LotRO Gorothul - atypical group makeup

Uploaded by 0600Zulu on 26.08.2010

[Lathe]: Ha ha ha haaa
[Vexenroth]: Floating, hehe
[Rashaldir]: Sorcerer in the back.
[Lathe]: Aww
[Vexenroth]: Gotta get that fear.
[Karlo]: Oooo
[Lathe]: So much for sprint...
[Rashaldir]: Yeah, sprint doesn't work with a broken leg.
[Rashaldir]: Got another loremaster up.
[Abraziel]: Fear.
[Rashaldir]: Melmoth, grab that loremaster behind me, please.
[Rashaldir]: Ok, phase 2, kill 'em [Abraziel]: We got a sorcerer back here.
[Rashaldir]: You can kill him now, if you want.
[Abraziel]: The loremaster or the sorcerer or both? [Rashaldir]: Both.
[Rashaldir]: Just don't kill the blue spirits, we're in phase 2. [Abraziel]: Alright.
[Lathe]: Vex, you want a hand?
[Vexenroth]: Couldn't get him in time.
[Rashaldir]: Lathe, help him kill that.
[Abraziel]: Got him... he's good.
[Rashaldir]: Ok, we're entering phase 3.
[Karlo]: Cowering.
[Rashaldir]: Yeah, I think everybody does at the start of phase 3. [Lathe]: Feared.
[Karlo]: Hit him with Oathbreakers?
[Lathe]: Ohhhh
[Rashaldir]: Fear.
[Vexenroth]: Those corpses just raped the healer. [Lathe]: Yeah.
[Lathe]: That's why I was wanting to throw AOE out, here and there.
[Rashaldir]: Alright - focus everything you've got on Gorothul, he's down to 21k.
[Rashaldir]: And half our spirits are bugged out; come on guys, we can do this.
[Lathe]: Come on, kill it!
[Rashaldir]: He's down! [All]: (General glee)
[Lathe]: Man heal and dire need for the win, baby!
[Lathe]: Ehhh, that's crazy.
[Rashaldir]: Wait a minute, Lathe: Man heal and dire need?? I ain't got none of that!
[Lathe]: I know, man! That thing was beating the crap out of me!
[Rashaldir]: You had the little guys, I had the big guy, hehe.
[Lathe]: Uhhhh, at the end, though, the big guy was pounding me.
[Karlo]: Uh, oh.
[Abraziel]: Yeah, I think we were all getting pounded pretty good.