, which stretch all across Europe—
Görlitz to Aachen to Santiago de Compostela to Seville—
and now I'm hiking from Ireland to the Black Sea.
When a passion like that grips you, it doesn't let you go.
As early as Spring, my wife often says,
"I think you're getting itchy legs and feet.
You'll have to go on another hike."
And then I say, "Really? Great!
Then I'll go on another 14 day hike."
It sounds astonishing that a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
goes on pilgrimages on St. James' Ways.
That isn't our way as regards our religion.
My hiking is motivated by love of movement and the joy
of getting to know people, getting to know countries,
getting to know cultures.
That happens too on these paths, so that,
for me too, the pilgrimage routes take on a religious character,
but I am a quite normal person and I rejoice in God's creation.
We've known each other for 50 years,
but we've only been married for 48.
This summer.
Now we'll get the old hits—
sometimes right, sometimes left,
sometimes harmonious, sometimes less harmonious.
Yes, you could say, life is a dance.
We both have the golden competitive dance badge.
We used to go quite strictly to training every week.
Yes, but that's a thing too— a shared activity which
brings you closer together, lets you get to know
each other better and adapt to each other.
That's particularly important in dancing.
It's really important to talk to one another.
There hasn't been a single day in our long marriage
when he hasn't told me he loves me.
First I was just a teacher, then a trainer
and then school principal.
I always taught with body and soul.
Indeed I offered the high school to make myself a
little useful as a pensioner.
I do that without pay.
The children are being helped because they are getting better
at Latin, and the longer I do it,
the longer I keep my mind fresh.
So how can a thinking person believe in God?
Quite simply by asking, where have I come from?
Why am I here? What's the purpose of my actions?
Why am I learning? Is everything over when I die?
Those are all questions I've asked myself
and which I have had answered . by this Christian denomination
The world becomes more broad and open to me.
I have many more freedoms, not least because
I have many more explanations of the phenomena which
I would otherwise be attributing to the world of
philosophy and speculation, and this way I have quite
concrete answers to them for my life.
I love motivating people.
I love motivating people about hiking.
I love learning, life-long learning.
I am a husband, father and grandfather.
I am a passionate hiker.
My name is Wilfried Möller.
I'm a Mormon.