Ras Malai Recipe video - रसमलाई

Uploaded by NishaMadhulika on 19.02.2012

namaskar welcome to nishamadhulika.com
today we will prepare rasmalai,which is very tasty and is liked by all.
personally, i also like rasmalai a lot.
ingredients required:
milk - 1 liter to thicken the consistency.
and another 1 liter to make chena.
so we need two liters of milk in total.
sugar - 2 cup
lemon -1
cardamom - 4
chironji - 1 tbsp
cashewnuts - 8-10
almonds - 4
firstly we need to boil milk to bgin the preparation of rasmalai.
after the milk is boiled we will ferment it to make chena.
boil the other milk as well to make it thick.
we are boiling 1 liter milk then thickening it and preparing chena with the other 1 liter.
milk has come to boil.
stir th milk(till the bottom of the utensil to prevent milk from sticking at the base)which is to be thickened at regular intervals of 2-3 minutes.
remove milk from the gas.
squeeze juice from the lemon.
stir the milk kept to boil every 2-3 minutes.
add some water to cool the milk.
we will not add lemon juice in hot oil to ferment.
now that the milk is cooled let us ferment it.
gradually add lemon juice to mil.
as the milk starts to ferment stop pouring lemon juice.
milk has fermented so we will now filter it.
filter fermented milk through a cotton cloth over a strainer.
tie up the cloth from all sides then squeeze out water from the chena.
now pour water over the chena to make it soft and reduce its sourness.
wrap up the cloth from all sides then squeeze out water from the chena.
chena has been prepared.
press it thoroughly to make chena soft.
chena has to be pressed for 4-5 minutes;this makes it soft.
so let us prepare chasni.
put sugar in utensil then add 3 cups of water to it.
cook chasni till sugar is completely dissolved.
till then knead chena for 4- 5 minutes more making it smooth.
the procedure is similar to that of rasgulle.
except after preparing the balls they will be put in thick milk dry fruits.
chena has been prepared for rasmalai and it has become very smooth.
take some chena mixture in your hand and round it into balls.
if you fallow the method shown here then cracks can be prevented.
we have prepared rasmalai and chasni has come to boil.
put rasmalai in boiling chasni.
cook rasmalai for 15-20 minutes on high flame (so that chashni keeps boiling).
until then let us cut the dry fruits.
cut cashew nuts into 7-8 pieces.
cut almonds into thin strips.
until then let us cut the dry fruits.
it has been 5 minutes since rasmalai has been cooking and they have doubled in size.
but we need to cook them for another 10-12 minutes.
in this way we can check rasmalai from time to time.
keep the flame at a high level.
milk has also starting to thicken so lets thicken it some more.
leave 40 percent of milk,evaparate 60 percent of it.
milk has turned thick with only 40% of it left.
add 1/4 cup sugar,cashewnuts,almonds and chironji.
turn off the gas.
milk required for rasmalai is prepared.
it has been 18 minutes an dthe rasmalai is cooked.
so turn off the gas.
the rasmalai has turend out to be very spongy.
as rasmalai cools off we will put it in thick milk.
put some cardamom powder in milk.
saffron can also be added to milk which brings color to it and gives a good aroma.
elaichi also leaves an awesome aroma.
rasmalai has cooled so put in milk.
take out rasmalai from chasni (squeeze out chasni)
then put it in milk.
rasmalai has bee prepared
delicious rasmalai is ready.
this rasmalai has been prepared from 1 litre milk turned into chena.
we can make 12 rasmalai with the given amount of chena.
rasmalai can be kept in the fridge and eaten for 2 days.
normally it is eatable only upto a day.
if you want your rasmalai to last for many days then don't put them in milk.
put them in chasni and keep in the fridge.
this will allow you to store rasmalai for 15 days.
add thickened milk only when you are about to have rasmalai.
in this way rasmalai can be eaten for 15 days.
it is very easy to make rasmalai just keep few things in mind:
while preparaing chena we have to make sure that chena is very soft.
to make chena we should not add lemon juice to boilin milk.
allow milk to cool down then add lemon juice to it; prepare chena.
after chena is prepared squeeze out the water properly.
and knead chena for 4-5 minutes rigoroulsy making it smooth.
if we make chena soft and smooth in this manner then rasmalai will become spongy and soft.
whenever you desire prepare this rasmalai and share your experiences with us.
we will meet again at nishamadhulika.com