Coding F# (F-Sharp, English): Get Stock Quote Data and Historical Stock Prices

Uploaded by TuomasHietanen on 16.01.2011

I added F#-project and referenced it in a C#-project, and now I will show how develop with F#.
F# "using" is "open". Semicolon is not used. And there is no need for LINQ-library.
Construction of an url is trivial. Let me copy it from C#-code...
"return" is not needed, a function always returns a value.
With Interactive-window I will test-on-the-fly Alt+Enter will execute the selected code there.
This won't work itself, but first, let's make a web-request.
Interface needs an explicit cast.
C# "using" is use. This still is quite similar to C#.
This will need a separate function.
Now I want a test-case
Interactive is a REPL-loop, a runtime environment
I can execute code on-the-fly and also see the type checks
The indentation defines the function boundaries
I want to parse the result a bit more
Function can have inner functions
Next I want to split the result from line-breaks
...and remove empty lines...
and then split (separate) columns from a comma
string in, list of list of strings out ...and testing...
I only need a date and the corresponding Close-value Indexes can be used with dot-syntax
Remove the headers
Next I make a GetResult compose-function to combine the other functions
Data-manipulation is pretty simple
On 22. the rate has been 31.39
After build C# will see the wanted functions of the static class