Anzac dawn ceremonies from around the world

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 24.04.2012

Today we remember our Anzac soldiers.
Many gathering today to pay homage at the dawn services
from here in NZ and across the ocean to Gallipoli.
The sound of sorrow shared and heard throughout Gallipoli
reinstating our relationship with Turkey.
A sorrow reaching Dunedin, in remembrance of those who fought.
There were the usual protocols,
planes flying, guns being shot,
flags being raised and songs being sung,
uniting all walks of life.
A day our Governor General says should not be confused
with our national day.
In Wellington there was something for all to enjoy.
Some attended more than one service.
My daughter and I attended the dawn service in Wellington central,
now we're in Porirua,
and this afternoon we'll be at the remembrance ceremony
of Ataturk.
Karmel Ataturk's famous words were heard throughout the capital.
Otaki saw its biggest crowd seen in a long time.
The local school entertainment keeping everybody's spirits high.
Auckland's Museum was a sight to see at the crack of dawn.
At sunrise and in sunset we will remember them.
It's a day to remember, regardless if they were scared,
no matter where they went, our ancestors went with them.
Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.