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Highlights of the news today the 22nd of February Labour Party has suspended one of its Councillors
Downing Street hosting a ëRacism in Football Summití today
80% of children born in London today are to foreign parents
40 Asylum seekers get 1 million pounds in compensation
Huge protests in Greece expected by Government Teenager wins compensation for being ëNon-Chineseí
Thought for the Day
UK NEWS The Labour Party has suspended one of its
Councillors for alleged inappropriate comments at the hearing of a 9 year old child who said
she was raped by a Care worker. At the hearing, Labour Party Strathclyde Councillor William
OíRourke asked a policewoman ëwas force used on the child?í The police woman replied,
ëíNo.íí OíRourke then commented... ëíSo she wanted it to happen then?í The Labour
Councillor was then informed that and I quote ìchildren are not old enough to consent to
sexî. Even though Strathclyde Police sacked him from his job in their Police Authority
plus the other 2 jobs he held with Council run businesses, the Labour Party have only
suspended him. He could be back within 18 months one source has said.
One BNP spokesperson added, ëíthis person should have been sacked, the Police sacked
him, but I canít understand why Labour has kept him on.íí Last month Darlington Labour
councillor Mark Burton was convicted of molestation of a school girl and downloading hard core
child porn images and awaits sentence. Other sources have claimed that Burton is one of
over 25 convicted Labour Party paedophiles on an internet awareness campaign called ëLabour25í.
Downing Street is hosting a ëRacism in Football summití today, it has been revealed. High
profile footballers and other groups will be at the meeting to address the current situation,
as it has been put. The summit is being called by ëDaveí Cameron. One spokesperson added..
Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt will also be there to warn about the dangers of ëënot
being multicultural enough on the pitch.íí This ridiculous meeting will obviously help
to keep him and other useless articles in a very well paid job.
An official report out today shows that 80 per cent of all babies born in parts of London
are to foreign parents. This official Report shows that the Marxist left wing powers that
be have their plot to destroy the indigenous people of Britain well underway.
At the expense of the British Tax Payer, the Home Office has just paid 1 million pounds
in compensation to 40 asylum seekers who were detained as ëadultsí when they were in fact
ëchildren.í The Home Office has also had to cover another 1 million pounds in Court
costs. One spokesperson said, ëí If you work it out, 1 million pounds between 40 asylum
seekers is a big share-out when you come to the UK with nothing!íí
A Birmingham teenager, David OíNeill, won a race discrimination case after fighting
a year long battle involving the Ocean Dragon Restaurant which is situated in Birminghamís
Chinese Quarter.The 19-year-old has successfully sued the restaurant after the new Chinese
Manager drastically cut his hours and gave his shifts to Chinese workers
OíNeill, who is a first-year Law student at Staffordshire University, represented himself
and was awarded a total of £5,322.89 compensation of which he has yet to receive one penny.
If this amount is not forthcoming an appointed Bailiff will be sent to recover monies from
the restaurant. David was employed when the previous Manager who was white was in place.
It was his first job in May 2010 as a part time waiter. In October of that year a new
Chinese manager was appointed and Davidís hours were cut along with other white members
of staff and indeed so drastic was the ëcuttingí that David had no hours after November of
that year. He appealed to the manager but she was quoted as saying ëthere were no hours
EURO NEWS Greece is expecting its biggest protest up
to now after the agreement by the EU to bail out the country. Greece was once very prosperous
before joining the Euro zone. Police and Security forces are on standstandbye before clashes
with the Greek public over more austerity measures to ensure the 130 billion Euro bailout.
In a crackdown on Tax evasion in Italy, Ministers are having to put their salaries from what
they earn and also any other assets onto the Internet. This Tax evasion crackdown is being
done to show honesty, transparency and boost faith in the Ministers to the Italian people.
WORLD NEWS Trouble has flared up at a United States airbase
in Afghanistan. The Airbase which is situated near Kabul has been the seen of heavy protest
over Koran Burning. Protesters came under heavy fire during the protest leaving 10 Afghan
protesters seriously injured.
An opposition group opposing Syrian president Bashar Al Assad has claimed that 27 of its
protesters were killed by security and militia loyal to the president attacked small villages
in dawn raids. The men are claimed to be all less than 30 years old and were killed in
Northern Syria.
Thought for the Day.
My apologies to a mythical Norman Parkinson in my Monday ëThoughtíñ of course I meant
Michael Parkinson who has a face like a bag of frozen testicles ñ see I must be senile
A small thought on the apology given by a senior US Army person to protesters in Afghanistan
over the Koran burning. Shocked though you might be I am with the protesters here, after
all the Americans or indeed we should not be there in the first place and I feel that
although I am 100% against any form of Muslim protest in our country, they are after all
in their own country and have the rights of their religion and people behind them. Although
the basis of our being there is supposedly to win ëhearts and mindsí ñ they do have
an oil pipeline so that, of course that is the real reason for the west invading. I say
pull out immediately, make some financial stake in the pipeline suitable for the Afghani
government and just leave. The Russians could not conquer these people, the Americans and
we have failed as indeed we failed during the early 19th Century, just leave them alone,
if the Taliban take over it is the will of the indigenous people of that country and
like the middle East leave them be. We need to concentrate on the multi cultural hell
hole being created in our own country and listen to the needs of our own people, not
interfere in other lands.
And finally If you fancy a trip to France this year in
your car with the family whether it is Normandy, Paris or Nice, you may have to take something
in the boot of your car with you. Sources say that in addition to having all the necessities
to mend a puncture; you will also have to take your very own breathalyser kit! This
is the result of an attempt to cut spending by the Road and Traffic Police in France,
so very happy motoring to you all!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.