Product Review: Amazing iPhone - What's New in iPhone 5

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Today's Topic - iPhone 5
Apple, in past it was known as Mac
smart phone line
Added iPhone 5 in there smart phone line
on 14th of september
just like
it's going to be available in market on 21st of September
secondary pacific
This phone is going to be available on
other apple accredited
stores as well on the same day
competition police arrested she can take it
krithika dot org
If they want to purchase
this phone before 21st
need to pre-order through
apple online store
Pre-ordered phone will be delivered on 21st
of september not before that time
iPhone 5 is different then its
previous model of iPhone 4s
it will keep the high-profile
this phone is 18% slimmer and
20% lighter then previous version
iPhone 5 have a different slim card
previous version have micro sim card slot
slot named as "nano Sim" where
iPhone 5
it's a LTE capable phone
but it's different then other
LTE phones
Current LTE phones
have two chips
one for data and another for voice
on iPhone 5
only have one single chip
for both of the work
it could cost troubled action
iPhone 5 have different
charging cable
Previous model used 30 pin
connector, where currently
lighting connector is used
which is 80% smaller then
the previous model
previous version that you know
previous connector can only be charged
in a single way, now you can do it
in both sides
iphone 5 got update on it's camera as well to 8 megapixel
it can take pictures on
panoramic view
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